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What do you guys think of my cat Storm.


you know the caturday thread exists for a reason right?


It's certainly impressive how he manages to bend reality, like that window in the back




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Don't try to act dumb now, world-bender


That thread can't be posted in on any day but Caturday.


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That's either just the curtains or my shide camera.
Either that or I have magical powahs.


The cat has the powers




good cat


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This is a nice cat.


What breed of cat is he?


It has a nice pattern definitely. Is it a boy or a girl?


I honestly don't know, I couldn't tell you really.


It is a boy and thank you.


I have never had seen a boy cat. They seem rare to me because I have only come across female cats.


Well he is the senpai cat of my house, he is the boss cat, he is quite clever, he likes to sit outside my house when all the kids have finished school so he stands out there looking cute so all the kids will give him pets.


Cats are very clever indeed. They think differently from humans so it is impressive how they figure out things. Also, Storm doesn't even have to try to be cute it is unfair.


Storm can be an old grumpy man sometimes though, he is very critical of his food, that's for sure. He always makes sure I feed him his tin of treats every Wednesday.


>he is very critical of his food
How does Storm show that?


Usually the cheaper cat food he just kind of tips off the table to show he doesn't want it. Sometimes he won't eat it, but when it's the special brand that I get for him he has a feast.


Ah, when I feed my cat I put it on the floor so the cat doesn't have to jump for it. I sometimes step in the water lole and have to refill it because of my dirty feet.


Well I also have doggies so I can't put it on the floor.


I might turn this into a thread for my cats, but I also might just keep it as my Storm thread.


That is a lot of pets.
So is this going to be some sort of journal about what your cats do?




Original cat photos sound great. I hope you go beyond what the caturday thread does.


I will do my best, but I do not want to defame the caturday thread as that is a wonderful thread.


That is why you definitely have to be specific and focused on this thread.


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Instead of sending a bunch of posts to the thread and bumping it into oblivion, here is a collage of all four of my cats.


I will do my best, given my past history of *ahem* leaving my own threads to sit there and rot.


Oh boy, too much cuteness in one photo anon.


Thank you, Anon.


Do you have any good new photos of any of your cats?


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Here is a pic compilation of my cat Garfield.


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Here you go Anon


Cool photos! The middle photo and the bottom row is my favorite. Did any of these Gar photos have a funny context?


Usually he comes up to me when I have my phone out because he knows he'll get lots of pets and likes to get close to the camera. Often they don't have that interesting contexts, it usually consists of "please give me pets human"


I'll tell you hwhat you trained Garfield well. My cat was more independent and only came up to me when she had seen the others in the family.


Is there always a cat of yours sleeping? Also Pepsi always seems to have dilated eyes.


He's Gorgeous. She's Pretty. Intelligent. Perhaps, even more intelligent that YOU!


Pepsi has a condition that effects his eyes that causes build up of eye goopies, he is a good boy and lets me clean him up though.


That wouldn't surprise me to be really honest with you.


Do you know the name of the condition?


No, I have no idea.

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