/b/ - Hey /b/, what was your favorite show/series growing up?Pic related was mine.I had an unhealthy obsession with scooby doo ages 5-12. I had every piece of media I could get my hands on (which frankly wasn't a lot) and I used to hold little homemade marat

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Hey /b/, what was your favorite show/series growing up?
Pic related was mine.
I had an unhealthy obsession with scooby doo ages 5-12. I had every piece of media I could get my hands on (which frankly wasn't a lot) and I used to hold little homemade marathons yearly during my winter break. My obsessive love for it has died down as I grew up, but I still watch it time to time as a comfort thing. I don't think I'll ever stop liking it.


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I also loved courage the cowardly dog. I remember kids being real scared of it, but I adored it. Maybe cause I was raised on horror and thus kinda desensitised, anyway. Favorite episode was any ep with Katz or Freaky Fred.


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My favorite Scooby Doo movie was probably Alien Invaders for a long time. I remember I had it on a dvd and would watch it over and over for Crystal (pic related). I think she was my first cartoon crush and is probably the reason I like girls with dark hair and hippie types.


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watched the hell out out of star wars the clone wars. the storytelling is just amazing, and the visuals are wonderful. i think the episode where obi-wan was disguised as a merc and had to survive the box was my favorite episode, also when they brought darth maul back.


That’s quite cool, anon. I always wished I had gotten into sci-fi. My parents had all the star wars movies but I never watched them.


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>star wars


Well then what is it? Sorry I'm not fluent in subjective TV genres.


I don't exactly know what he means. It IS si-fi, although there are some people who believe it's actually more of a fantasy genre (the force being equated to magic)


It's historical science fiction because it takes place a long time ago.


Ah, understandable. I didn't really watch fantasy either.

Right of course. So historical sci-fi?


Ah yes i forgot
Which version of the show do you like the best? Like what's new scooby doo, mystery incorperated, and such?


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Checked, and my favorites growing up were the originals, the new scooby doo movies (my favorite was the one with Cher - I had a weird crush on her), the 13 ghosts (don't judge me), and most of the 90s and 2000s movies. I also enjoyed mystery inc a lot and shaggy and scooby doo get a clue. Each one had its charm, though.
If I HAD to pick a favorite, the movie would still be Alien Invader or Zombie Island (pic related). The show would be Mystery Inc or 13 ghosts. For me, I could watch those over and over without ever getting sick of them.
Did you like scooby doo as well?


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I remember watching Yugioh 5ds as a kid. Before the show started I had watched a few episodes from the original series and GX which I enjoyed but this was the first Yugioh series I watched as it was new. I enjoyed motorcycle gimmick and the new synchro monsters.


Yeah scooby doo was pretty good, i practically watched every cartoon series that they aired on tv. my favorite movies was scooby doo and the Samurai Sword (you can't tell me that shaggy kicking ass wasn't not cool) and Aloha, Scooby-Doo!


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Checked again, and that's neat. animu kids shows were always pretty cool.
This is random but I remember a kid in my 8th grade class used to play with Yugioh cards every single day with one other kid. In my grade, there were about 20 kids, and we all used to watch them with mild enthusism on days when we weren't let out for reccess because of the weather. I remember he got suspended for some reason and we were never told why - he never came back afterwards.

Checked once again (why so many dubs in this thread?), and dude those movies ROCKED! All the scooby doo movies from the late 90s/2000s were the best. Very nostalgic for me. I had both of those on DVD actually.


That sounds nice people in my area never really played YuGiOh (and card games generally). A few people who did play card games preferred games like magic the gathering which never appealed to me. It didn't help that the people who did play magic were jerks. Do you have any guesses why that kid was suspended?


People spread the rumor that he told our teacher to fuck off, I think, but that's too tame. Another said he had drugs on him, which wouldn't be too surprising. I'm still not sure, personally I think it was related to how he never did his work; I never saw him turn anything in once. It could've been anything, really.


I liked Foster's Home for Imaginary frens alot. The setting was cool and the character designs were neat. Wilt was a bro. Loved the show as a kid, but when I tried watching a few episodes a couple of years ago I didn't like it at all. Bloo is such an asshole.
Also, today I found this intro by chance
I forgot all about this until now. It's a show about the japanese band that sung the Team Titan's intro. The style is very early 2000s weebish cartoon network core. I remember watching as a kid and loving the character designs but not understanding what the fuck was going on in the show. Specifically I remember an episode where one character is super messy and the other tries to get them to clean up, but then it turns out that when the house is messy you can find stuff easier and the episode ends with them smearing shid over the camera. I now clearly remember that embedding itself in my mind and am absolutely certain that it is the single reason why I to this day rarely clean my room all the way, I just keep it at a stasis where sometimes I get in a cleainng mood but never finisht the job. I also remember an episode where when they say a code word the professor character starts acting like a monkey. That was awesome. It's so weird finding this stuff that I didnt' remember at all.

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