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i'm shit with coloring my drawings, any drawfag willing to help fix this? i'm looking for something similar to the gta artworks


so a digital paint style?

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ITT: Post comics / fancomics / fanarts of her
Creator of Niniba here. Just drew a new comic, enjoy
>Big sis used to be cool in 2006... i miss the times before it all went to shit
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She can be considered a robot (Although moefied appearance says otherwise) Not well known around the chans. She is mostly relaxed, likes to browse the internets and is warmhearted around her few but close friends.


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Here’s my hand-drawing of Niniba


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this comic made me sad ,_,


Wow, I really like that art style. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.


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Hey Niniba, guess what?

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Make/share photoshops

Pic and idea by a guy on sg
>>>/sg/193 (curious to see if this works)


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Heres a thing I did for a song

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I just wanted to post some pixel art i made. Feel free to keep/use it if you want. This thread is for cool pixel art you found or made.
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That's some weird but somewhat interesting patterns.
Anyway I like pixel art, it can be very comfy. Sadly I'm completely shit at drawing, so yeah.. here's my pixel "art"


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File: beatiful snake in a river ….png (603 B, 64x64, 1:1, 1566491226702.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

22chan I swear I'm not flooding


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and last


This scale of this stuff is crazy. They're mesmerizing. How long does it take you to make one of these?

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My sister made this. What do you guys think?


cute, but
[spoiler]euthanize her before it's too late[/spoiler]

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post cool papes
pic related this is windows spotlight (or whatever they call it) pape i saw today and i'm posting it here cuz i couldn't find it in a high resolution anywhere else


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another cool pape from windows spotlight

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Yes, that robot (not so) hex maniac, i need more of her, so help me to make more Robertas, post more Robertas and edit Robertas at infinitum...

Yes, i drew her but i need help make more of her

Also This Thread incluidesMaid Roberta, now you are obligated to obey this post
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This is turning into a samefagginh thread. but i dont know how to make this girl more popular...


maybe involve her into that /b/ thread story
which you still havent begun despite promising to


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Huh... Sorry Anon, i dont know how to continue it...


start with a setting, like, where does it all happen?
when does it happen and etc


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Could you please recreate this with robomaniac and ovenchan? Could be cute.

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Interpret sprites from video games.

Here's Headhunter from Katana Zero. There aren't enough people willing to draw her.

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Yo, any /3/fags out there?
Working on something new in blender, I love the aesthetic of run-down high tech facilities, sorta like Old Aperture.


Blender is greatly underrated. I used to use it a lot.


Once a /3/fag, now an artfag but still thinking about being a /3/fag again.

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WE ARE l/i/t.


So, have you read Infinite Jest yet?



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Tell me about cartoons or animations from your childhood.
I remember watching this claymation vhs movie on repeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngVMwf9yRGU
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i wash a huge fan of courage the cowardly fag and ed,edd and eddy. also nobody remembers dave teh barberian and robotboy :(((


i really liked cat and dog.


Thank you so much OP! I haven't seen that in over 25 years now. I absolutely love claymations. I don't even know really where to start. I watched so much stuff from the '80s and '90s. Kept up with current cartoons all the way up until around the time Ben 10 aired. I loved a lot of other stuff that wasn't really popular as a kid such as Extreme Dinosaurs and Street Sharks as well.

I also liked Courage the Cowardly Dog as well as Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
>nobody remembers dave teh barberian and robotboy
I remember them but didn't watch them.

Also, I liked Catdog too. "Scratching the butt bossman, scratching the butt!".


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I watched some of it as a kid, but I've never went back and watched any of it as an adult.

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I made this
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stop test now faggit


also, check out these dubs,22 baby


so mean

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Architecture looks pretty nice


Music is pretty cool


Yeah, music is pretty nice


I like old soviet animations. "Charmingly horrendous" is how I'd describe it.

Pink Floyd's The Wall had a very similar quality.
I hear that the guy responsible for these also did the hydra from Disney's Hercules.


Those animations are really good kinda like those david firth ones on youtube.
Its a good example of how creative people can be when money is not their prime motive.


I'm a classically trained percussionist so I'm obligated to say music, but I personally it's a tie between literature and sculpting

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>Hey anons! click the link below to start the test, good luck! niniba loves you


>666! the trips of devil himself!
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jesus christ, that killed my ears


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what do you mean? you must have your volume at 100, try lowering it!


Hooray, i'm not a normalfag!
Also, i havent heard that intro theme in at least a decade, thanks for the nostalgia!


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lady's and gentlemen! Welcome to the new creativity awards! Im the judge!
you can win the awards off:

Best Image!

2nd best image!

Best anime image!

Worst image!

anyone can participate just do these things:

Change your name to: Image (insert number here)!

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>>63 Do hand-drawings count?



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