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>be me
>masturbating in the bathroom so I can jizz in the toilet to minimize cleanup
>jackin' it raw since I ran out of lotion recently, haven't bothered to get more
>starting to get a little rough, scared I'll start chafing
>don't want blisterdick, but don't want blue balls either
>I need lube
>eyes fall on toothpaste
>squirt some onto my hand, rub it around a little
>resume fapping protocol
>feels great
>toothpaste is just the right texture, not too thick and not too thin
>slippery but still allows me to grip the shaft
>minty freshness enhances blood circulation to the dick
>get a bigger, harder, more pleasurable and longer-lasting erection
>one of the best faps of my life

Why haven't you taken the toothpaste pill yet, anon?


>>958 Are you sure this is safe?


Are you sure you know what fluorids do OP?


Yeah, it's great. You should try it.

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