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Actually I recall really struggling a lot just to beat the first stage, and I'm not sure I did it when I first found it. But something about it struck me, and as a result it holds a place in my heart
Recently I discovered the music I liked so much is just out-dated stock music the developer must've bought. Funny
The game has a sequel but it's shitty and buggy. It only really introduces one new feature which works pretty badly anyway
There are other flash games I enjoyed from the internet but this definitively was the most esthetically impactful to me


nice find, havent played this one in years


File: robots.png (1.08 MB, 2643x625, 2643:625, 1620348768593.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Cool game anon, I don't remember ever playing it but it looks like the sort of thing I used to play. Max comfy, I like the music. I find that putting down a bunch of Dark Huts works well. Here's my attempt at stitching together a full-length screenshot on Endurance.


dark huts are great. They cost little, but thanks to a lot of available powerups the robots become pretty strong in the end
I like how neat you are with your city. I'm never really accurate in placing stuff

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