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My sis sent this to me on Instagram. I'm so tired.


>using instagram

get out normie


I literally only use it to keep up with family. Your argument is therefore invalid.


However, I do greatly appreciate your eagerness in keeping 22chan normie-free. Keep it up.





>The normies have gotten to it here

"Normies" have gotten to it the moment it appeared on reddit.
"Normie" is a "normie" term that I hate using so much that I have to put quotes over it to distance myself from the word


Good, the further those kinds of people stay away the better. Look at 4chan, it's absolutely beyond repair at this point.


You can prevent memes from ever hitting reddit stage by making it unappealing to normalniggers (e.g. saying normalnigger.)


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put her down op.... make it look like accident.


thats y we use normalfag desu desu

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