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Removal of /pol/ — by twoot at 07/20/21 (Tue) 13:57:36

Hello fellow 22channers, this might come as a shock to some of you but we have made the decision to remove the /pol/ board. This decision was mainly not ours but the fact that swasticas, jew hate threads, etc. is against german law and we avoided serious legal trouble by getting rid of it. I hope you understand that this was done as an attempt of saving 22chan from legal trouble that would have shut it down completely.

I hope you understand our decision and stand by us,

april foolz — by twoot at 04/01/21 (Thu) 15:43:04

haha everything is cat now, get fooled

Byebye /trash/ — by twoot at 03/27/21 (Sat) 00:00:30

We've decided to get rid of /trash/ as it doesn't quite fit the 22chan theme.

Youtube embeds — by twoot at 03/09/21 (Tue) 12:05:06

You can now use a youtube url instead of an image. It will automatically get the thumbnail of the youtube video as the thumbnail for 22chan. Of course it will only embed the youtube video once you click (dont worry, i'm not letting father google watch over you fellas). You can embed a outube video by clicking the "Switch" button next to the file input.

OP is a faggot :DDDD — by twoot at 02/09/21 (Tue) 11:15:29

Introducing the OP Tag. The OP of a thread will have a small tag next to their name so people know who the original poster is. Also all replies mentioning one of OP's posts (>>1234) will have the (OP) thingy next to em.

Epic programmer move — by twoot at 02/02/21 (Tue) 16:49:44

Hey guys i recently made an update to fix the flood detected error and i accidentally broke posting for like a day. Just wanted to let yall know shit is working again.


New rule 23 — by twoot at 11/26/20 (Thu) 17:14:36

Even-though it should already be common sense, i added rule 23 which should clarify 22chans standpoint when it comes to pedophile content.

Goodbye adobe — by twoot at 11/10/20 (Tue) 11:23:07

Good news fellow flash users, i went ahead and changed our flash board to use ruffle (a flash emulator). This means we are now completely independent of adobe.

Rule update — by twoot at 09/11/20 (Fri) 13:10:05

I went through the rules and updated some of em. I also added a feature where you can show an explanation to each rule by clicking on the ? next to it.

New ID thingy — by twoot at 08/24/20 (Mon) 17:58:04

Now the boards with IDs (pol and i) will have different IDs. This is due to a change in the system. Each board will have unique IDs and if you post on pol your id will be different than if you post on i.

Oracle and IDs — by twoot at 07/02/20 (Thu) 16:07:15

I went ahead and implemented an oracle (Read more: https://blog.22chan.org/2020/oracle) and i also improved the IDs on /pol/ and /i/.

Characounter — by twoot at 05/15/20 (Fri) 23:10:41

Added some stuff including the character counter. Read more: https://blog.22chan.org/2020/character-count

Blog — by twoot at 05/05/20 (Tue) 00:41:38

Ok, so i made a blog (blog.22chan.org) where i'll post detailed updates to stuff happening in 22chan. I will of course always use these news here to let you all know of any updates but on the blog they'll be described in more detail (if necessary).

22chan Windows 98 — by twoot at 04/25/20 (Sat) 23:50:47

I made a frames version of 22chan that looks like windows 98 https://22chan.org/98

April fools — by twoot at 04/01/20 (Wed) 12:23:36

Happy april fools day everyone!

Recent downtime — by twoot at 03/03/20 (Tue) 12:32:33

Due to some issues caused by a misconfiguration by our hoster we had to disable posting for a while. Everything has been resolved and posting has been enabled again!

Sorry for the inconvenience, twoot.

Livechan — by twoot at 02/26/20 (Wed) 13:29:29

For everyone who hasn't noticed it yet: Livechan has gotten an update! Bootleg discord for anons from 22chan. https://live.22chan.org/

Renaming — by twoot at 08/16/19 (Fri) 06:28:25

/feels/ has been renamed to /yu/ due to common request.

Sorry — by twoot at 08/05/19 (Mon) 22:30:10

I m very sorry, i installed an update where i made some changes, but then threads started dissapearing. So what i've done now, is restore the latest backup i had which is from 05.08.2019 03:00UTC sorry for the inconvinience!

Renaming — by twoot at 06/17/19 (Mon) 21:58:37

Sorry about the short maintenance mode, i just quickly renamed /r9k/ to /feels/ as requested by popular demand.

Rolling and Fortune — by twoot at 04/30/19 (Tue) 15:20:43

The roll feature is now only available on /b/.
The fortune feature is now only available on /sewers/.

Why? To give those boards a bit more character and uniqeness.

Unoriginality — by twoot at 04/10/19 (Wed) 08:43:31

Tfw/mfw and ylyl posts are now officially banned.

Goodbye Google, welcome true anonymity. — by twoot at 04/09/19 (Tue) 13:07:14

I went ahead and replaced the google recaptcha with a self hosted text captcha. Now officially no requests leave the site when you view it.

Welcome to true anonymity.

Best regards and a great day/night, Twoot.

/f/ — by twoot at 03/21/19 (Thu) 19:28:18

Say welcome to the new /f/. The style of /f/ is made just like the style of 4chans /f/.

New and modified global Rules — by twoot at 03/09/19 (Sat) 15:42:24

The rules were modified, please red them carefully before making a post.

Best regards, twoot.

Renaming — by twoot at 03/02/19 (Sat) 23:58:22

/i/ was renamed from Art & Drawing to Art & Creativity.

That means you can now post creative things that are not really art on there.

Reply Deletion — by twoot at 02/26/19 (Tue) 18:31:21

You can now delete you own reply via the small [D] button next to it.

You can only delete your reply when:

- It hasnt been referenced (e.g.: >>234)
- 5 minutes since you've posted it havent passed

Reverse Image search — by twoot at 02/09/19 (Sat) 23:57:49

You can now reverse image search any posten image, by clicking the button next to it.

No Raids — by twoot at 01/14/19 (Mon) 15:48:36

From now on, all raids are banned. I hope you guys wont take it personally, its for the best.

Delete your own thread — by twoot at 12/19/18 (Wed) 21:28:39

You can now delete your own thread with the delete button below the it.

You can only delete your thread up to 2 minutes after you created it and only if it has less than 2 replies.

Tripcodes — by twoot at 11/21/18 (Wed) 09:59:05

So basically Tripcodes work different now. They work the same as they do on 4chan. For more information check the faq!

Deletion — by twoot at 11/19/18 (Mon) 09:17:41

/f/ and /k/ were deleted, because of inactivity. For everyone who still wants to post .sfw's: You still can, as it it possible to post .sfw's on every board.

Hex Viewer — by twoot at 11/14/18 (Wed) 11:58:29

There now is a link next to the file info which shows the file in a hex viewer. Why? Why not!

Ids on /pol/ — by twoot at 10/31/18 (Wed) 16:04:35

Because /pol/ is a discussion board, i have now decided to add an ID system. It works similar to the tripcode, but is more secure and not optional.

/f/ — by twoot at 10/30/18 (Tue) 12:19:55

Added /f/ [spoiler]just for the nostalgiafagging[/spoiler].

Also, Spoilers/Blacktexts now work (see the faq for more info on that).

/sfw/ — by twoot at 09/12/18 (Wed) 20:14:41

Merged /sfw/ into /r9k/

Webm — by twoot at 09/10/18 (Mon) 17:57:20

We now support webm's up to a length of 7 Minutes (420 seconds) with audio enabled.

/n/ — by twoot at 09/05/18 (Wed) 14:25:29

Removed /n/

/n/ — by twoot at 09/05/18 (Wed) 14:12:30

/n/ was added as a trial board

Merging — by twoot at 09/04/18 (Tue) 23:01:41

/pp/ and /gt/ were merged in /r9k/ and then deleted due to inactivity and trying to make the site faster…

/vg/ — by twoot at 09/03/18 (Mon) 09:44:37

/vg/ was added as a trial board

/a/ — by twoot at 09/01/18 (Sat) 12:23:01

/a/ was added as a trial board

Tripcodes — by twoot at 08/02/18 (Thu) 22:43:09

You can now use tripcodes to ensure your identity.

How to use them: https://22chan.org/faq#tripcode

Timeline — by twoot at 08/01/18 (Wed) 22:46:48

We now have a timeline of everything important, that has ever happened on 22chan. https://22chan.org/timeline

If you have an idea or suggestion to what should be added to the timeline feel free to create a thread on /sg/ or mail us at info@22chan.org.

Music Board — by twoot at 07/23/18 (Mon) 11:01:36

As requested, i added a music board /mu/.

Also we did some changes as some users could not post, that should be fixed now. If you still have troubles posting feel free to email us at info@22chan.org. The email needs to contain exactly what you did and a screenshot of the Error Message you got.
We will try to fix it ASAP then.

Merging — by twoot at 07/22/18 (Sun) 16:55:07

hel was merged into r9k.

Merging — by twoot at 07/20/18 (Fri) 23:40:56

Due to inactivity, wizrar was merged into r9k.

Sad News — by twoot at 07/18/18 (Wed) 11:23:26

Due to our hosters AGB, we are sorry to announce that all pornographic content and all Copyright infringements will be banned from this website.

We hope this will not disturb your 22chan experience.

no subject — by twoot at 06/29/18 (Fri) 06:50:41

/shet/ was merged into /b/.

22chan Update — by twoot at 06/28/18 (Thu) 12:46:13

We have updated 22chan. We are not using the vichan engine instead of tinyboard. vichan changes the database so we were not able to keep the posts.

New features:

- Catalog
- safer & faster
- many more