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Post psychedelic art. I find it pretty inspiring and beautiful. Pic related is by Louis Wain, he painted his cats as he developed schizophrenia over several years. 1/8
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this one looks nefarious


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Trips of truth. They are very expressive. They look cute but also just a little creepy. Those big ol' eyes are really something.
I think I'd shit myself if this thing walked on my keyboard.


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from grandma's bookshelf to kaleidoscopic night terror.
Toxoplasmosis is a parasite which lives inside cats and is spread through their feces and can cause schizophrenia, among other things. This is likely what happened to Mr. Wain. Kinda sad, but it's sure interesting to see how it affected his work.


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Found a happy Wain cat


Man, i wish everyone would love me too.

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Architecture looks pretty nice


Music is pretty cool


Yeah, music is pretty nice


I like old soviet animations. "Charmingly horrendous" is how I'd describe it.

Pink Floyd's The Wall had a very similar quality.
I hear that the guy responsible for these also did the hydra from Disney's Hercules.


Those animations are really good kinda like those david firth ones on youtube.
Its a good example of how creative people can be when money is not their prime motive.

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I made this


is this cursed images thread?

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Tell me about cartoons or animations from your childhood.
I remember watching this claymation vhs movie on repeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngVMwf9yRGU


I had an eclectic selections of cartoons to watch when I was growing up. Beside early 90s Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows. I had some from Eastern European countries and the West as well.

Around the World with Willy Fog was one of my favorites. I could never have imagined it -as a kid- that it was Spanish instead of British. The protagonist was a lion in a top hat who lived in London...


i wash a huge fan of courage the cowardly fag and ed,edd and eddy. also nobody remembers dave teh barberian and robotboy :(((


i really liked cat and dog.

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Heello drawfag here. Taking requests?
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Yeah from what I understand "Twoot" is an owl...


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draw her with sexy lingerie pls she is my waifu


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I can, but can you spare some $?



Advertising (all forms) is not welcome, this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.

Have a good day :)


Ok twoot, good day to you too!

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All 22chan related flashes will be posted in this thread!


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Chuck's Fuck and Suck>Sneed's Feed and Seed
fuck jannies


Hey,buddy, have you got 2 ref laying around somewhere?

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>Hey anons! click the link below to start the test, good luck! niniba loves you


>666! the trips of devil himself!
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jesus christ, that killed my ears


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what do you mean? you must have your volume at 100, try lowering it!


Hooray, i'm not a normalfag!
Also, i havent heard that intro theme in at least a decade, thanks for the nostalgia!


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ITT: Post comics / fancomics / fanarts of her
Creator of Niniba here. Just drew a new comic, enjoy
>Big sis used to be cool in 2006... i miss the times before it all went to shit
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aaand cleaned up. How do you all like Niniba's new summer look [spoiler]that she's wearing because I forgot that she likes hoodies[/spoiler]?
I know it sucks, but the point is that Niniba doesn't like to be called tiny/small.


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>>6 Dumb question but what would Niniba’s personality be like? For example, is she shy, mellow, or energetic


She can be considered a robot (Although moefied appearance says otherwise) Not well known around the chans. She is mostly relaxed, likes to browse the internets and is warmhearted around her few but close friends.


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Here’s my hand-drawing of Niniba

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lady's and gentlemen! Welcome to the new creativity awards! Im the judge!
you can win the awards off:

Best Image!

2nd best image!

Best anime image!

Worst image!

anyone can participate just do these things:

Change your name to: Image (insert number here)!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>>63 Do hand-drawings count?



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i made a creator-tan. just like moot-tan and hiro-tan, i made twoot-tan
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very nice


What is this? a fox? a cat? a crab?


its a dog, more specifically, german sheperd. sorry if it doesn't look like that, i haven't drawn in a while


No problem fren. It's a great art!

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You rolled the number 806389311 (dubs)

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


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>22chan has 50MB filesize limit


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more 2hu

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I wish I can draw


But you can draw. Just because you're not good, doesn't mean you can't. And remember: Leonarda Da Vinci probably started out with stick figures.

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Any other drawfags lurking this site? I like to draw imageboard memes and surreal stuff.

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