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aight fellas, go ahead and ask me whatever you like


Are you fat?


i'm very skinny, a bit underweight even


Do you have a gf?


I had one for a couple months a few years ago


Did you love her?



Do you know who I am?


no, this is an anonymous imageboard


Huh... Do u like huh... Kingdom Hearts?


What's your favourite cat


Never heard of it before


All cats are my favorite [spoiler]except naked ones, they're ugly[/spoiler]


Go get a PS2 emulator and play it, its lossless


i might try it, also checkem


Make a Let's Play Thread lole.


Hey since you know CS can you help me understand something?


CS meaning the programming language C#? In that case: Maybe, if i feel like it and whatever you need to understand isn't too complicated to explain


No, I mean computer science.


what do you need help with


Do you have a solution for the Fermi paradox? Where is everybody?
Also, why did I get an Israel captcha the other day?


>Where is everybody?
Probably fucking killed themselves and we'll too, don't worry

>Also, why did I get an Israel captcha the other day?

funny rite, i built those in lmao


>Where is everybody
They're active when they get the chance


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He is not talking about our userbase


Uh, i'm not exactly a conversationalist.. what's your favorite color, twoot?


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[spoiler]sorry had to get that out of the way[/spoiler]


How was school for you? Do you have any memories of school that stand out to you?


Never apologize for autism.


How badly were you abused as a child


he mentioned his father slaped him



school was nice, i always had bad grades and teacher hated me

not at all


What's your favorite salad (even if you hate them)?


I think i'd go for the caesars salad


Im actually eating caesar salad right now


I bet you would've said you're eating whatever salad i like


I ain't even this guy >>8282 , I just joined the thread and that's what I'm having for breakfest


aight seems reasonable


Why did your teachers hate you? I got those vibes from my teachers they graded down essays that were similar in quality to papers that got high grades.


They hated me cause i was the guy who always interrupted class



Cause i hated school


Can your PC run Crysis


My PC is a beast with top specs, so no.


twoot what is a good question


Was Twoot popular in school?


Doesn't matter he's popular now.


hehe yeeah i was a living legend. They still tell tales about me 4 years after i left.


plz senpai tell me your story


Do you like trains?


This isn't plebbit go away.

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