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Hey anons are you still alive?


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so is this website still running?


Yes desu


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Yes anon.
I wanted to post more on 22chan. I had so many threads as my aim but i'm extremely lazy lol.



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but I wonder who is appealing bans (twoot is not stupid desu).
I got banned twice for a complete bullshit.
Now I'm b& too. In the reason field is "Redditor". That's all.
Any other chan doesn't bully me so I'm there.


you got banned because twoot is gay

You rolled the number 494362687 (no dubs or higher)



Just dont post reddit tier memes :)

Just kiling any sign of reddit.


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Yeah thankfully


I am more alive than I have ever been before.


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>reddit tier memes
such as? what do you classify as reddit tier memes, twoot?


On your desktop there was clearly Reddit


I am not twoot, but the one you just posted is pretty reddit-tier.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


>>891 I am not sure how to exactly describe Reddit-Tier memes, but from my point of view Reddit memes usually follows a obvious format. For example your picture had a image and a joke and that is all it was to the meme making it easy identifiable with Reddit because their memes are usually lazy. Besides if you reverse image the first thing that comes up is reddit. Sorry Anons but here is the link below.



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Ok, thanks for response anon, guess you got a point but still....
Subjective based rules are pretty dumb imo


yeah, but idk what to post


Pretty much most memes used by the current 4chan "le wojak or le pepes xdddd" are being stolen and used by reddit at an all time high


>>907 I agree with you on your point about subject based rules. The rules of this site is too vague and not concrete. Rule 1. is solely based on interpretation of mods on that day the post is examined. 22chan's rules may need to elaborated for the sites success.


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>b-b-but I-I dont like w-what anon posted. I-I must delete the p-post...
>not redditory

yea. this.


>b-ban redditory reeee
>let's this shit getting posted: r9k/res/836


>let's this shit getting posted: r9k/res/836
Chiiill maan, i havent had time yet.

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