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Turn on the crazy mode.


I love it.
Speaking of Lucky Star, one of the things that I find odd about it is how much Konata stands out. It would make sense if she was the main character (which maybe she is, but I've never watched the actual anime), but the show sells itself as if all 4 girls are equal. Maybe I'm biased because she's by far the most well know and I've seen her the most, but there's clearly a reason for that. She sticks out way more than the two(2) purple haired girls and the pink haired one, who look incredibly bland compared to Konata. It doesn't help that they all wear the same uniform too, as many anime do.
So what's the deal with Konata? The show looks like the 4 characters are treated equally, but Konata appears to have gotten way more effort put into her design. why?

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