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i know im overthinking this but i just dont feel like going over it so how do i write sentence for a dialogue or monologue like this panel? between bubble 1 to 9 and its correlation, how do i plan/generate the text for the story?

i know it s a connection of sorts but i cant help but trying to sort of...place and size it properly so that the panel looks good and each words and lines connects and make sense?

or how do i not overthink this? this should be a fun activity but seriously i just wanna perfect the characters/mood of sorts or reaching the minimum standard at least


You should try to write what you know. If your characters are based on the way you feel or on people you've met, you can write the dialogue naturally by considering them as individuals and predicting how they would react to each other based on that. Maybe this is something that comes naturally if you talk to yourself a lot.


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It feels to me like you're in the process of making your first work and you're wondering why it's so shit. The secret is: it's supposed to be shit.
You'll make so much shitty shit before you create something that makes you step back and and think "huh, that's actually pretty good". The trick is to not get demoralized and keep creating. That's where most people fail.


advice taken but i need something more concrete. yeah maybe my favorite ideas eventually will be shit too... so i need like a basic or structure. i thought my question is common.

lol. also this image is fucking disgusting

maybe i ll just go straight to death row

it stinks of puke.


also i have made quite a lot of shit by open standard and honestly i am getting tired doing the bad stuff and is looking for a structure to make it feel good at least. and i cant doit just by hunch so this question supposed to have something solid like
a+b=c and a is of e to f like that i guess

a range of things that means something idk


You should write whatever you think they should say. There are no right or wrong answers!


Art can't be put into a question like that, there's no one answer that tells you how to make good art.


ok true art is free flow, but maybe it s about communication and speeches then. also logic. like how a question should be followed with answer, logic flows between statements, and what s a proper sentence is made of given the situation and existing environment


this img is so fucking disgusting

geezes pls remov


You kinda talk about your characters like they're robots, not humans. What you said about logic makes sense but art can be the opposite of logic. In art, a question could be followed with a statement or even another question. Maybe just nonsense?
You seem to be seeking a "right way" for your characters to talk. There's no right way for anyone to talk. Why don't you just make them say what you consider normal for that situation? It might not be "normal" per se but that is what makes each artist unique, their personal perspective which shapes their art. For example if everyone followed the same set of guidelines and rules when painting that would be pretty boring, right?


>>1111 hurrrr, cuz theyre...robots? lel not really.
lol, i dunno. the situation isnt exactly normal. i kinda happen to develop
a story thats supposed to be normal but end up bloating it with visual artifacts to make it fantasical, and then made the character relationship touchy feely to a fault and logicalize it to keep it emotional but sensible so people can feel it as it make sense..but then end up confused and out of energy about the rest of the stuff.

i dont know if it is about being an art, i guess it more of a story so it cannot be just a case of one single picture..which is really dull and boring.

i also cant quite spoil the content since im afraid it ll expire the moment i ask for help that is too specific...


>1111 also their perspectives and personality is shaped already with each being unique but i cant seem to...derive anything from these description of personality or perspective into speeches and way of saying things... like i know D is grumpy but hearty and F is a friend but prankful and S and G and H so on has their own traits, On paper,
but these traits are just words so each of my scenes or panel i still cant quite define what they will say given those traits while i know what they will DO.

i think im thinking a little bit too visual so i cant quite work on anything literal


i mean the easiest way to have for me now is to probably have like a book of phrasess that are commonly say or actually a way to form phrases from words derived from just the story and not an entire dictionary of everything in life...

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