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Post and discuss spooky stuff
If you want to discuss politics go to >>>/pol/
No larping or or shilling your args (i'm looking at you fleshfags)
No debunkers plz

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Spooky noises they used to terrorize the veitnamese.

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So i was looking up names of tripfrens who browse here and one guy poped up in a thread where an anon kills his father with a fire extinguisher. small world. warning you lads that its gorey
And then a skeleton poped out.


Definetly putting this onto a cheap tape player and playing this in the forest.


That, and Fortunate Son


Reposting this gem

>"it sounds like when you see those youtube cats and dogs whose owners teach them how to "talk", and it says in this halting weirdly toned voice, " Let me the fuck in stop fucking playing"."

Christ, give's me the chills every time.


and what i hate about those creepypasta assholes, is that they don't play the youtube video that op linked when they tell the story




Oh, it's a long 22chan story. TLDR it was some faggot who was trying to shill his arg.


They caused us to be shilled on plebbit, and they advertized their thing everywhere.they didn't even have a story. just shidty puzzles, and an anon here called them out for it and THEN they gave it a story. they wanted people to meet irl and do stupid shid. now every plebbitor ever has been mentioning 22chan on plebbit, and they've been weeded out and b& every now and then. sorry for derailing, just wanted to elaborate on their story. back to being spooky


Jeebus, never knew about this story before. The way cannibalism was normalized also doesn't make it any better.



I have several fun links to post.
>The scooby doo project
Scooby doo parody of the R-rated movie that aired on cartoon network, and got taken down due to its serious tone and because it spooked the hell out of children.
Here is it's sequal, more like its proper end.
51 minutes in is where the ending is at.
Although i'm not a fan of all his videos, the actual original gorefeild videos are great. this series is quite amazing and it surpasses the slightly normalfag meme it was based after.
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
>Part 5
>Part 6
There has been no finale yet.
There's a old creepypasta i like but i'm not going to link it since it's on plebbit, it's called "the mummer man" and it has a similar lovecraftian vibe. I can always repost it here if you guys wish, i remember hearing it on youtube and getting spooked out of my socks. there should be several audio drama-ish readings on youtube i can link. too.

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Killer trips, and also the scooby doo project was groovy. I actually recently came upon it myself while I was trying to watch a ton of scooby doo media. Very interesting stuff, spooked me that the characters acted like real people a bit.


I am not sure how this fits into this thread, but whenever I jump on the trampoline in the dark my mind conjures an ostrich down the hill standing with two trees.


standing between two trees?


I found a really cool lovecraft choose your own adventure type game
i mean look at that, they went as far to get an actor wearing make-up to make him look like a zombie! (depending if you made the choice i made at the begining lol)




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can't wait


Lovely halloween CSS from a regular pornsite


Currently reading the when they cry mango and i'm disturbed by how happy and carefree everyone is, and i have a sinking feeling shids gonna get dark
pls hold me im scared


Halloween history
I'm suprised that youtube has this type of content for free, horrifying and high quality, the monster itself although cgi, is still horrifying and realistic, i'm not going to discribe what it looks like, check it out yourselves.


Although it's more of a /a/ related topic i did manage to finish reading several mangos out of the series, i'm a fan of the whole lovecraft "sometimes you dont need to know or see anything, even if so could you possibly comprehend it" approach that was taken although apparently there is some diffrences between the mangos and the original visual novels.


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A tradition of mine is every halloween, i listen to the old war of the world radio drama, and the old "universal monster" colection (the wolfman, dracula, invisible man, and such) also i have the audio book of scary stories to tell in the dark. and throughout the day i cram with random horror related media like podcasts or creepypastas. then i dress up in some spooky costume and hand out candy.
What do you guys do?
[spoiler]also the original invisible man is hilarious i mean he slowly becomes insane over time and does crazy shid like forcfully dancing with some old woman before literally throwing her out of the way, then he runs outside and while stripping off all his clothe (and becoming invisible in the process) skips like a schoolgirl and sings "mary has a little lamb"[/spoiler]

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hell ye they did it again
the /x/ haloween collection 2020 edition
Mega link of old cartoons and some old movies
and im linking this here to remember, but the old pre dracula movie from the 20's is on this wikipedia article


eh screw it i'll link to some slightly humorous and spooky vids
(both of these are connected story wise, should be watched together)
and this is an old yet hilarous creepypasta

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I am not sure if this is apprioate for this thread but it creeps me out. This is a bit mundane but when I went to sleep my door was completely open and when I woke up this morning my door was closed and locked. I know I couldn't have done it myself because I was sleeping the whole time and I know it was not my mom. I just wonder how this happened.


Maybe you waked up to piss during the night and forgot about it?
Or maybe it's just the demons of the underworld


also damn those trips, checked


I definitely would not rule that out. I could have done that. However, it is strange that I did not wake up because I would have to get out of bed, wake twenty steps to the bathroom, pee, walk twenty steps back, lock the door, and reposition myself in bed. The whole state of affairs is quite bizarre. Another oddity is my right arm feels sore and my left arm feels normal.


jeebus that sounds spooky
are you sure it isnt an alien abduction lol


I wouldn't remember with the tools the aliens have to use on me. When I asked my dad about it he laughed speculating that I slept walked. This is very confusing and unsettling for me. I slept normally without a issue last night but I don't feel like I am out of the woods.


do you have posters or objects around that has letters on it, large enough so it's easy to read? because the human brain when sleeping cannot read since those parts of the brain are not needed. so you have an easy way to check if you are awake or asleep if you are sleepwalking, also try installing a camera. it could just be lucid dreaming. either way pretty spooky since you got injured.


I have a Thomas the Tank engine pillow (I took it from my brother because it is comfy) with text on one side of it. Other than that I do not have much that is easily viewable. What I could do is set obstacles for myself like a stool. If I walk into it, I won't be injured but I may hear the noise in my sleep. I was also thinking I could sleep in different spots like a recliner to see if anything different happens. In regards to a camera do I need any special camera or would a phone work? Where do I place it too?


Think of Paranormal activity. (the movie)
The main goal is to record yourself sleeping to check if you are sleepwalking, so as long as whatever camera you have can record how ever many hours you sleep to the point where you wake up, it should be fine.


the phone could overheat or limited storage.


I don't think I have any camera that is capable of what you are describing.


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one day left until halloween


wew happy halloween


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happy halloween lads


Happy Halloween! Here is an appropriate song for Halloween.


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wew lads
to this i must dance, pic related


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Do you have or any other anons have any memorable Halloween memories? I need some time to think of a good memory that is good for this threads' theme. The more spooky the memory the better but general memories are great too.


File: happy halloween friends!.jpg (3.8 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 1604193227430.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

wore a plague doctor mask + a kinda cheap but effective costume and spooked the hell out of people while handing out candy, fun day.


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I remember going to a Halloween event as a child and doing this ring toss. If you win the ring toss, you got a two-liter bottle. I tried many times, and one time, I got it but sadly, the older kid running it didn't give it to me, probably because he was a jerk.


Here is an update on the potentially spooky experience. While the door hasn't been closed. today I've noticed some of my steps on my pedometer are done when I didn't walk. This is creepy to say the least.


ok, that is quite unerving


Apparently a cat has gotten stuck under the house. It is creepy because under the house is dark, and if there was a human under there, it would be so easy for it to attack me. I am going to investigate when it becomes warmer. I left a bowl under the house just in case it was a hungry cat.


That situation reminds me of the "boxes" creepypasta


I don't know what that is, but it may be under the house because my dad left the door open, and you know how cats like exploring.


hopfully cat makes his way out


I am more worried about that cat eating the food I left for it. I don't want the cat to starve at my house. Do you anons have any advice on how to explore dark places when you are scared?


Use bright lights, wear long sleeved shirt, gloves
listen to some music if possible or something that will distract you.
Carry a knife or a stick to remove or move any obstructions out of the way or kill a rat or whatever's down there if anything.


What about if there is a human down there? I will also be going with my mom and a sibling. I am worried about their safety more than mine.


Then they need to have a phone on them to call the police, if possible a pocketknife or a heavy duty flashlight for protection if need be
if anything, there's gonna be a possum or some wild animal down there. If not, bugs. Worse case people. Some old guy homeless guy who probably has a knife or nothing, (you'll see proof of activity around the house, hear noises in the middle of the night, see footprints, trash littered around like beer bottles and also under the house) or if shid hits the fan, a younger fellow with a gun but i HIGHLY doubt anyone would be that desperate. Try yelling if anyone's down there before you enter.
make sure there's an open line of communication between you and your family, and good lighting and everything will be fine.


There is going to be a slight change of plan. Instead of chasing the cat, we will set a trap for it, so it has no chance to run. What do you think, anon?


make sure there's no where else for him to escape, and to either watch untill he gets out, or at least check regularly untill he leaves.


We don't have a trap yet. My dad is getting a trap after he gets home which may be in a few hours. I will update you then. Should we put treats in the trap so that the cat is fed?


what kind of a damn house is that even, well grab a 12 gauge, blindly blast the corners and the general area with a few shotshells, wait for the movement and groans to cease, and then you're free to explore it.


My house doesn't have a basement but a crawl space. The crawl space is dark and large. It has a lot of old furniture and toys the family no longer uses. Does that answer your question, anon?


Do you have any pictures of at least something similar that are on the net? As a European I am having trouble with imagining it, since I don't recall seeing anything of the sort here.


File: crawlspace-shlster-Creativ….jpg (47.73 KB, 620x370, 62:37, 1606150548298.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is the general setup. I got another photo to post that looks more similar, though this offers a full view.


File: 1200px-Crawlspace_under_ho….jpg (183.94 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1606150674437.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

My crawlspace has a lot more pipes, like this photo shows.



Shid, the cat, is sounding weaker. I feel I have to get it now.


Looks like oracle and god is on your side
>"I don't know what that is"
This is what i was reffering to, Same situation, but the guy had to move to a diffrent town while his cat was still stuck under the house, and had to go back and save him.


File: 2020-11-23.jpg (1.59 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 1606154315090.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I did not save the cat yet, but I heard the cat meow. I was in too deep with a bunch of wires. I did make some discoveries. Here is a inside view of where the cat entered. After that, I discovered a dead squirrel near the entrance. I don't know if I should say the squirrel or the outside view. Is that needed?


Quick question should I throw some treats towards that cat to make it feel better? I will be throwing it through the suspected entrance.


I threw in some food for the cat to live on. I had to open the entrance a little more, but that is fine. If the cat manages to escape, that would be great.


I hope the oracle is accurate, and the box's story is not. The story was creepy, but it does connect with the theme of the thread.


good luck


I am going to do one more check before I set a trap. If I hear the cat meow from the floorboard, I will set a trap. The entrance has been sealed.


We heard noises, so the trap has been set.


It is the morning now; we need to see if we caught the cat. Hopefully, we did.


The trap failed. When the trap was examined, the water was drunk, and the tuna was half-eaten. The cat was a big cat, by the way.


That cat was using our crawlspace as a secret hideout. The cat was well fed and significant, as mentioned previously. The cat has escaped because we kept the doors open for it to leave. It will be spooky if we hear more meows from our crawlspace.


I recently saw the cat wandering around my house. It had green eyes and solid grey pattern. When it looked at me it ran off. I am still confused why it likes my house.


One time the garage door was locked while most most of the family was gone. What makes it spooky is that the only person in the house did not leave the room he was in at the start and we didn't lock it.


More of a spooky vidya moment, but some things just stick like playing the original halo game and thinking it was a game where you prevent the evil aliens from taking over the world and then i learned about the flood, and realised that i didnt save keyes, and he just got turned into the flood. to make matters worse, he was still alive when it was happening to him! https://youtube.com/watch?v=7KInqNZOZSI that video is just awful, it reminds me of johnny got his gun. and i didnt even know it existed, apparantly they added it to the new remaster. (when your a kid, and play videogames for the most part you think your a superhero, and you can protect the innocent and kill the bad guys, save the day and make a diffrence. but at that moment life came crashing down) then later on when i played dead space 2, that whole classroom/nursery level is honestly just disturbing as hell.

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