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Bringing back an old thing. Based after previous complaints in the thingy, chat is disabled (so no namefagging) and large copy pastes are disabled (so no annoying porn or spam) no grey bitchery either lol So yeah its secure and can be wiped clean if needed or whatever else you guys want changed
tldr make stuff or die, and have fun. Good for learning how 2 ascii or generally teaming up to make stuff


also lol can someone make Suiseiseki like a shrine or something in honor of the previous battle of desu vs namefags
only oldfags remember the horror of that day


Why does this not have the mona font.


Truly a dark day in history


you would've thought they had the foresight to add mona since this is a clone of YourWorldOfText but with "improvements"
Still fun to fuck around with but theres some glaring issues with ShiftJIS/ASCII so it depends how bad your OCD is lol
Made a windmill lel


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Nevar 4 get


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1. Download Japanese Language Pack.
2. Switch to Japanese Input Method.
3. Right click on the A or あ to open IME-Options.
4. Click on IME-Pad.
5. Switch to Character List.
6. Voilà, enjoy making Shift_JIS/ASCII art.

By the way I recommend you find the "Box Drawing" in the Unicode (BMP) section to start off with.


it was hard to find on my laptop but eventually i found and enabled it


So is this dead?


I'm constantly on moble, so i can't do too much because of how limiting and gay it is. Maybe people don't know, or are busy with IRL stuff. Or, of course, /mmc/. Sometimes people get burnt out so (as i said next to the spiral thing on OWOT) perhaps it's best to work on a project, maybe either re-creating good shit from the old thing, or working on new stuff.>>1040


Personally I just don't really know what to add next


Twoot's fuji bottle and a desu shrine


And it can always be set at certian coordinates like:
X : 22
Y : 22


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she'd be proud


Make sure to take screenshot's of the art you like incase it gets raided or something. Worse comes to worse i can wipe everything clean so we can start again.


Oh noes! teh spiral consumes all! suiseiseki pls bless us

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