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It's been over 24 hours since the last reply was made on 22chan.


Dead lol


We're not dead, just slow


better than a braindead shillpost every 5 seconds

Your fortune: Outlook good


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quality > quantity


>>849 You could say 22chan is crawling since this site was made in 2018.


the beginnings are always difficult

You rolled the number 6662590 (no dubs or higher)


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It will pick up eventually.

Your fortune: Average Luck


hopefully in a few years the community stops trying to be some sort of [spoiler]4chan / reddit[/spoiler] clone and forms its own community


why do you throw reddit in there as if 4chan and reddit are somewhat similar... hmm


4chan's already filled to the brim with redditors, so they're already becoming similar. Especially the cancer spreading "le epic r (slash) 4chenz xdxdxddeksdee le so funni kekz"


22chan is just a rip off of the old 4chinz


this is fun ok

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