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ok so im in the bathroom and i got the rope and everything set up but only a little time left before my parents start wondering why i take so long on the toilet. i really need to do it now but 1. if they come in too soon i might survive with severe brain damage 2. i can hear my parents and my sister talking n stuff n i feel like i cant do it to them like this

i dont know what to do, i missed my chance last night because i accidentaly fell asleep
reply needed asap


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why are you doing this fren
4chan /b/ is the place for quick answers on this kind of question and i think im the only one that's active rn


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Talk to us,my dude. Why are you trying to reach the other side so early?


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but srsly Why do you want to game over?
is there something that has been bothering you?
you have so much to live for!


Dont do it fren. Its not worth it


Don't do it man




>>990 Why end so early? At least stay alive long enough to see 22chan blossom into a beautiful flower (hopefully)

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