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Let make a OC part by part.

LETS MAKE A OC TOGETHER! you know to give a bit of life to /i/


Well! Part by part or course! every anon should draw a part of the oc! for example the arms or the head! i just made the face! so the next Anon should make the head! then Anon 3 should do the torso and everyone continues making parts!

Or adding detail to previous parts!

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I ported 4chans oekaki script "Tegaki" 22chan.
Copy+paste (not the url) to your custom JS in the options menu. Tw00t has permission to officially add this script.
Have fun!
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Assembling all art/i/sts

Any other drawfags lurking this site? I like to draw imageboard memes and surreal stuff.
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Give Pikachu a Face

you know the drill
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i made a creator-tan. just like moot-tan and hiro-tan, i made twoot-tan
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any drawfags here?

i'm shit with coloring my drawings, any drawfag willing to help fix this? i'm looking for something similar to the gta artworks
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Psychedelic Art

Post psychedelic art. I find it pretty inspiring and beautiful. Pic related is by Louis Wain, he painted his cats as he developed schizophrenia over several years. 1/8
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Niniba thread

ITT: Post comics / fancomics / fanarts of her
Creator of Niniba here. Just drew a new comic, enjoy
>Big sis used to be cool in 2006... i miss the times before it all went to shit
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Net Characters for 22Chan Thread?

I think it's about time for this, Post any you made or know here! Have fun and be creative!
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Graphics manipulation

Make/share photoshops

Pic and idea by a guy on sg
>>>/sg/193 (curious to see if this works)
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Pixel art thread?

I just wanted to post some pixel art i made. Feel free to keep/use it if you want. This thread is for cool pixel art you found or made.
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My sister made this. What do you guys think?
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pape thread

post cool papes
pic related this is windows spotlight (or whatever they call it) pape i saw today and i'm posting it here cuz i couldn't find it in a high resolution anywhere else
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Roberta Thread

Yes, that robot (not so) hex maniac, i need more of her, so help me to make more Robertas, post more Robertas and edit Robertas at infinitum...

Yes, i drew her but i need help make more of her

Also This Thread incluidesMaid Roberta, now you are obligated to obey this post
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Interpret sprites from video games.

Here's Headhunter from Katana Zero. There aren't enough people willing to draw her.
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Yo, any /3/fags out there?
Working on something new in blender, I love the aesthetic of run-down high tech facilities, sorta like Old Aperture.
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WE ARE l/i/t.
R: 6 / I: 1
Tell me about cartoons or animations from your childhood.
I remember watching this claymation vhs movie on repeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngVMwf9yRGU
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I made this
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What art do you like?

Architecture looks pretty nice
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Draw game

Heello drawfag here. Taking requests?
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22chan flash thread

All 22chan related flashes will be posted in this thread!
R: 6 / I: 4

Are you a normalfag?

>Hey anons! click the link below to start the test, good luck! niniba loves you


>666! the trips of devil himself!
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The New Creativity awards!

lady's and gentlemen! Welcome to the new creativity awards! Im the judge!
you can win the awards off:

Best Image!

2nd best image!

Best anime image!

Worst image!

anyone can participate just do these things:

Change your name to: Image (insert number here)!

make an image! Tips:
Making a good quality one will get you extra points!
FOLLOW THE RULES OF 22CHAN or youl get disqualified!

And Reply!

thats all of!
see you next posts where the winners are chosen!

image not related
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post more momiji


You rolled the number 806389311 (dubs)

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
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I wish I can draw