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Post yer origian caractes

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looks like your typical nerd, but with a dark secret.


Feetless. Her friends call her "Fee"

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22chan art gallery where all oc gets displayed.

[spoiler]It would be a subpage on 22chan[/spoiler]
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i made a thing fellas


Very retarded, the red ball is saying that the soviet union wasn't real communism, and then he says why, because it was basically capitalism. I see no mistake in his argument.
Please tell me this is ironic.


Have you seen the creativity of the old society.

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I made this https://archive.wiese2.org/#/

I need ideas to expand it. I want to collect everything that is important to humanity. [spoiler]The files are hosted via tor.[/spoiler]
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but then 22chan would be shilled. kinda like how 4chan was shilled with the dont talk about fightclub in the first rules.


>Why not any of the other hundreds of composers then? Why Bach?
Bach is the most essential. And even if you want to argue others are on his same level then bach would still be a good pick, and we can only pick one
>not just fucken "listen 2 bach nigga"
The rules are a bit silly sometimes and that's ok imo. We're the internet, not a university
>do not talk about 22chan
That's the meaning, though maybe it could be worded in a more fun way (or maybe not)


Yeah, i think finding a fun name replacement is a good idea

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Heello drawfag here. Taking requests?
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Advertising (all forms) is not welcome, this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.

Have a good day :)


Ok twoot, good day to you too!


can you make this guy, but with something dutch (not weed pls)

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i made a creator-tan. just like moot-tan and hiro-tan, i made twoot-tan
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She is the cat of a friend of my dad


Lily is best girl
What did she do to get put in the box


twoot is a member of the Komfy Kitties Klub

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Any other drawfags lurking this site? I like to draw imageboard memes and surreal stuff.
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On 4chan’s /i/, there’s a built in draw tool. I don’t really know what it’s called, but it’s there and I use it.


Same guy btw, id just changed cuz phone posting


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I'm here

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LETS MAKE A OC TOGETHER! you know to give a bit of life to /i/


Well! Part by part or course! every anon should draw a part of the oc! for example the arms or the head! i just made the face! so the next Anon should make the head! then Anon 3 should do the torso and everyone continues making parts!

Or adding detail to previous parts!

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Poor 5 min drawn knight he going to die or something. get him a friend!


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a huge, angry lizard appears! how will our hero defeat the foes?!

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i'm shit with coloring my drawings, any drawfag willing to help fix this? i'm looking for something similar to the gta artworks


so a digital paint style?


That texture is born.

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Make/share photoshops

Pic and idea by a guy on sg
>>>/sg/193 (curious to see if this works)


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Heres a thing I did for a song

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My sister made this. What do you guys think?


cute, but
[spoiler]euthanize her before it's too late[/spoiler]

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post cool papes
pic related this is windows spotlight (or whatever they call it) pape i saw today and i'm posting it here cuz i couldn't find it in a high resolution anywhere else


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another cool pape from windows spotlight

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Interpret sprites from video games.

Here's Headhunter from Katana Zero. There aren't enough people willing to draw her.

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Yo, any /3/fags out there?
Working on something new in blender, I love the aesthetic of run-down high tech facilities, sorta like Old Aperture.


Blender is greatly underrated. I used to use it a lot.


Once a /3/fag, now an artfag but still thinking about being a /3/fag again.

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WE ARE l/i/t.


So, have you read Infinite Jest yet?



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Tell me about cartoons or animations from your childhood.
I remember watching this claymation vhs movie on repeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngVMwf9yRGU
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Thank you so much OP! I haven't seen that in over 25 years now. I absolutely love claymations. I don't even know really where to start. I watched so much stuff from the '80s and '90s. Kept up with current cartoons all the way up until around the time Ben 10 aired. I loved a lot of other stuff that wasn't really popular as a kid such as Extreme Dinosaurs and Street Sharks as well.

I also liked Courage the Cowardly Dog as well as Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
>nobody remembers dave teh barberian and robotboy
I remember them but didn't watch them.

Also, I liked Catdog too. "Scratching the butt bossman, scratching the butt!".


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I watched some of it as a kid, but I've never went back and watched any of it as an adult.

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