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Let's write a story, I'll start.

Once upon a time, in a castle lived a boy and a girl. The boy, whose name was



He suffered from autism and one day he got lost on a website full of madlads also called as 22chan.


He seen all kinds of crazy beasts, wild wojaks, gay pepes, and the queen of them all, Niniba!


But in spite of all he had seen, Bob was still bored. 22chan was a quiet and barren land, with few areas of interest. One day, he said to his female companion,




, "Why on earth do you have such a weird and vulgar name?"


the girls name was



>>980 LETS FUCK BOB (The girls name, could be LFB for short) slowly looks down at the floor in shame, then utters, “My parents gave me this name thinking they would be original.” Bob looked at LFB with a confused expression. But before Bob could say anything else, a huge bang came at their door. The two, startled by the sound, lay there frozen by shock. Almost instantly, the door flies open and


5 people run in and bob saiyes: Oh no its the fbi! bob and LFB run to the door to the backyard and


Bob trips over the pile of loli magazines and falls down while LFB is already at the door. The FBI


Try to shoot Bob and LFB but miss.
LFB helps bob up and succesfully close the door from behind and are now in the backyard but


bob says: "Oh no its the door and his female companion!". Bob trips over the backyard with a confused expression. LETS FUCK BOB slowly looks down at their door. Bob was bob. He looked at the door to the pile of loli magazines. LFB helps bob say: "Oh no its the backyard!". Bob could say anything else, but trips over the door. LFB helps bob up. Bob slowly looks down at the backyard and falls down at the door. 5 people run in shame.


Nice one steve

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