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aight fellas, go ahead and ask me whatever you like
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Do you have any interests/hobbies outside of maintaining 22chan?


not really no


what is your quest


Do you have or have suffered from any mental health conditions?


How old are you, Twoot?

When did you start using image boards?


I'll let you guess my age. i started using imageboards early 2018, yeah i'm a newfag


i have shizophrenia


Diagnosed by self or professional?


how does 22chan works, are you paying for VPS or do you host it yourself?


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Are you a furry?


Curious. How can you be such a newfag and also become so anti-cancer? Don't most newfags who hate cancer just not get interested in imageboards? Tell us your story.


Truth is many anti-cancer people are newfags. At least I think. They come to a regular pornsite with promises of it being the birthplace of memes and internet culture, after a bit of lurking they stumble into the "old glory" threads where people complain about how everything is worse than before, then they check out old memes and threads, the a regular pornsite archived flashes, but all they see when they browse a regular pornsite now is endless baiting, spamming, pointless arguing and rarely any originality or even simply discussion
The result is this newfag "oldphilia". It's kinda like the generation of barbarians that came a while after the ones that destroyed Rome in the middle ages, those that started to really admire roman art and architecture and tried to imitate it (Romanesque art)
t. 2018 newfag as well, found 22 a bit sooner than its first birthday


So post 2018 newfags are like a new type of sorts? Interested in senpai culture rather that RAWR XD DestrOwOy


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Maybe. I'd say it's not all post-2018 newfags, but a part of it
Now we'll see if we're able to stand on our own or if we will fall


Pic related is modern a regular pornsite culture. Another big new thing is twotter screencaps and baiting on pol stuff


How about the Soyjak crap? Just quoting other sentences and trying to discredit them.
I believe most modern memes and buzzwords on a regular pornsite (as well as plenty of older ones) were invented by forum spooks/feds, easy to see why with all the patterns. A lot of them come straight from watermelon addictid ghettos. Most of these aside from sensible terms such as "shill" and "jew"/"kike" were probably coined by spooks for repetitive use on imageboards, especially now that bots are being used.
> Why/how/what are/is/did/do(es) 'X' blah blah blah Go back/away, 'X' 'X' detected/spotted/etc For me, it's 'X' How will/can 'X' ever recover? Day of the 'X' when? What did 'X' mean by this? When I say 'X' you say 'X' The eternal 'X' 'X' hate thread Wtf, I'm 'X' now What do about 'X'? Ok, 'X' Based and 'X'pilled Do 'Xs' really people lied, people died Me on the left/right/back/front God I wish that was/were me This, but Ironically/unironically What went wrong? Why is this? Who is to blame? What is their problem? What are your thoughts/opinions? How do you go from this to this? Name/find a flaw How compete? He (Literally) did nothing wrong I don't get it Daily reminder Despite being Cunny Woke Slampig Redpill me on Sweaty Manlet Tranny Janny Simp Poo in loo Smell *breathes in*blocks your path*ting ting* I'm gonna say it Say it with me It's over Le Ypipo Can't meme Oh nonono hahaha REEEEEE NOOOOO Yas queen We wuz kangz Yeah, I'm thinking Umad Chad Stacy Have sex For free In minecraft And that's a good thing Why, yes Brap(hog) Master race Rent free How could you tell? Imagine 6,000,000 virgin with rage Species Built for Pozzed Soi Boi Butthurt And it's beautiful DUDE WEED LMAO Cringe Department Meds Ethnicity Phenotype Race Mixing POC Hot take Eat bugs kys No u *tips* fedora _oof(s) Wew Mudblood Timelines Clownworld Happening NothingLeafBurger Sneed tbQhwy BBC BWC SJW Protip /ourguy/ Drumpf Consent Gaslighting (((you))) __oomer(s) False Flags 1 post by this id BTFO Seethe Cope Dilate Show flag 109 Wh*te genocide JUST Stunning, brave, powerful fpbp ftfy Being this Athiests Pagans t. Chang NPC Schizo Psyop Bot Jew Kike Normies JIDF Chink Hanz Moshe shidskin Coalburner IQ IDs Autist Sperg Rabbi Roach Smoothbrain Memeflag Globohomo Goyim Libtard N-word Mutt Karen Brainlet watermelon addict Ivan Glow Gentiles Ethnostate plebbit Spic Schlomo Shill Tourist Wagie Neet Thot 'X'Cuck """""racialoids""""" Chimp Now that the dust has settled Really makes you think


Too many words for my small brain.


All of these make up 99% of buzzwords used on a regular pornsite's /pol/ board. They're almost all inherently dismissive of one thing or another (often used to opt-out or disrupt regular discussion) and are mostly extremely idiotic.
The "bohemian" that obsessed over me on a certain now-dead imageboard used these buzzwords a lot, despite supposedly hating /pol/ and a regular pornsite, especially "brap" which points to some sort of fart-fetishism.


>twotter screencaps
Let me guess, "BASED BLACK MAN", "BASED LEFTIE" and shid threads like that?


Not just that, some people have caught on to that, now Jack Dorsey's site is quoted with anything provocative. Christian vs. pagan, black supremacist crap, etc., typically accompanied with "How will X ever recover?" or something along those lines.


File: negrifiedtwitterwojak.jpg (340.46 KB, 750x873, 250:291, 1595591751390.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here's the type of twotter references on 4cuck today. Notice how they're also using the "Soyjak" around the same time it's spammed on 4cuck; as if it's completely unorganic. Same with the "honkler" meme from 2019, or the "27 year old boomer" meme from 2018.


File: 1510816615323.jpg (50.94 KB, 515x422, 515:422, 1595592092949.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Christian vs pagan
That's been around for quite a while though, (((they))) have been trying to cause infighting between similar-minded groups for a while now, going even to the "North Europeans vs South Europeans" discussion and etc, mostly unsuccessful thankfully. Regarding regular politics it's far easier to split leftists into groups that fight eachother. Just larp as a stalinist on commie forums and watch the shidshow ensue.
Many 4chin memes nowadays get popular with the users of mainstream social media, I suspect that's because those are the people who use that site in the first place at this point.


Many of these divisions often overlap, see Kristian Vikernes/Louis Cachet (whom I believe wasn't always a shill, but was recently pressured into it by his wife), but I notice that jewish shills pushing Christians vs. Muslims/pagans tend to exhibit this exact behaviour, especially on a regular pornsite. They all use similar terminology and imagery.
The worst examples are of course the memes that try to sexually denigrate whites. For example, "Kara Boga" (supposedly started by a Turk spamming identical copypastas evading bans let alone the fact that a regular pornsite is already b& by default in Turkey), anything promoting black hardcore pornography. Then there are the memes either pushing Asians as sexually superior to whites (goes deep into "virgin with rage"/r*ddit territory), encouraging whites to marry Asian women and disregard white women, creating a dysgenic mix, Khazar milkers (encouraging whites to marry jews, a jewish tactic dating back to Esther) etc.


File: 1519830034338.jpg (293.59 KB, 880x440, 2:1, 1595593506212.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>but was recently pressured into it by his wife
Isn't she like braindead or something?
>Khazar milkers
I had forgotten all about that, I apologize for posting a normalfag meme but it's a good example for this matter. Same goes for the yellowpill. More than often white women on /pol/ are being called out for being degenerates while japs are being praised, even though their culture has massive amounts of other problems.


>Isn't she like braindead or something?
I feel she's either genuinely dumb and believes what she says, or used clandestine methods to subvert Varg's philosophy, which used to be patriarchal but it's now extremely feministic. Either way Varg played along with what she said.
>I had forgotten all about that, I apologize for posting a normalfag meme but it's a good example for this matter. Same goes for the yellowpill. More than often white women on /pol/ are being called out for being degenerates while japs are being praised, even though their culture has massive amounts of other problems.
No problem posting typical social-media memes, as long as you clarify why you did so.
There's this thread on 8cuck that pushes exactly that, there are shills on the pro-white side consensus cracking so that "yellow-fever" can intentionally win out.


don't derail twoot's thread


I recommend we take this to >>/pol/1037


Sorry anon-sama.


i don't host myself cause thats gay and vulnerable


a fren introduced me to a regular pornsite. I heard of senpais and imageboard culture and tried out an imageboard engine and luckily i made it at just the right time.

most newfags are normalwatermelon addicts these days. Back when i joined a regular pornsite i wasn't there for any fun maymays doe. i was more there to just lurk


lole i forgot about the wordfilters
old fag = senpai


File: one.png (1.68 MB, 998x1276, 499:638, 1595623277235.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Don't derail
Don't worry, it's just a yet another instance of this.


cat no like banana
Twoot, do you like the banana?


i like de banana


please make this into a banner


i beat off to THAT pussy


File: questionderail_banner.png (80.14 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1595727815351.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

22chan derailing is best derailing
Here you go


I almost never visited /pol/ and still saw these on a regular basis throughout the rest of the boards


hey twoot what's your opinion on this video


thats pretty gay


dubs confirm


How do you feel about 22chan so far? What do you like about it? What do you hate? Also, how do you feel about other altchans? And a regular pornsite?





For replies like this, use sage


>How do you feel about 22chan so far?
I am happy it exists and i would love for it to grow

>how do you feel about other altchans?

many other altchans still don't ban the cancer that ruined 4chan

>And a regular pornsite?

its pretty much twitter and reddit. its a toxic place now, make sure to put on your hazard suits before visiting it


What are your favorite a regular pornsite boards, which ones did you browse back in the day or currently?

You rolled the number 634799866 (dubs)


What is your favorite type of bread Twoot?



i like all kinds of bread


I kinda see why. besides the nu-a regular pornsite cancer or gayposting it really remind's me of /sewers/ (althought sewers is better in my opinion) with it's inventive funposting. that's probably why they tried to migrate over here several months ago.

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