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Poor Possum-Chan. She was locked in the bathroom while she was taking a bath! Who could've done such a thing?
Unfortunately, she is home alone and no one will be back for hours. She is frightened and the water is getting cold. What should she do? Can you anons help her?
Take steps one at a time, as she is easily confused.
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Say "Is anyone here?"

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Hey anons, I made some cool Niniba emojis for use around th site, livechan, and discord. They're just the yotsuba ones but better/more 22chen.
Posting the strip of all of them and then each individual one. Prepare for a lot of posts. This was about 4 hours of painful labor so I really hope you guys use them.
I'll also post the gimp file so you can make adjustments or customs. I encourage people to make their own stuff too and if someone makes another ninibojii or something like that, they can post it here.
All hail Niniba. Go wild.
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Bringing back an old thing. Based after previous complaints in the thingy, chat is disabled (so no namefagging) and large copy pastes are disabled (so no annoying porn or spam) no grey bitchery either lol So yeah its secure and can be wiped clean if needed or whatever else you guys want changed
tldr make stuff or die, and have fun. Good for learning how 2 ascii or generally teaming up to make stuff
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1. Download Japanese Language Pack.
2. Switch to Japanese Input Method.
3. Right click on the A or あ to open IME-Options.
4. Click on IME-Pad.
5. Switch to Character List.
6. Voilà, enjoy making Shift_JIS/ASCII art.

By the way I recommend you find the "Box Drawing" in the Unicode (BMP) section to start off with.


it was hard to find on my laptop but eventually i found and enabled it

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ITT: Post comics / fancomics / fanarts of her
Creator of Niniba here. Just drew a new comic, enjoy
>Big sis used to be cool in 2006... i miss the times before it all went to shit
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yeah, those types of hoodies are like blankets


Having someone you love dearly pull your hoodie over your face bunched-up and tap your skinny ass ribs is peak intimacy in my opinion. I've always been a skin and bones motherfucker apart from some ass I got from running, so maybe it doesn't apply to others.


this is cool thread

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Each reply adds a new feature, anything goes in any order. Here is your canvas, lets get creative!
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he got an education!


the strong eat the weak, the natural order

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Discuss and debate ideas you have for stories and if you can draw, Post concept art!


I had a bad idea for a story once
so basically there is a simple sort of primitive/middle ages' village which is doing mostly fine
then comes a merchant who dishonestly convinces everybody he's the rightful owner of the village water well and starts selling water (which used to be free)
he continues to use tricks to get more and more money at the expense of everyone else which becomes poorer and poorer
Despite being super-rich and "popular" he isn't really happy mostly because he doesn't really have any genuine relationships with anyone and even though he doesn't realize it he still feels it
In the end he gets killed by his son who wanted his stuff
It's supposed to sound a bit abstract/surreal of a tale and of course the point is that money doesn't make you hapy (cuz u cant bI anything that matters emotionally like passion for something, caring about something, somebody genuinely caring about you, etc. Money is comfort, and doesn't work to fill emotional voids like people today re lead to believe. Bt that's just my take, as silly as this story)


I have an idea for a kinda derivative story. The made important features is to not namedrop, so things will have their named changed to the point where you know what it is, yet it's changed to the point where it's not understandable. I also want the character to be faceless, anonymous, and evershifting so you arent sure if he's several people or not. The story uses the story of the internet, 4chan (conspiracies, and parts of comic book tropes) and such and recontextualises/ uses it as a framework for the narritive. The main character is faceless both literally and on the internet. His personality is that of the 4chan anon after 2004, but before 2010. The laughing man who finds everything to be funny, the internet hate machine, the final boss of the internet you get the idea. The site he loves goes to shit, and later on the alternative he makes gets killed due to several reasons such as retards flooding it, to internal politics slowly tearing the site he made apart. He gets pissed off and decides to clense the internet of filth. when making unpleasant content to fuck with people doesnt work, he ends up making groups that either falls apart, ends of working against him or is generally there to help raid sites, he eventually ends up taking the fight irl to beat up and scare people who misuse the internet or people he feels dont belong. from getting chased after by the feds, to stories being told, it builds up to a scientology raid teir event that floods the internet and the streets with copycats that misuse his goal of a better internet for personal fame and glory and he looks on in horror as he realises that he actually made the internet a more toxic place. I feel like it's honestly not that good of a story but i'm obsessed with it. Perhap's i'll end up forgetting it and come up with an original, less cringe worthy story sooner or later.
sounds like a fun story


It's a bit cringy because especially in the beginning it feels a bit like a self-insert, or at least a bit of an excessive glorification of muh old 4chan. But I like the idea of a man with an obsession with an ideal, who gets followed by failure everywhere he tries to realize it culminating with the realization that he's just made matters worse

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Tell a story, 1 post at a time and continue off the other post.
You can use pictures or draw to illustrate what's happening but it isnt necessary.
Pic slightly related


I'll start off.
You close the blinds, paranoid as of what's to come. Your room is a mess, or at least if you can count papers threwn about to be a "mess". No furniture, just an empy room with a mattress on the floor, and a "hang in there" kitty poster that you found in the trash recently and kept it because it just didn't belong in this physical relm so therefore it "seems cool"


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Checking your door, you turn the knob and it doesn't budge. You come to realize you've locked yourself in. Being not the least bit motivated, you take no more precautions for the upcoming doomsday and retire to your mattress, half-heartedly kicking the crumpled papers out of your way as you do so. Now in the fetal position you feel like sleeping, but your mind wanders so incomprehensibly to past interactions, past non-sequiturs, and experiences you'd rather forget that you just end up laying there staring at the poster with indifference.

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My family i drew. :))) :P


Who's the mean looking one and why is he next to the child


He's looking more than mean, friend.

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Hey guys, i made some cool 3D blobs from cubes and rendered them using a path tracing engine. They make for some pretty cool background images and i thought i'd share it with you guys.

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You could tell me this is a visualization of proteins or some shit and I'd believe you


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Checked, and yeah it kinda does.


File: output.webm (1.65 MB, 512x512, 1:1, 1619517554780.webm) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here's a video on how one gets made

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I ported 4chans oekaki script "Tegaki" 22chan.
Copy+paste (not the url) to your custom JS in the options menu. Tw00t has permission to officially add this script.
Have fun!
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can you reupload the script somewhere?


It's a long story, but op is long gone. Twoot implemented the script so if anything perhaps twoot can reupload it for you.

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Rate my Skill.
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Moved from /b/ to /i/


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that's honestly cool, it reminds me of those acrylic paperweights of the ocean

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So Lonk has been chilling at his castle, but the Princess, Zolda, has been captured! Can some anons help him save Zolda? He has a map, but Genon ran pretty far away, into the unexplored area.
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I'm the narrator, not you. Here's a picture of the perfectly mowed lawn.


oh shit watch out for that hole lonk


"OH SHIT" shouted Lonk after accidentally stepping on a snake, which in return bit his ancle. "Fucking unmowed lawns, man!" he thought angrily, staring at the indecently long grass.
With the snake beheaded and removed, Lonk continued warily, but just as he caught a glimpse of the city in the distance he started feeling dizzy, laid on the excessively long grass and died.
Always remember to mow your lawn, kids

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>Hey anons! click the link below to start the test, good luck! niniba loves you


>666! the trips of devil himself!
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The page says it's not available anymore


the file is the same as in this post >>75
though note that is quite outdated and basically a relic at this point


Oh damn happy anniversary to this post

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Sae hullo 2 gorfled, da wackiest cat this side of da galaxy
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continue or no balls


OP is a faggot so don't hold your breath.


i like garfield

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I noticed that there is a draw feature, works quite well bit mspainty but that makes it better
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The draw thingy isn't working for me.


The default is 400 for height and width


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