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Tell a story, 1 post at a time and continue off the other post.
You can use pictures or draw to illustrate what's happening but it isnt necessary.
Pic slightly related


I'll start off.
You close the blinds, paranoid as of what's to come. Your room is a mess, or at least if you can count papers threwn about to be a "mess". No furniture, just an empy room with a mattress on the floor, and a "hang in there" kitty poster that you found in the trash recently and kept it because it just didn't belong in this physical relm so therefore it "seems cool"


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Checking your door, you turn the knob and it doesn't budge. You come to realize you've locked yourself in. Being not the least bit motivated, you take no more precautions for the upcoming doomsday and retire to your mattress, half-heartedly kicking the crumpled papers out of your way as you do so. Now in the fetal position you feel like sleeping, but your mind wanders so incomprehensibly to past interactions, past non-sequiturs, and experiences you'd rather forget that you just end up laying there staring at the poster with indifference.


All of a sudden, there's a knock at the door, then a rattle sound. The door unlocks, then swings wide open. "i'm sorry, it appears i've locked the door from the outside again; I hope your feeling alright. it's time for your daily check-up" Says the sphere. Its a large colorless object slightly bigger then a watermelon.


"fuck off, i don't want to be apart of your experiments anymore"

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