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whats the point in doing art if whatever story i make to accompany it within this semitic system will end up having to be altered in order to pander to jewish sensibilities and morals?

i feel like since free speech is practically gone in this day and age that doing art is a pointless affair cause i have to keep certain things i'd like to draw to myself and suppress it within myself and never let it out because it could get me le cancelled, and while i can just focus on things that arent actively persecuted it makes me feel frustrated, so frustrated in fact that it crushes my soul and makes me not want to draw or do anything and just kill myself because i'll have to always be super paranoid and overthink everything i draw making sure to never offend some insufferable faggot that i would strangle to death

having that constant fucking reminder in my head that im only allowed to do art within these boundaries that have been imposed on me against my will, knowing that im just some fucking slave to the extent where i cant even express myself freely, all this is just so disheartening that it depresses my artistic spirit


The artists who supress their creative instincts are the ones who never make it. Why do you care so much that your art might offend someone? You sound like you desperately need approval from the masses to draw. Do they dictate your life? Does an artist need their approval to become successful, or is a successful career one that simply gives your life meaning? What boundaries are there except the ones you yourself lay down? Who gives a flying fuck if art offends people? Guess what, that's what it's supposed to do. Art is supposed to challenge the norm. It's supposed to challenge our way of thinking. Just create what you want to create, for fucks sake.


well yes i agree with what you're saying, i dont care if my art offends people, i think the majority of the people in society are tumors, im more worried about jewish persecution and censorship, most of the payment processors if not all are owned by jews and the adl could cancel anyone whenever they wanted to, one artist that inspires me a lot is shadman (judge me) and he does edgy shit every now and then and i really wanted to be like him, something ive been wanting to do for a while but dont have the balls to post on the net is a jew's decapitated head on a pike with the captions in bloody red reading KILL ALL JEWS, see the issue? i guess if i really wanted to i could post it anonymously elsewhere and avoid any issue but it just sucks having to live a double life like that


Well, why do you want to make graphic art advertising violence towards jews in the first place? That wasn't exactly what I meant when I talked about challenging the norm... This glaring issue you speak of seems to be that the majority of people don't take kindly to advocating for hatred towards certain ethnic groups. Which sounds like common sense to me. You're mad that you can't find a platform for art that is pushing for Holocaust 2.0? Shit, man, there are chans out there where you could probably build a following with that short of stuff.


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might as well say that bleedman's an artist too


>That wasn't exactly what I meant when I talked about challenging the norm...
yea you people are always so lenient
>challenge the norm! n-no not like that!!

>the majority of people don't take kindly to advocating for hatred towards certain ethnic groups. Which sounds like common sense to me.

"common sense" yea sure, not wanting to mass genocide the race that makes up 1% of the human race yet keeps us enslaved to their banking system and makes every aspect of our lives unfulfilling is common sense
>b-but thats just a COnSpIRAcY tHeOrY
im not gonna try to convince you otherwise, but if we had actual fucking free speech i'd be able to "express" whatever damn thing i wanted to without fear, free speech within certain boundaries isnt "free"
>You're mad that you can't find a platform for art that is pushing for Holocaust 2.0?
ive found plenty already, i just dont think it'd be a good idea to try making a name for myself like that cause fags would harrass me over it cause muh status quo wich makes me upset cause it forces me to only make art within normie boundaries resulting in making me pander to the normalfags that i hate, and also the kikes would just deny me their financial services wich they have monopolized leaving me with no other choice but to use crypto exclusively, i'd have no problem with that but most people dont use crypto and i want to do commision work and the zog government is already starting to crack down on crypto because its a system of currency that ((they)) dont control

a "safe" way to "challenge" the norm would be making vague political art using some buzzwords like, le 1%, le loominarty, le deep state, le central bankers, le le le but never naming the fucking people behind it all, it pisses me off and i cant even express it


they are artists, art isnt just landscape oil paintings or rennaisance style paintings, and im not one of those retards that thinks a banana taped to a wall is art but this image for example is made with earnest effort and i wouldnt dismiss it as not being art for whatever dumb elitist reason


>That wasn't exactly what I meant when I talked about challenging the norm...
Threats in any way by any person for anyone usually ends up with negative reactions instead of actually causing change


It's literally all up to you, either post your art or dont, bitching about it or worrying about it isn't productive and won't really get you anywhere.
>"common sense" yea sure, not wanting to mass genocide the race that makes up 1% of the human race yet keeps us enslaved to their banking system and makes every aspect of our lives unfulfilling is common sense
Killing people doesn't solve anything, It's a retarded and messy way of solving a problem that'll only spiral


>you people
Yeah, sure bud. I actually don't think it's a conspiracy theory. Jews control most of western media. I don't think it's far fetched to believe they're also involved in some shady, world-bending shit. I just don't like mass murder because I don't like hurting people. You sound like /pol/ has sucked you into its nightmare reality. As for "free speech", that doesn't equal spouting hateful bullshit.
This post here explains that pretty well. You should look inside you to see what makes you so angry and stop taking it out on the world around you.


>boundaries that have been imposed on me against my will
I think it's more of his mental boundries that he imposed apon himself. A true "artist" doesn't let the time or really anything stop him from making art. Marquis de Sade was in fucking jail for being a degenerate and wrote bullshit and next thing you know it's in libraries today everywhere


>Killing people doesn't solve anything, It's a retarded and messy way of solving a problem that'll only spiral
thats just what they want us to think so we remain passive and complacent and try to "make a change" via a broken system filled with corrupt politicians that only give a damn about money
>As for "free speech", that doesn't equal spouting hateful bullshit
it does, you fags have simply eroded it to shit and are now trying to change its meaning, a common commie tactic, so you can go ahead and say that what we have now is still free speech and that muh hate speech was never "free speech", free speech refers to all speech and the reason it was adopted in the first place was to protect unpopular speech because mainstream speech doesnt need protection, all speech is free speech
>basic decency
well basic fucking decency is keeping us trapped in this dystopian shithole prison and no one fucking does anything about it, old decrepyt zionist bought assholes in government arent gonna do shit and our votes dont fucking matter, we are enslaved to an evil tribe and we have our fucking hands tied cause
>hurr antisemitism
>You should look inside you to see what makes you so angry and stop taking it out on the world around you.
the world makes me angry because its a dystopian shithole and we're all slaves


>we need daddy government regulating speech because ideas are "dangerous"
gee not a slippery slope at all


That's exactly what I mean. A true artist just creates what he sees in his mind, no questions asked. Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe caused an uproar in his time, now it's in a fuckhuge museum in Paris. Same can be said for Picasso's blue period, back then everyone hated it but now everyone loves it.


>I just don't like mass murder because I don't like hurting people
they hurt us first though so its self defense
>You sound like /pol/ has sucked you into its nightmare reality
it is a nightmare, why do you think we are flooded with so much garbage media, everyone copes and distracts themselves with drugs and entertainment because industrial society and its jews have made life hellish and unfulfilling and people need constant stimulation or they become depressed and their subsconscious starts screaming at them that they are slaves, in fact a cousin i hadnt seen in like a whole year started talking to me about marvel soy crap and videogames and because i dont follow trends he told me "dude you're wasting your life" the peak of life right now for some fags is to be doped up on shitty movies and escapism cause the real industrialized world is fucking hell right now to the point that they think you're wasting your life for not constantly being drunk on media


La di fucking da, anon. Why don't you go shoot some kikes since you're so deadset on freeing the world from the juden's grasp? Become a martyr, maybe that will quell your bitching.
>it does
No, it doesn't. If you'd read the post I linked you'd see that it goes back many, many years. As for limiting ideas and speech, yeah, that can be dangerous but not in this context. Is it a bad thing you're not allowed to scream about hating niggers anymore? This is not a new invention, most people just aren't hateful psychos like you. You don't sound healthy, dude. You sound like a frustrated, toxic and unhappy person who is looking for someone to blame. You started a thread to discuss censorship of art, then you just devolved into bullshitting about jewish genocide. Fucking hell, man. What happened?


jews push for censorship so of course i'd end up bitching about them, they have an entire mafia dedicated to harrasing people and ruining their lives if they dare criticize the precious juden, and when i think about social media where i can share my art my mind inmediately drifts towards the fact that all the major soycial media sites are run by jews and my content would be subject to their scrutiny and prying eyes, i'd feel like i would have someone breathing down my neck constantly with a gun pointed at my head eager for an excuse to pull the trigger


and if someone dislikes my art because it goes against the grain my mind drifts towards the fact that they all hate it because they've been subjected to jewish propaganda and their minds have been conditioned to inmediately like or dislike certain things based on their "training" and every fucking one of these cattle comply like the good little goyim they are and its fucking SICKENING


then stop thinking, turn of your brain and just post. If your afraid of "jews" seeing your art and judging it, then non jews wont be able to do the same and you'll just be angry and sad all day without even trying to throw yourself out there


just keep being a coward then


>social media
Of course. Of fucking course. Facebook's algorithm works in a creepy way. It studies what you view, which posts make you engage, and it shows you more of those posts. So if you engage a lot with posts about redpill/pol stuff, Facebook shows you more of that. Facebook has learned that anger and provocation causes people to engage more often, so the algorithm tends to favor posts like that because it gets more people to engage, which means more use of their app. You should really get off that shit, anon. It's bad for your mental health. I actually mentioned this on here before, how social media distorts ones view of reality and subsequently creates many false realities. It's dangerous.
As for the assassination part, what fucking planet are you on? If that was true, don't you think Shadman would've gotten a bullet years ago? Yeah, the elite of the world does assassinate people who get in their way (Isaac Kappy for instance) but goddamn, who the fuck are you? Some random guy in a sea of people who hates jews. You're not special. I'm done.
/anon out


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Holy shit and I thought this was going to be a normal thread.
My take is if you're into art for the money you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Anyways, just keep in mind your role model was a failed artist too and be happy you're going down the same path.


he didnt "fail"
he just started taking heroin like a stupid retard and is now homeless doing who knows what, i dont do drugs so that sort of thing wouldnt happen to me


i dont use soycial media and i already know about their spyware algorithim crap, thats not what i meant, im highlighting the fact that the most widely used soycial media sites are run (or owned whatever) by jews meaning they control dissemination of information on a huge chunk of the net so i would have to abide by the parasite's rules
are you not familiar with cancel culture? if it werent cause of the modern day lynch mob i wouldnt even be overthinking all this


>My take is if you're into art for the money you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.
yea tell that to the hundreds of people doing art for a living


The thing is that most people that do it either:
-Have been doing it all their life and have amazing skills from experience
-The same as above, but with a natural talent bonus
-They are banking on the art snobs and just have to do abstract/weird stuff and let the mental masturbation of the experts do the rest of the work to put a value on it
-They target a niche audience and live off being one of the only people that are willing/can provide the art that the niche wants (A great example of this is with small cult followings of shows/vidya or, more recently, weird fetish shit). Skills not required for this one
If you want to make money with anti kike propaganda, then you should probably stick with /pol/fags and draw stuff for them (Keeping it anonymous, of course). They will probably propagate/share your stuff for you is they like you enough (You seem like enough of a /pol/brain schizo, so they'll probably love you). If you want to do this on mainstream social media from the get go, then it's retarded and obviously impossible. It's like when feminists want to go naked around and not get raped. As I said, the safest bet on this kind of stuff is to stick with /pol/fags, and when you make a name for yourself, then you'll probably bank on those circles without the need of putting your own head out publicly. You might even get infamous if you make your stuff shocking enough, kind of like Shad, and that'll be more support for both you and your cause, because, even if there are a fuck ton of people that are against it, there are a fuck ton of people in favor of it, too (In this specific subject).
I think your biggest mistake is that you think you have a designated glowie that will get you when you step out if the line or something, when they probably can't and won't do shit if you keep your anonimity halo of protection. So relax, nigger


Plz let this thread die, OP has been permab& for being a mentally ill toxic schizo.


Shut up nigger


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Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful, anon.


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Stop lying.
You are here.


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I shall now attempt to re-rail this crazy train thread by posting hitler's art
“The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich.”


File: hitlerart2.jpg (140.63 KB, 1076x981, 1076:981, 1640026984599.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Just imagine if his art took off and he became a bob ross type and had his own show
“Ruins of a Cloister in Messines.”


File: hitlerart3.jpg (163.02 KB, 1213x897, 1213:897, 1640027094226.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

“Shelter in Fournes"


File: haubourdin.jpg (62.66 KB, 555x800, 111:160, 1640027167704.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]




He wasnt a bad artist, they had no reason to reject him.
Overall pretty art i'd rate it 10/10


Why did he failed while other trash post-modern art passed with no problem


Hitler's art ain't bad.
This one feels very cold, almost emotionless, but that is a vibe on its own that the painting projects. It feels very stern. None of these factors make it a bad painting, though.


Tons of detail though, the coloring on the roof and walls are a neat touch
dumb bureaucracy art school stuff like "u dont draw the way we want u 2 so git out"


I think the attention to detail is what makes it feel so... calculated. It's like the planning makes it so cold. It feels like something you'd see in some rich fucks house, or on a bitchy grandma's wall lol. Again, not saying it's a bad painting. If anything all this makes it very unique. Hitler's painting style is very methodical.


Damn universities sucked even then

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