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Here's some dude. I'd like to see what you decide to put on him. Open the image in your favorite editor and go nuts.
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You wake up in the morning, in a room (Pretty original, huh?) and...

Wait, no, its just the mirror, so thats (probably) You! Youllete! The some-howly-demon gal! Its you first day on your new, cool and hip "TOTALLY NORMAL" highschool!

You hope that nobody tries to exorcise you like the past... 69 times (Ha! Me be funny..!) You probably should examine your new room a bit, you know, to find Stuff™
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it's been two months since this thread was started. and we still haven't gotten a sandwich.


Well, you should kinda fost paster in the thread, a suggestion based isnt >fun without suggestions...


Fuck the damn sandwich. Let's just go outside and off to school. There's gonna be lunch later anyways.

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Post psychedelic art. I find it pretty inspiring and beautiful. Pic related is by Louis Wain, he painted his cats as he developed schizophrenia over several years. 1/8
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Also, here's something I like by cartoonist Roland Topor


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another, very feels-y


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Outsider art: art by self-taught or nave art makers. Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions. Often, outsider art illustrates extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds. (Wikipedia)
This piece is by Adolf Wlfli, a psychotic mental patient who took to art as a calming mechanism. His creations were documented by Dr. Walter Morgenthaler, who was interested in outsider art. One of Wlfli's greatest creations was a 45-volume work that detailed his (imagined) life story. 45 volumes. Thousands of art pieces across 25,000 pages.

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This is my new project that I just finished making and rendering yesterday, I was just wondering what you guys thought about it.


That's fucken sick, dude. The image loaded for me before the text and I thought it was a space station pic or something


3d polygon best, shading and normals are great, and lighting is out of this world. One thing though, the refection is not what the real version looks like, so it's best to remove it

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thats it, read the title

Im bored and thought, hey why no maek a thread for making a mech design for 22chan?

Teh plan:
Design the mech itself
Design the pilot
then name both.

seems easy rite? RITE?
Also, the Mazingolfer pic seemed related on my mind.


it think it would be more fun if one person made one part of the mech and one person made the pilot and we just put that together

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Is conlanging considered creativity? I'm working on an alphabet to fit this Semitic-based conlang I'm making. You can use it to write Arabic and Hebrew and some other Semitic languages but it's gonna be used for this conlang. I'm still not sure whether to make it an alphabet (as in vowels are written whether they're short or not) or an abjad (vowels either not written completely, or if they're short vowels they're not written but long vowels are). My inspiration for the script itself is Mongolian, and Phoenician mostly. Mongolian because I like how it's written cursively from top to bottom, and Phoenician because of the characters themselves.

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 No.188[Reply][Last 50 Posts][D]

I think it's about time for this, Post any you made or know here! Have fun and be creative!
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Thats no flag! Those are Twoot's Programming socks!


I see no reason to. We already make one before, and I don't see a reason to until some of us agreed we want to change it. For me, I want no change.


okie dokie just curious

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I'm going to draw something every day in this new year. Feel free to join me. Let's get super good and make /i/ the most active board on 22chan.
Day 1: odd little squatting creature
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a very lazy cat detective.


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one of mascots of /rwb/, ridin with Biden general.
I am not affiliated with any political campaign, this is just something I felt liked drawing.


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All 22chan related flashes will be posted in this thread!
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Hey,buddy, have you got 2 ref laying around somewhere?


god, I miss the days when the Tf2 economy didn't suck


or just tf2 in general

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I wish I can draw
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i edited a template, if anyone wants it


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wtf how did you see this graph I made?
I saged the thread and then deleted it pretty quickly?
sorry, but sometimes I use 22chan as a sort of middle man when I want to post something on 4chan but can't due to a ban. Like I'll post it here, then save on my phone, and then delete it from here because I think it doesn't belong here.


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Post yer origian caractes

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looks like your typical nerd, but with a dark secret.


Feetless. Her friends call her "Fee"

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I ported 4chans oekaki script "Tegaki" 22chan.
Copy+paste (not the url) to your custom JS in the options menu. Tw00t has permission to officially add this script.
Have fun!
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hey louis




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22chan art gallery where all oc gets displayed.

[spoiler]It would be a subpage on 22chan[/spoiler]
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That would be nice, it would be a nice way or encouraging OC too


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i made a thing fellas


Very retarded, the red ball is saying that the soviet union wasn't real communism, and then he says why, because it was basically capitalism. I see no mistake in his argument.
Please tell me this is ironic.

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I made this https://archive.wiese2.org/#/

I need ideas to expand it. I want to collect everything that is important to humanity. [spoiler]The files are hosted via tor.[/spoiler]
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but then 22chan would be shilled. kinda like how 4chan was shilled with the dont talk about fightclub in the first rules.


>Why not any of the other hundreds of composers then? Why Bach?
Bach is the most essential. And even if you want to argue others are on his same level then bach would still be a good pick, and we can only pick one
>not just fucken "listen 2 bach nigga"
The rules are a bit silly sometimes and that's ok imo. We're the internet, not a university
>do not talk about 22chan
That's the meaning, though maybe it could be worded in a more fun way (or maybe not)


Yeah, i think finding a fun name replacement is a good idea

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Heello drawfag here. Taking requests?
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Advertising (all forms) is not welcome, this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.

Have a good day :)


Ok twoot, good day to you too!


can you make this guy, but with something dutch (not weed pls)

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