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Post and discuss spooky stuff
If you want to discuss politics go to >>>/pol/
No larping or or shilling your args (i'm looking at you fleshfags)
No debunkers plz

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Spooky noises they used to terrorize the veitnamese.

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So i was looking up names of tripfrens who browse here and one guy poped up in a thread where an anon kills his father with a fire extinguisher. small world. warning you lads that its gorey
And then a skeleton poped out.


Definetly putting this onto a cheap tape player and playing this in the forest.


That, and Fortunate Son


Reposting this gem

>"it sounds like when you see those youtube cats and dogs whose owners teach them how to "talk", and it says in this halting weirdly toned voice, " Let me the fuck in stop fucking playing"."

Christ, give's me the chills every time.


and what i hate about those creepypasta assholes, is that they don't play the youtube video that op linked when they tell the story




Oh, it's a long 22chan story. TLDR it was some faggot who was trying to shill his arg.


They caused us to be shilled on plebbit, and they advertized their thing everywhere.they didn't even have a story. just shidty puzzles, and an anon here called them out for it and THEN they gave it a story. they wanted people to meet irl and do stupid shid. now every plebbitor ever has been mentioning 22chan on plebbit, and they've been weeded out and b& every now and then. sorry for derailing, just wanted to elaborate on their story. back to being spooky


Jeebus, never knew about this story before. The way cannibalism was normalized also doesn't make it any better.



I have several fun links to post.
>The scooby doo project
Scooby doo parody of the R-rated movie that aired on cartoon network, and got taken down due to its serious tone and because it spooked the hell out of children.
Here is it's sequal, more like its proper end.
51 minutes in is where the ending is at.
Although i'm not a fan of all his videos, the actual original gorefeild videos are great. this series is quite amazing and it surpasses the slightly normalfag meme it was based after.
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
>Part 5
>Part 6
There has been no finale yet.
There's a old creepypasta i like but i'm not going to link it since it's on plebbit, it's called "the mummer man" and it has a similar lovecraftian vibe. I can always repost it here if you guys wish, i remember hearing it on youtube and getting spooked out of my socks. there should be several audio drama-ish readings on youtube i can link. too.

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Killer trips, and also the scooby doo project was groovy. I actually recently came upon it myself while I was trying to watch a ton of scooby doo media. Very interesting stuff, spooked me that the characters acted like real people a bit.


I am not sure how this fits into this thread, but whenever I jump on the trampoline in the dark my mind conjures an ostrich down the hill standing with two trees.


standing between two trees?


I found a really cool lovecraft choose your own adventure type game
i mean look at that, they went as far to get an actor wearing make-up to make him look like a zombie! (depending if you made the choice i made at the begining lol)




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can't wait


Lovely halloween CSS from a regular pornsite


Currently reading the when they cry mango and i'm disturbed by how happy and carefree everyone is, and i have a sinking feeling shids gonna get dark
pls hold me im scared


Halloween history
I'm suprised that youtube has this type of content for free, horrifying and high quality, the monster itself although cgi, is still horrifying and realistic, i'm not going to discribe what it looks like, check it out yourselves.


Although it's more of a /a/ related topic i did manage to finish reading several mangos out of the series, i'm a fan of the whole lovecraft "sometimes you dont need to know or see anything, even if so could you possibly comprehend it" approach that was taken although apparently there is some diffrences between the mangos and the original visual novels.


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A tradition of mine is every halloween, i listen to the old war of the world radio drama, and the old "universal monster" colection (the wolfman, dracula, invisible man, and such) also i have the audio book of scary stories to tell in the dark. and throughout the day i cram with random horror related media like podcasts or creepypastas. then i dress up in some spooky costume and hand out candy.
What do you guys do?
[spoiler]also the original invisible man is hilarious i mean he slowly becomes insane over time and does crazy shid like forcfully dancing with some old woman before literally throwing her out of the way, then he runs outside and while stripping off all his clothe (and becoming invisible in the process) skips like a schoolgirl and sings "mary has a little lamb"[/spoiler]

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hell ye they did it again
the /x/ haloween collection 2020 edition
Mega link of old cartoons and some old movies
and im linking this here to remember, but the old pre dracula movie from the 20's is on this wikipedia article


eh screw it i'll link to some slightly humorous and spooky vids
(both of these are connected story wise, should be watched together)
and this is an old yet hilarous creepypasta

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I am not sure if this is apprioate for this thread but it creeps me out. This is a bit mundane but when I went to sleep my door was completely open and when I woke up this morning my door was closed and locked. I know I couldn't have done it myself because I was sleeping the whole time and I know it was not my mom. I just wonder how this happened.


Maybe you waked up to piss during the night and forgot about it?
Or maybe it's just the demons of the underworld


also damn those trips, checked


I definitely would not rule that out. I could have done that. However, it is strange that I did not wake up because I would have to get out of bed, wake twenty steps to the bathroom, pee, walk twenty steps back, lock the door, and reposition myself in bed. The whole state of affairs is quite bizarre. Another oddity is my right arm feels sore and my left arm feels normal.


jeebus that sounds spooky
are you sure it isnt an alien abduction lol


I wouldn't remember with the tools the aliens have to use on me. When I asked my dad about it he laughed speculating that I slept walked. This is very confusing and unsettling for me. I slept normally without a issue last night but I don't feel like I am out of the woods.


do you have posters or objects around that has letters on it, large enough so it's easy to read? because the human brain when sleeping cannot read since those parts of the brain are not needed. so you have an easy way to check if you are awake or asleep if you are sleepwalking, also try installing a camera. it could just be lucid dreaming. either way pretty spooky since you got injured.


I have a Thomas the Tank engine pillow (I took it from my brother because it is comfy) with text on one side of it. Other than that I do not have much that is easily viewable. What I could do is set obstacles for myself like a stool. If I walk into it, I won't be injured but I may hear the noise in my sleep. I was also thinking I could sleep in different spots like a recliner to see if anything different happens. In regards to a camera do I need any special camera or would a phone work? Where do I place it too?


Think of Paranormal activity. (the movie)
The main goal is to record yourself sleeping to check if you are sleepwalking, so as long as whatever camera you have can record how ever many hours you sleep to the point where you wake up, it should be fine.


the phone could overheat or limited storage.


I don't think I have any camera that is capable of what you are describing.


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one day left until halloween


wew happy halloween


File: dd28f570b320292b3fcb643692….png (11.67 KB, 323x105, 323:105, 1604154103043.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

happy halloween lads


Happy Halloween! Here is an appropriate song for Halloween.


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wew lads
to this i must dance, pic related


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Do you have or any other anons have any memorable Halloween memories? I need some time to think of a good memory that is good for this threads' theme. The more spooky the memory the better but general memories are great too.


File: happy halloween friends!.jpg (3.8 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 1604193227430.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

wore a plague doctor mask + a kinda cheap but effective costume and spooked the hell out of people while handing out candy, fun day.


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I remember going to a Halloween event as a child and doing this ring toss. If you win the ring toss, you got a two-liter bottle. I tried many times, and one time, I got it but sadly, the older kid running it didn't give it to me, probably because he was a jerk.


Here is an update on the potentially spooky experience. While the door hasn't been closed. today I've noticed some of my steps on my pedometer are done when I didn't walk. This is creepy to say the least.


ok, that is quite unerving


Apparently a cat has gotten stuck under the house. It is creepy because under the house is dark, and if there was a human under there, it would be so easy for it to attack me. I am going to investigate when it becomes warmer. I left a bowl under the house just in case it was a hungry cat.


That situation reminds me of the "boxes" creepypasta


I don't know what that is, but it may be under the house because my dad left the door open, and you know how cats like exploring.


hopfully cat makes his way out


I am more worried about that cat eating the food I left for it. I don't want the cat to starve at my house. Do you anons have any advice on how to explore dark places when you are scared?


Use bright lights, wear long sleeved shirt, gloves
listen to some music if possible or something that will distract you.
Carry a knife or a stick to remove or move any obstructions out of the way or kill a rat or whatever's down there if anything.


What about if there is a human down there? I will also be going with my mom and a sibling. I am worried about their safety more than mine.


Then they need to have a phone on them to call the police, if possible a pocketknife or a heavy duty flashlight for protection if need be
if anything, there's gonna be a possum or some wild animal down there. If not, bugs. Worse case people. Some old guy homeless guy who probably has a knife or nothing, (you'll see proof of activity around the house, hear noises in the middle of the night, see footprints, trash littered around like beer bottles and also under the house) or if shid hits the fan, a younger fellow with a gun but i HIGHLY doubt anyone would be that desperate. Try yelling if anyone's down there before you enter.
make sure there's an open line of communication between you and your family, and good lighting and everything will be fine.


There is going to be a slight change of plan. Instead of chasing the cat, we will set a trap for it, so it has no chance to run. What do you think, anon?


make sure there's no where else for him to escape, and to either watch untill he gets out, or at least check regularly untill he leaves.


We don't have a trap yet. My dad is getting a trap after he gets home which may be in a few hours. I will update you then. Should we put treats in the trap so that the cat is fed?


what kind of a damn house is that even, well grab a 12 gauge, blindly blast the corners and the general area with a few shotshells, wait for the movement and groans to cease, and then you're free to explore it.


My house doesn't have a basement but a crawl space. The crawl space is dark and large. It has a lot of old furniture and toys the family no longer uses. Does that answer your question, anon?


Do you have any pictures of at least something similar that are on the net? As a European I am having trouble with imagining it, since I don't recall seeing anything of the sort here.


File: crawlspace-shlster-Creativ….jpg (47.73 KB, 620x370, 62:37, 1606150548298.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is the general setup. I got another photo to post that looks more similar, though this offers a full view.


File: 1200px-Crawlspace_under_ho….jpg (183.94 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1606150674437.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

My crawlspace has a lot more pipes, like this photo shows.



Shid, the cat, is sounding weaker. I feel I have to get it now.


Looks like oracle and god is on your side
>"I don't know what that is"
This is what i was reffering to, Same situation, but the guy had to move to a diffrent town while his cat was still stuck under the house, and had to go back and save him.


File: 2020-11-23.jpg (1.59 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 1606154315090.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I did not save the cat yet, but I heard the cat meow. I was in too deep with a bunch of wires. I did make some discoveries. Here is a inside view of where the cat entered. After that, I discovered a dead squirrel near the entrance. I don't know if I should say the squirrel or the outside view. Is that needed?


Quick question should I throw some treats towards that cat to make it feel better? I will be throwing it through the suspected entrance.


I threw in some food for the cat to live on. I had to open the entrance a little more, but that is fine. If the cat manages to escape, that would be great.


I hope the oracle is accurate, and the box's story is not. The story was creepy, but it does connect with the theme of the thread.


good luck


I am going to do one more check before I set a trap. If I hear the cat meow from the floorboard, I will set a trap. The entrance has been sealed.


We heard noises, so the trap has been set.


It is the morning now; we need to see if we caught the cat. Hopefully, we did.


The trap failed. When the trap was examined, the water was drunk, and the tuna was half-eaten. The cat was a big cat, by the way.


That cat was using our crawlspace as a secret hideout. The cat was well fed and significant, as mentioned previously. The cat has escaped because we kept the doors open for it to leave. It will be spooky if we hear more meows from our crawlspace.


I recently saw the cat wandering around my house. It had green eyes and solid grey pattern. When it looked at me it ran off. I am still confused why it likes my house.


One time the garage door was locked while most most of the family was gone. What makes it spooky is that the only person in the house did not leave the room he was in at the start and we didn't lock it.


More of a spooky vidya moment, but some things just stick like playing the original halo game and thinking it was a game where you prevent the evil aliens from taking over the world and then i learned about the flood, and realised that i didnt save keyes, and he just got turned into the flood. to make matters worse, he was still alive when it was happening to him! https://youtube.com/watch?v=7KInqNZOZSI that video is just awful, it reminds me of johnny got his gun. and i didnt even know it existed, apparantly they added it to the new remaster. (when your a kid, and play videogames for the most part you think your a superhero, and you can protect the innocent and kill the bad guys, save the day and make a diffrence. but at that moment life came crashing down) then later on when i played dead space 2, that whole classroom/nursery level is honestly just disturbing as hell.


Got a story to tell. Back when i was four or five years old around 2004 or 2005 i was at Chuck E. Cheese, for those who don't know, it's a place where you eat pizza, play games and win shidty prizes and at the end of the day these robots wearing costumes would sing songs and dance. Anyway, after playing games for a bit my mother wanted to "have a talk" with me. She felt that i was at an age where i had to know how life works, and about stranger danger/not staying close withy parents. She told me a story that goes something like this
There was a family just like ours that went to chuck e cheeses one day, and the parents had to leave to go do something (cant remember too clearly what the excuse was) and they told the kid to "stay put". The kid did for a hot minute but got bored and started playing games. He (the kid) was playing skee-ball "his favorite game" and got a high score of like 30000 points. What i didnt mention is there was only one guy working, a janitor wearing the mascot's outfit. (The janitor seriously thought he was chucky cheese) He walked up to the child and said "I hope you enjoyed the pizza! also the games i've made for you, where they fun? (he then looks at the score) WOW, i'm so proud of you, your one of the first kids to ever got a score that high. Guess what that means? I want to give you a gift and show you something cool! wanna come back stage? you deserve it! The kid didnt realy know any better and he loves getting spoiled so he agreed. chuck held hands with the kid and told him the history of the place, why he made the arcade, how he loves pizza, ect.
He takes the kid back stage, and then opens a door that goes down stairs to a basement. He kneels down, tells the kid that he loves him, and butchers him to death. He then uses the kids body parts as ingredience to make several pizzas. after hours, a crowd of people come in. Chuck announces to the crowd that hes going to give away free pizza, they sit and eventually they get served. chuck says something like its called chuck's delight or whatever. The parents arive, a bit spooked since they took too long and obviously the place is packed, after searching for a bit, they get scared and call the police. The people are eating the free pizza, and it tastes damn good, "the cheese is extra cheesey, the sause is very savory, and the sausage is just mouthwatering. Eventually they stop eating in horror as one kid finds a tooth, (or something like a nail or whatever) People run out in a frantic manner, the police arive and they do their jobs. the janitor gets arrested, and as its happening hes still acting like chuck crying about how he doesnt want to go, he'll miss the kids, he'll go out of business, didnt get to say good buy or put away the pizza yadda yadda yadda, the police try to remove his mascot head and he starts crying about them hurting his head. they eventually take it off and he does a 360 personality wise and gets like a "sleepy look" in his eyes, and a "weird grin" and generally gets all quiet. story breaks out about the kid being killed, and the full backstory behind the janitor is told. Was raised alone as a child, never watching or reading anything besides cartoons to cope, grows up and gets a job at chuck e cheeses. his parents die, and due to the job being low payed other staff leaves besides a general manager that come by every now and then to check up leaving the janny to do all the work. He snaps like a twig, and does nothing but watch cartoons and read the script for the Chuck character as a way to cope, "becoming him"
Needless to say i got spooked, and i never really went back to chuck e cheeses anyhow. I had asked years ago where my mother got that story from and she denied ever telling me it, although even another woman heard the story and got concerned about the content, my mother bitched at her and told her to mind her business and it was her child blah blah blah, lady gave me a look and then took her children to another table.
Wonder to this day where she got it from, (or if she made it up on the spot) and why it had to be that dark of a story.
Did you guys ever get that type of stranger danger talk before? another one was something about the "green man" who would kidnap you if you went too far away from home without your parents watching you.


interesting story anon

>Did you guys ever get that type of stranger danger talk before?

when i was a kid cops came to my school and showed us mugshots of people in our area who had been caught abusing kids, funny thing is a few weeks later one of the guys in the pics was re-arrested only a couple 100m from the school


Recent HAPPENING. Title explains it all. Yeah it's like 5 hours, depends how autistic you are. Personally, it's well researched, its not like he's paranoid and some of the celebs hes talking about have proven ties to satanism/freemasonry (the rest is sort of spectulation, i mean its not like if you did anyone of those hand gestures doesnt mean your a mason)


File: 5be.gif (296.66 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 1623187183631.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Your mom sounds fucked up. That's a fucked up story to tell a child.


>I'm not ashamed
>I-I never did it!!!
The absolute state of womanchildren


My grandmother is exactly like this, she pretends she doesn't remember half the shid she did to my mom, and then talks about how her own mother locked her in a closet until she cried so hard she got hospitalized, and her own mother denied it ever happening(basically "I had it worse so shut up" but politely). I honestly think that something did chink in her head after all these years.


Watching steven king's the stand (the first half of the miniseries) recently and it's pretty damn good. Not spooky tho, besides a jumpscare or two. I think the real horror is isolation, like feeling that your the only person left on earth and lack of imformation, like during an emergency event that makes it disturbing. Fun and campy, too. I like the choice of music that was used, from Blue oyster cults dont fear the reaper, and Crowded House's Dont dream its over. Its used during the right moments in the story too. Steven king is good at characterization and it shows in this story, every character has an interesting back story, there's this one character who's basically pyro from tf2, and there's this deaf and mute guy who has a very interesting story ark. He eventually meets up with a retard and they become frens like lennie and george from Of Mice and Men.
I'm not sure why steven king threw in some old black lady whos basically jesus 2.0 and some guy with a mullet as Satan or the Devil and why it is somehow related to a flu outbreak but i'm sure it'll eventually get explained later on.


File: patterson-gimlin.gif (3.29 MB, 1593x1124, 1593:1124, 1624478626537.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

What do you guys think about Bigfoot? I've been watching videos by this guy called Bob Gymlan. I think he raises some solid arguments for Bigfoots existence. Lately his channel seems to be delving into more typical "paranormal research" stuff but I hope he keeps making Bigfoot-related videos.


I do believe Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists but I think they should stay hidden. There must be a reason for them hiding so well from us, I think they don't like us and that's well deserved. I'm sure if they were found the woods, their home, would be turned into a money making tourist attraction. Tons of tourists shidting up the place, hunters stalking the woods, booths and restaurants selling merch and churning out trash. We would exploit them and eventually ruin them.


Havent watched the video yet, i will tho. pic related reminds me of the Philip Morris confessions, where it turns out he sold a costume to one of the photographers TLDR pic related might have been a hoax, but really. Bigfoot was just a meme and there are OLDER depictions of the creature. Sure, we havent found them and we have the tech to do it but guess what, Earth is huge and it would take too damn long to do a proper search for something that doesnt want to be found. Plenty of hiding places like caves and PLENTY of people go missing never to be seen again so why not? its also nice to think about because it would mean the worlds a magical place.


>there are OLDER depictions of the creature
This. There are accounts dating back to the 1800s, taken from Native Americans and mountain men.

I searched for this Philip Morris confession, I found an interview where he says that's a costume in the video which he created. His reasoning doesn't sit right with me.
>If that's a real Bigfoot and they turn the Bigfoot loose, you would see it running it down the highway. You would see it grabbing cars and turning them over. And you never see those things! And the reason you don't see those things, they do not exist.
According to this, Bigfoot is some crazed monkey creature with zero intellect. I think it's exactly the opposite. Primates are extremely intelligent and clearly self-aware. I believe Bigfoot is just as intelligent as us. What good reason would it have to run around flipping cars over?
There's also a pic of Morris holding a wooden foot supposedly used to make fake footprints. It looks nothing like other prints found.

I don't think it's a costume in the Patterson-Gimlin film. The movements seem really life-like. Look when it turns its head to the camera and then back to the woods. If that's a costume, it's a fuckton more advanced than anything in Hollywood at that time. Let's look at 2001: A Space Odyssey for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avjdKTqiVvQ
You can clearly tell these are men in ape costumes. Their movements give it away, the way they bend their knees, they way they run. It looks nothing like the Patterson-Gimlin film.


What makes his channel even better is the hand drawn art he uses. His detailed reseach is honestly refreshing, he should be the one narrating those bigfoot shows on history channel lol. I didnt know this at the time but apparantly a good chunk of old human breeds cross-bred kinda like Neanderthals and whatever other old human species, so i wouldnt be supprised if bigfoot is just an old cross-bred human species that lives in dwindling amounts in caves that then come out and hunt in the night.


File: sfvwfh.gif (2.67 MB, 1728x3800, 216:475, 1625280517813.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Two stories that come to mind are pic related and https://archived.moe/b/bread/697388158/#697399001
The second one digs deep down because of the general isolation mixed with the fear of the unseen. The cultural history behind the monster makes it even more horrifying and i still wonder to this day what happened to the anon's grandfather.


That would be really interesting and also astounding that they've survived as a species for this long. Bob should be a fucking detective the way he pours himself into a case/sighting lol.


Anyone ever watch stranger things?


I've been enjoying old Coast to Coast AM episodes recently. For those who dont know, coast is a classic late night across the world talk show that mainly features conspiracy, paranormal, fringe or "weird" subject matters. It's lead to the creation of stuff like steins;gate with john titor being a Coast BBS member who later started calling in regularly to discuss time travel.
Here's an infamous episode about area 51
Art bell is more of a trad radio host, (great talker and people person) he tends to agree with both sides and if he feels like there's bullshid going on, he'll just hang up on you. George norrey on the other hand is a very slow talker, kinda boring at times but he really does believe in the more paranormal then art.
They have an offical youtube, but its really small or even parts of segments cut-up. Other people have full episodes uploaded on their channels and i can link to some if need be. Or just look up "Coast to Coast AM full episodes" and they'll probably pop up.


the voice of the final caller creeps me out to no end, also "interdimensional aliens"
What i figured, its something like beings from other plains of reality, or something like an alternate universe in a diffrent reality where mars had life instead of earth and then they figured out how to hop dimensions


File: 1607042615811.jpg (3.71 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, 1626474417386.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I read about something really interesting today, an event called the Miracle of the Sun.

>Beginning in the spring of 1917, three Catholic shepherd children living near Fatima reported apparitions of an Angel, and starting in May 1917, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, whom the children described as the Lady of the Rosary. The children reported a prophecy that prayer would lead to an end to the Great War, and that on 13 October of that year the Lady would reveal her identity and perform a miracle "so that all may believe."

>Estimates of the number of people present range from 30,000 and 40,000, by Avelino de Almeida writing for the Portuguese newspaper O Século, to 100,000, estimated by lawyer Dr. José Almeida Garrett

>Various claims have been made as to what actually happened during the event. According to many witnesses, after a period of rain, the dark clouds broke and the Sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and to cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the people, and the surrounding clouds. The Sun was then reported to have careened towards the Earth before zig-zagging back to its normal position. Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became "suddenly and completely dry, as well as the wet and muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling".

The article contains pictures of the crowd and quotes some viewers recounting the event. Look at the pictures, there are so many people. How could they all be wrong?


great video on the subject
>how could they all be wrong?
some people think its aliens, and some scientists say that the weather events didnt happen, the vatican didnt honestly care until the 1930's either. Just saying "is fake because they stared at the sun for too long" is honestly the most stupid excuse i've seen so far.

You rolled the number 532314272 (no dubs or higher)


The video isn't available in my country lol.
It doesn't surprise me the Vatican didn't care. The church is all about power and status, it's just politics. I don't think they really care for God.
The way the sun moved seems to me like something God (or Mary) would do. It shows immense power but also mercy. The sun was moved closer to the Earth but not close enough to destroy them, just close enough to dry the peoples wet clothes. Sceptics say that this would be impossible, as most of the Earth would have seen this happen. If a being can manipulate the sun, why not assume it can manipulate human senses?


Yeah, the vatican basically redacted the third secret of fatima then released their own version which is honestly fucked


Australian anon incounters spooks
this post honestly fucks with me
anon who lives in korea tells ghost stories
this post also fucks with me
'nam war stories
Had those saved for a while, all the spooky stories that i know.


Have a short story of a legendary ghost my mother saw
California around '80s
Mother was like 20 years old driving down the freeway with some frens in the night, no other cars around.They reach this area where there's this large body of water. frens in the back seat start screaming and crying, my mother stops the car and bitches at them to quiet down and they tell her to look to the left. No other cars around as i said, pitch black out. There's a woman wearing a white dress, spanish, old-fashioned. She's crying, face in hand (loud, radio was loud and yet she could hear the sobbing) Mother rolls the window down and asks if she's ok and the lady literally stops everything, and asks in a sober manner that her children are in the lake, drowned to death and if she wants to see them, her fren literally leaps out of the back seat and tried to put her feet on the gas. They yelled at my mom to book it and out of frustration she did, and after driving at least 4 miles she stopped and asked what the hell was going on and essentually they told her a bed time story about the weeping woman, something she was told as a kid but disreguarded for obvious reasons. The issue was is my mom saw the woman fade away the second she drove off, i say "fade away" but apparantly that word doesn't describe what happened well. She refuses to watch media containing the character and i had to essentually interrogate her to get some type of answer as to what happened that day


Wasn't there a longer ending to this? I seem to remember one of the girls burning the guys finger with a lighter.


Interesting. That was the oldest version i could find but i'll check and see if there's an altered version that mentioned a lighter on another scraper


Have you anons ever experienced sleep paralysis? I have once and it was the most retarded thing that's ever happened to me.

So one morning I woke up in my bed. I was lying on my stomach with my right arm under me. I quickly realized I couldn't move even though I was wide awake. I thought to myself "Oh shid, this must be sleep paralysis.". The moment this realization crossed my mind EXTREMELY loud dubstep suddenly started blaring in my ears. This phantom dubstep had no discernible source but it was loud enough to hurt my ears (at least I felt like it was). It was like someone had planted a concert speaker right next to my head.
Still I did not feel afraid, only very alert. I somehow knew that to make the dubstep stop I had to move my arms. I focused all my strength into getting my arms to move. It was terribly hard, my arms felt like lead. I struggled with this for a few intense seconds while the dubstep screamed in my ears. Suddenly my right arm jerked violently into the air as I regained control of my motor functions.
I sat upright in my bed. My heart was pounding as I looked around my room like a fucking 'Nam vet. I was the only person in there. The dubstep had vanished, just as quickly as it had appeared. The house was completely silent. My ears felt fine. I've never experienced anything like that since.


lol fucking dubstep. usually when people discuss sleep paralysis, they mention seeing dark figured and being unabled to move but never skrillex giving you some ear suprise buttsex
thats still sucks tho


Exactly lol, it was fucking weird. I just laugh about it today though, it's a fun story to tell.



sounds like exploding head syndrome anon. has this happened before or after this?


I've experienced exploding head syndrome before. It happened to me a couple of times when I was a teenager, then it just kinda stopped. This was nothing like that, however.
The EHS episodes were short, sudden and always caused me massive anxiety. I only had one really strong episode, I was just about to fall asleep when I heard three loud bangs like someone was pounding on the front door. It really scared me. I also was never conscious during them. They always jolted me awake, just as I was about to fall asleep. During the phantom dubstep scenario I was clear-headed and already awake. I was very surprised afterwards but otherwise felt calm.
It's funny you mention this though, because my cousin has a pretty serious case of exploding head syndrome. He frequently has episodes and it often forces him to stay awake through the night.


Here is a fun idea, post media made by evil people (cultists, killers, ect). Media like stories they made, them reading stuff, and whatever you can find. Here is "Richard mcbeef" A play that Seung-Hui Cho wrote which years later was reinacted via classical theater


also fun music they made or interesting content produced by other people. Fun fact, After learning of ed giens "activites" The townsfolk of Plainfield, Wisconsin coped by making memes they called "Geiners". Here's an example joke:
>Why did Ed Gein crank up the heat? >Because the furniture had goosebumps


I wouldn't exactly call him evil, but Charles Manson was definitely a cultist. He was also a musician. I think his music is great, he is one of my favorite artists.




On this website you can find a lot of info on the Columbine shooting. This link in particular takes you to a portal where you can view some of Dylan and Eric's writing, like diary entries and creative writing assignments. I think it's very interesting. It gives a glimpse into their minds at the time.


Halloweens getting close, frens! I'll probably start celebrating now by posting spooky stuff.




File: Tim Burton showing off a H….jpg (93.82 KB, 750x960, 25:32, 1632695613194.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Tim Burton showing off a Halloween costume that was handmade by his mother, 1967.

Posting this pic in the spirit of almost-Halloween.


That's actually a badass costume


File: jack.jpg (182.34 KB, 1800x1080, 5:3, 1632699927779.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I'm pretty sure it was the inspiration for Jack Skellington lol.


File: Scarecrow.jpg (100.72 KB, 1176x858, 196:143, 1632701459503.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Clever if true



Another spoopy comic thing, this time it's a fan-film/adaption of the "24 hour diner" chapter of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman
Age restricted tho


30 days of night is a brillant comic book about vampires, and alaska. It also has a good movie adaption.


Remember John Carpenters's "The Thing"?
This is a audio adaption of the original novel by John w. Campbell



Had the pleasure of watching the movie adaption of Ray Bradbury's book, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Kinda sad they didn't air it on T.V during this month, it's a great halloween movie.



Still an internet legend to this day
Some guy compiled all of shayes videos.


Man, I remember Shaye Saint John. I remember finding the website on some list of creepy websites when I was 13 or so. I read the backstory created for Shaye and I wasn't sure if it was real or not lol. It was so fucking weird and spooky.
The guy who created the whole thing eventually drank himself to death. Sad ending to the story.


Youtube also took the original channel down for some reason. I wonder if he'd still be making more episodes if ge didn't drink himself to death?


Charles manson really wasn't a cult leader. By accident, sure. The cult happened because his frens started drifting away so he started bullshidting about a race war and it got worse because some members took some really bad drugs, met bad people and got influenced by other stuff like susan atkins being a satanist. All manson wanted was sex and drugs and live in the desert. It's more of a LARP gone wrong and it always sounds weird when they call him a cultist. He's obviously not innocent, but he had a shid life like getting his music ripped off, his whore mother selling him for drugs and living in prison at a young age, and that probably what drove him to do the things he did. Wonder what would've happen if his music got him famous? Would it have prevented the murders?



File: 1634353581094.png (78.67 KB, 1225x477, 1225:477, 1634570519688.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

scares the hell out of me


At the mountans of madness Audiodrama by the BBC


What are 22chan's plans for Halloween this year? I realized I have work on Halloween so, I have no plans.


I might be busy this halloween which sucks but i'll try to check in anyway
Dunno, Depends. We can do a big halloween stream but i'm not sure what we'll watch


I will probably watch two new Halloween movies back to back, as I've yet to see them.


I found the 1956 Invasion of the body snatchers online! https://archive.org/details/invasionofthebodysnatchers1956_201911
Also, Here is the original novel by Jack Finney


Thank you for the movie link. It's a cult classic and one of the early science fiction films. I'm looking forward to watching it.


Holy shid. I wonder what was said during that phone call?


>some members took some really bad drugs
It was Manson who gave them drugs, though. They regularly tripped on acid and Manson always gave his followers higher doses than himself.


Yeah, i've been eager to watch it myself.
I don't think he heard actual words, maybe some type of fequency?


Having finished the novel now, I must say the ending was slightly retarded but overall it was a well written, enjoyable book and the depiction of the pod people are bone-chilling.
[spoiler]I say the ending is retarded because the Pods had no way of actually leaving the planet. It was a one way trip down.[/spoiler] [spoiler]I like the pod people in this one, in the 90's movie they screeched when they realised you wherent one of them, Also they where totally emotionless like. In the book, They absorbed all the memories of the person, the thoughts, skin tone, you name it. A perfect match. You wouldn't even spot the diffrences unless you knew that person intimately. If you talked about a personal memory with a family member, some thing funny for instance. they'd smile or chuckle but you would't see that "sparkle" that look in the eyes showing that they rememer the experience. The pod people remember But remembering a memory is diffrence then actually being there to experience it. Even if you didnt notice anything, something in your primative, chimp brain is just ringing the alarm bells of DANGER DANGER DANGER, You know somethings wrong, but you just can't elaborate it. They can feel but not feel if that makes sense.[/spoiler]


There's a horrifying dark horse comic called Aliens: Labyrinth. I've read alien comics before and honestly it's not scary. The first movie if anything is more scary then most alien comics but labyrinth is something else
It's fucked up. [spoiler]At one point, the xenomorphs are infected by some type of disease, They still need food in order to survive so their raising humans like cattle. They force a kid to fuck his bloated, naked mother to try and raise more food, He clearly doesnt want to and because of that they punish him by putting a weakened face hugger on him. Because the face hugger is fucked up, the chestburster is also weak and has trouble getting out so the kids only option is to cut the fu ker out and strangle it to death[/spoiler]



Reposting this from the old halloween bread
Fun stuff and highly underrated. The story does take some plot points from the Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy and for those who are curious, you can easily look it up on wikipedia but if your autistic, Here are two Coast to Coast AM interviews with Al Bielek himself https://youtube.com/watch?v=1vHRY8WrQHM https://youtube.com/watch?v=3cOsykmMEtI

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