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I keep forgetting to make this thread because i'm stupid.
Came up with the idea on this thread, as said, come up with ideas to replace the old flag, then lets make it!
The old flag^
^ is my idea, if anyone else has an idea throw it out there!
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i like this

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how to draw like this man? knowing wheich lines goes to where and how long and so on...? https://youtu.be/WKbQ4TPMkFc
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So is this.
Dude's fucking gone in the head. I have no idea what the fuck he's on about. This is some prime autismo shit.


If you have a keen eye you'll see some of his posts in /i/ and /a/. Hopfully he'll lurk moar, Maybe he's ESL?


>>1271 i dont know. are you a pedophile?

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you know the drill
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Could he beat Pikalf Chuler?


Gokuchu power level's over 9000, but Pikalf Chuler's power levels depends on how many jews he zapped


Power level: six million.

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whats the point in doing art if whatever story i make to accompany it within this semitic system will end up having to be altered in order to pander to jewish sensibilities and morals?

i feel like since free speech is practically gone in this day and age that doing art is a pointless affair cause i have to keep certain things i'd like to draw to myself and suppress it within myself and never let it out because it could get me le cancelled, and while i can just focus on things that arent actively persecuted it makes me feel frustrated, so frustrated in fact that it crushes my soul and makes me not want to draw or do anything and just kill myself because i'll have to always be super paranoid and overthink everything i draw making sure to never offend some insufferable faggot that i would strangle to death

having that constant fucking reminder in my head that im only allowed to do art within these boundaries that have been imposed on me against my will, knowing that im just some fucking slave to the extent where i cant even express myself freely, all this is just so disheartening that it depresses my artistic spirit
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he didnt "fail"
he just started taking heroin like a stupid retard and is now homeless doing who knows what, i dont do drugs so that sort of thing wouldnt happen to me


i dont use soycial media and i already know about their spyware algorithim crap, thats not what i meant, im highlighting the fact that the most widely used soycial media sites are run (or owned whatever) by jews meaning they control dissemination of information on a huge chunk of the net so i would have to abide by the parasite's rules
are you not familiar with cancel culture? if it werent cause of the modern day lynch mob i wouldnt even be overthinking all this


>My take is if you're into art for the money you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.
yea tell that to the hundreds of people doing art for a living

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An anon posted this link in the "cool websites" thread. It's very interesting, it generates an image based on what you type in the box. I think it could make for a good thread.
Pic related came from typing "suffering".
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That is wild lol


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retro 80's vaporwave
there is even a cross at the top left corner
thats perfect, the AI tried hard to stay coherent
the image has a strong radioactive feeling to it.

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Post "art" like well drawn landscapes or whatever thing that just screams "art", like something you'd expect to be framed.
If it's from a comic book or manga, try not to post something that has a text blurb in it.
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i love this


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I've also forgot to post this, It's from warhammer 40k. An older drawing from a codex depicting the god emperor. I think it was drawn with charcoal but i might be retarded. I dig it, the older art has soul and grunge, Which is lacking. Also the emperor is drawn much smaller which is interesting to say the least.


*Which is lacking in the series nowadays, Maybe it was just a 90's thing, If that's the case it makes sense because of the times.

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Post psychedelic art. I find it pretty inspiring and beautiful. Pic related is by Louis Wain, he painted his cats as he developed schizophrenia over several years. 1/8
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They used to give wain paper puppet art to kids, imagine being that lucky.


Yeah, I could imagine getting that if I was my dad or my grandparent's age. Lets us never forget what they have taken away from us!


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Already posted this in /b/ but i just wanted to point out the wallpaper design wain drew in the back.

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I heard Twoot likes cats so I added one
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very neat cots anon, i leik


Cute niniba art



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I noticed that there is a draw feature, works quite well bit mspainty but that makes it better
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i KNOW right? saw a post about the issue on /sg/ and i tried a while back to draw something and thought nothing of it.


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Mine wouldn't post either but luckily I screenshotted it.

har har



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Bringing back an old thing. Based after previous complaints in the thingy, chat is disabled (so no namefagging) and large copy pastes are disabled (so no annoying porn or spam) no grey bitchery either lol So yeah its secure and can be wiped clean if needed or whatever else you guys want changed
tldr make stuff or die, and have fun. Good for learning how 2 ascii or generally teaming up to make stuff
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she'd be proud


Make sure to take screenshot's of the art you like incase it gets raided or something. Worse comes to worse i can wipe everything clean so we can start again.


Oh noes! teh spiral consumes all! suiseiseki pls bless us

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Discuss and debate ideas you have for stories and if you can draw, Post concept art!
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I have an idea for a kinda derivative story. The made important features is to not namedrop, so things will have their named changed to the point where you know what it is, yet it's changed to the point where it's not understandable. I also want the character to be faceless, anonymous, and evershifting so you arent sure if he's several people or not. The story uses the story of the internet, 4chan (conspiracies, and parts of comic book tropes) and such and recontextualises/ uses it as a framework for the narritive. The main character is faceless both literally and on the internet. His personality is that of the 4chan anon after 2004, but before 2010. The laughing man who finds everything to be funny, the internet hate machine, the final boss of the internet you get the idea. The site he loves goes to shit, and later on the alternative he makes gets killed due to several reasons such as retards flooding it, to internal politics slowly tearing the site he made apart. He gets pissed off and decides to clense the internet of filth. when making unpleasant content to fuck with people doesnt work, he ends up making groups that either falls apart, ends of working against him or is generally there to help raid sites, he eventually ends up taking the fight irl to beat up and scare people who misuse the internet or people he feels dont belong. from getting chased after by the feds, to stories being told, it builds up to a scientology raid teir event that floods the internet and the streets with copycats that misuse his goal of a better internet for personal fame and glory and he looks on in horror as he realises that he actually made the internet a more toxic place. I feel like it's honestly not that good of a story but i'm obsessed with it. Perhap's i'll end up forgetting it and come up with an original, less cringe worthy story sooner or later.
sounds like a fun story


It's a bit cringy because especially in the beginning it feels a bit like a self-insert, or at least a bit of an excessive glorification of muh old 4chan. But I like the idea of a man with an obsession with an ideal, who gets followed by failure everywhere he tries to realize it culminating with the realization that he's just made matters worse


I had this fleeting idea for a story about humanity becoming over populated and futuristic, and they decided to flee earth to let it heal amongst other things so the only people left where aboriginal, tribal and the amish or generally a microscopic amount of people who havent experienced modern society, we're talking the type of person who if you hand them a phone, they'll shit bricks and ask what type of wizardry it is.
There was a deal struck, Everything was reverted as if society, culture and english ever existed meaning the people left behind are without modern comfort or resourses. Nanotechnology embedded into brains and vocal cords basically removed such things so they couldnt replecate nu-humanity in the future. in a way it means they can forge their own future. but nothing is perfect.
For the first time everythings dead quiet, but you can imagine all the stuff they have to deal with. Weather modification via HAARP made impossible weather more common and changed the climate, global warming is still in affect, pollution in the ocean, trash flying everywhere, smog still drifting around, ect.
Citys are locked down almost air tight, museums are made and such so the "modern" culture is and it's all preserved. There are no lights either so the cities are dark. managed and protected by roboitics of varying sizes, forms and intellegence, slightly humanoid but there's no point in them being human, made for whatever job they are tasked to do and built to last. They don't speak human language and there's no real way to translate it either, they cannot be hacked or minpulated. Their senses aren't limited like humans are and they dont require vision or whatever. They also dont have the same emotions or feelings as humaity. 3 laws of robotics are in affect but with added rules such as not allowing humanity to come into contact with nu-humanity's science or technology, nor allow them to progress to the point where they could become like nu-humanity. (meaning extermination of people "infected") but as you can imagine things break down over time with robotics...
The weapons of those things couldn't be used or comprehended by humans in general so there's no way something like using their own weapons against them would work. It's not like there's alot of them either, they only appear to do their job and are made as needed, repaired if possible and when they "die" they dissapear into nothingness. Trust me when i say nu-humanity thought of everything to coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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is style owned or copyrighted?

are similarity resolved just by having things licensed?

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i know im overthinking this but i just dont feel like going over it so how do i write sentence for a dialogue or monologue like this panel? between bubble 1 to 9 and its correlation, how do i plan/generate the text for the story?

i know it s a connection of sorts but i cant help but trying to sort of...place and size it properly so that the panel looks good and each words and lines connects and make sense?

or how do i not overthink this? this should be a fun activity but seriously i just wanna perfect the characters/mood of sorts or reaching the minimum standard at least
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>>1111 hurrrr, cuz theyre...robots? lel not really.
lol, i dunno. the situation isnt exactly normal. i kinda happen to develop
a story thats supposed to be normal but end up bloating it with visual artifacts to make it fantasical, and then made the character relationship touchy feely to a fault and logicalize it to keep it emotional but sensible so people can feel it as it make sense..but then end up confused and out of energy about the rest of the stuff.

i dont know if it is about being an art, i guess it more of a story so it cannot be just a case of one single picture..which is really dull and boring.

i also cant quite spoil the content since im afraid it ll expire the moment i ask for help that is too specific...


>1111 also their perspectives and personality is shaped already with each being unique but i cant seem to...derive anything from these description of personality or perspective into speeches and way of saying things... like i know D is grumpy but hearty and F is a friend but prankful and S and G and H so on has their own traits, On paper,
but these traits are just words so each of my scenes or panel i still cant quite define what they will say given those traits while i know what they will DO.

i think im thinking a little bit too visual so i cant quite work on anything literal


i mean the easiest way to have for me now is to probably have like a book of phrasess that are commonly say or actually a way to form phrases from words derived from just the story and not an entire dictionary of everything in life...

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I just wanted to post some pixel art i made. Feel free to keep/use it if you want. This thread is for cool pixel art you found or made.
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I made a banner and added a tiny Niniba. There are two versions.


File: shitty pixel banner 2.png (7.61 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1627501968921.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

And this one.


these are good

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 No.188[Reply][Last 50 Posts][D]

I think it's about time for this, Post any you made or know here! Have fun and be creative!
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Here's a burning question i need answering, What the fuck is the 22chan logo anyway? I'm only asking because i've been here since at least 2019 and it's not like it's been talked about on the site before and if no one really knows, lets find a plant or something that makes the logo make sense. 4chan's logo is a four leaf clover, but 22chan's logo is four, disconnected leaves or petals. What type of plant is that? Spear mint? A succulent or perhaps an aloe or something?


The reason why i mentioned spearmint is because of the spacing and shape of the leaves, along with the bright green color. also spearmint might aid in inhibition of tumors aka cancer and 22chan is the cancer free board. But there could be other plants out there that might be even more fitting so if anyone has other ideas feel free to throw them out


Steve was already drawn but to be honest i feel like he's pretty much a dead character because steve doesnt post anymore. Oracle on the otherhand i'm not sure what she'd look like but i feel like it would be funny if she could only speak through a magic 8 ball that after shaking, reveals your fortune and luck.

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