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for milfbot


I have so many questions, mainly on the source of many of the images, but also WTF HAPPENED ON 11/3/05?


Post from 2009 explaining it:
>Every once in awhile m00t changes the background of /b/ and force plays some sort of music. This is just another one of those instances that someone saved in /f/ (not uncommon) but actually put a date in it.
And a more accurate one:
>"The day of Xenon": November 2, 2005 A camwhore named Xenon, who most likely appeared after a select fanbase started (re)posting his "art" to /f/, was challenged by moot. /b/'s theme was colored mainly pink and contained the Power Puff Girls theme music. With the title of /b/ re-named to "All Hail Xenon", moot proclaimed that this date would "be henceforth known as: The Day Of The Xenon."
>sauce on images
Damn, it'll take me a while to find all of 'em.


If it makes it easier, these are the main ones I'm looking for:
>yellow girl in top left
>green skirt girl under yellow girl
>green haired girl above afro frog
>red and blue girls in bottom left
>girl with halo in top left
>those dancing people in the upper middle (with the blue haired boy)
Those are the main ones i'm looking for, but if you could do all of them, that would be cool


File: sourcepic.png (1.61 MB, 1277x953, 1277:953, 1577060739671.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

alright, so i tried my best and here's what i got.
i wasn't able to get some, but i might try to find them when i get more time.


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Was looking for all the names of the anime in that flash


Thanks. Looking forward to it.
You’re doing great work


bumping this so i dont forget it

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