Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to 22chan's Frequently Asked Questions page. After reading the FAQ, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Rules!

What differentiates 22chan from 4chan?

22chan 4chan
Porn is banned
Gay- and Trapthreads are banned
Quick replies from moderators/ admins
Public statistics
Community suggestions will almost always be used
Is and will always be ad-free


What is 22chan?

22chan is an image board inspired by 4chan. It was made as a quieter and more chill alternative to 4chan. Also 22chan has way less boards, which makes it faster (when more people would start using it). 22chan is also more open to changes (new boards, suggestions, etc.).

How do I access the boards?

In order to access the full site, you must first read and agree to the terms of the disclaimer. To access the disclaimer simply click here. Your response will be cookied so you'll only need to do this once (providing you don't clear your cache/cookies afterwards).

What should I know before I post?

Users are encouraged to participate actively in our community, but only after they have familiarized themselves with the rules and this FAQ. Breaking the rules may result in post deletion, a temporary ban, or in some cases, permanent banishment. Understand the rules before you begin posting!

What is the "options" field?

There are 3 options you can use:

  • fortune
  • roll
  • sage

  • To use multiple options at once, just select them in the options field.

    How do i black- or greentext?

    To greentext, just add a > in front of each line.

    To blacktext, surround the phrase/word your trying to blacktext with [spoiler] and [/spoiler]. Like so: [spoiler]blacktext[/spoiler] will become blacktext.

    What is a tripcode?

    Tripcodes can help verify a user's identity to others, and are a type of pseudo-registration. To use a normal tripcode, place a hash mark ("#") followed by a word or short phrase after what you've entered into the [Name] field (ex. "User#password"). Upon submission, the server will generate the hash unique to that particular word or phrase. The previous example would display "User !ozOtJW9BFA" after being posted.

    Important note: A tripcode is generated only using the text entered after the hash mark. Your entered name, IP address, cookie information, etc. do not affect the output. Normal tripcodes are not secure, and can be cracked with relative ease. Make sure to use a good password.

    How do I post anonymously?

    To post as "Anonymous", simply do not fill in the [Name] field when submitting content. Information such as your personal IP address is viewable only to the administrators, and is not made publicly available.

    Can I register a username?

    No user registration process is available.

    Must I post an image?

    To start a new thread, you must upload an image. 22chan is primarily an imageboard after all! When replying to an already existing thread, no attachment is required.

    Can I reply with an image?

    Yes. To reply to a thread with an image of your own, click the [Reply] link and fill in the post box as you normally would, making sure to specify an image for attachment.

    How do I quote somebody?

    To quote a portion of text, simply place a pointer (">") in front of the text you wish to highlight (ex. ">This is a quote"). To link to and highlight an entire post, place two pointers in front of its unique post number (ex. ">>210981"). Cross-linking to another 22chan board is also possible, by placing three pointers before a board letter, followed by a post number (ex. ">>>/x/1208196").

    How do I report posts?

    Reporting posts for review is extremely encouraged, as it helps us remove rule breaking and/or illegal content faster. To file a report, select the checkbox on the left side next to the post and scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the bottom right your should see a "Report" button and a text field. Enter the reason for your report in the text field and hit the button.

    Important note: Submitting intentionally false reports may result in a ban. This policy is in place to discourage abuse of the system; it is not meant to dissuade users from submitting legitimate reports.

    What does "work safe" or "safe for work" mean?

    "Work safe" or "safe for work" is defined as "content that is safe for viewing in the average working environment." Posting content on boards that are marked sfw that is not suitable for this environment may result in a ban. The goal behind enforcing this rule is to keep the cleaner sections of the site accessible to those in restricted viewing situations.

    Why is my name/subject missing characters?

    Due to security risks, on 22chan only these characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz01234567890 _-.:,;|&+* are allowed. You can post other characters in the body though.


    What is considered positive contribution?

    Our definition of "positive contribution" is the submission of substantial, helpful, friendly, and humorous posts to the boards, along with the uploading of quality images and files. We feel that positive contribution should be treated as a way of donating to 22chan without actually having to fork over cash.

    Why is contribution so important?

    Contribution is important because it is what drives this website. If we didn't have a dedicated pool of users who frequently contribute, we'd be yet another stagnant run of the mill forum. But we aren't. By having an increasing number of diverse and quality contributors, 22chan becomes more unique, interesting, and enjoyable to use.

    How can I become a good contributor?

    It's really quite easy. If you have something to add to a topic: reply. If you have an interesting, high quality, neat, rare, etc. picture: upload it! Share your mind and image collections with us. Don't just leech! Give back to the community which you take from. It's a simple and effective way to grow the site. Before contributing, make sure you're acquainted with the rules.

    What is "shitposting"?

    Shitposting is "knowingly contributing low quality, off-topic, or ill intentioned posts."


    What is a "sticky"?

    "Stickied" threads are posts that are stuck (hence "sticky/stickied") to the top of a board's index page. A stickied thread is denoted by a small thumbtack icon placed next to its post number. Threads can only be stuck by moderators, and cannot be saged or otherwise unstuck by users. Trolling, sage-bombing, or reporting a sticky may result in a ban.

    Does 22chan have an official browser extension?


    What is a trial board?

    Trial boards are added every now and then to broaden the scope of the website. We open new trial boards as resources permit, based on requests from the userbase. If a board does not perform well, it is removed to make way for others. A board's trial status is denoted by its name appearing italicized on the navigation menu.

    Can you add "x" board?

    Yes. Boards can be suggested here and if i (the owner) thinks its worth it, i might add it (trial board). Be sure to add a reason why you think the board should be added.


    What is CAPTCHA?

    CAPTCHA is an effective means to mitigate automated spam and ensure a submission is coming from a real person.

    Why does 22chan use CAPTCHA?

    CAPTCHA was implemented on the imageboards to deal with automated spam. It has proven effective in reducing the amount of automated spam that appears on the site.

    Why do I still see spam on the boards?

    CAPTCHA is not 100% foolproof. Many spammers will pre-fill CAPTCHAs or pay CAPTCHA solving teams (actual people to sit around and fill out challenges) to spam manually. Spam that is not caught by CAPTCHA should be reported and it will be removed by the moderation team.

    When will the CAPTCHA be removed?

    Unfortunately, CAPTCHA is a permanent addition to the site. Despite its shortcomings, it is extremely effective at reducing automated spam and without it the site would be awash with spam.

    Why doesn't "x" work properly?

    Here are four common solutions to problems users might experience:

    1. Enable first & third party cookies.
    2. Enable JavaScript.
    3. Don't block HTTP referers.
    4. Whitelist 22chan.org and all of its subdomains.
    Why does 22chan think my post is spam?

    If 22chan's servers detect that you have JavaScript and cookies enabled, but not HTTP referers, you will receive the following error when attempting to post:

    "Detected JavaScript + cookies + blocked referer. Your post looks like spam this way, so either enable referers or disable JavaScript and cookies."

    Follow the instructions given and either enable HTTP referers, or disable JavaScript and cookies. Read above for more ideas.

    In addition, 22chan maintains a list of blocked URLs and keywords that may result in your post being rejected.


    How do I contact the administration?

    Contact information can be found on our Contact page.

    Who are the moderators?

    Moderators are individuals selected to perform general site maintenance. They may delete posts globally, ban users, sticky and close threads, etc. There is no publicly available list of moderators. Since 22chan is primarily an anonymous website, the moderators abide by that same mindset.

    What are "janitors"?

    "Janitors" are a class between "end user" and "moderator." They are given access to the report system and may delete posts on their assigned board(s), as well as submit ban requests. Janitors are selected via an application, orientation, and testing process. Janitors are instructed to not reveal their position to others and are to conduct themselves as would be expected of any other user. A breach in confidentiality is grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.

    I never see proof of moderation! Why?

    ...Why would you? There is no public record of deletion, and since threads are frequently pruned, there is no way of knowing which have been removed by the moderation team. The "(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)" message is optional and only used under certain circumstances, so it's not a good indication of how frequently users are being banned. Usually when a user is banned, their posts are removed because they're in violation of the rules! Quite simply, there is no way for an end user to accurately judge the amount of moderation taking place at any given point in time. Rest assured though; the moderators and janitors are always working hard to do their best and keep the boards free of rule breaking content.

    Can I volunteer to join the team?

    Yes and no. Admission to the moderation team is by invite only. Period. The janitor program is occasionally opened up to new applicants. Watch the global message and blotter for notices concerning the application process. If there is no advertised janitor recruitment going on, you're out of luck.
    Be patient!


    How do I donate?

    We cannot revert "accidental" or "unwanted" donations. Once you've donated money, it will be and stay donated.
    We appreciate and need every single donation!

    You can also become a Patreon.

    You can also download the brave browser and tip us.
    Use this referral link to sign up if you want to support us.

    Do you accept alternative donations?

    Alternative donations such as computer hardware, bandwidth, hosting, et cetera cannot be accepted. Thanks for the offer though!


    When did 22chan open?

    22chan opened on June 18th 2018 (GMT+1) but was made public on June 27th 2018.

    It exists now, since 00 years, 00 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds.

    How much traffic does 22chan get?

    If you are interested in the traffic 22chan gets you can see it here.