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I made this https://archive.wiese2.org/#/

I need ideas to expand it. I want to collect everything that is important to humanity. [spoiler]The files are hosted via tor.[/spoiler]


Perhaps this story is good?


One thing for sure is this youtube video,
and the entirity of serial expiriments lain


>first thing in archive is communist manifesto



If I were in charge of preserving everything produced by the human race worth preserving, one of the first works I would include is John Denver's seasons suite. A beautiful, human composition that holds a special place in many hearts.


but why make this when there's archive.org


well its good to have everything in multiple places, by that logic why archive.org when the-eye.eu


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Also i'm hosting the files on a server in my living room so i know they are save


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you should add the 1000 files, every manifteso in the last 5 years and every shooting video in the last few years.


>every shooting video
nigga do you know how many of them are out there?
there's a new recorded cop shooting every day.
the archive should have the highest quality stuff.
spacefags >>>/out/


Of course. Incels are a big part of society


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What if your server hard disk goes kawhoot?
Anyway music: all of pic related


I guess if music is allowed i think these would be cool
Both are fan projects made with love and it REALLY shows.
Do you guy's think we should save stuff from other imageboards? Archives of threads and stuff? Any imageboard music and stuff, or no? (And i'm talking about the best of the best) speaking of imageboards, how about stuff and threads from here?


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(What i mean by other imageboards is old lulzy 8chan threads, and threads from 4chan.) You know, the important and memorable stuff pic related it's our rules of the internet list


>the version with the bach rule


That was the first one, so it is the official one and only.
Bach won, I'm sorry


bach is a fag and so are you


I didnt realise that this is the one with the bach rule. The issue now is that there's three
Which one do we choose?


I'd actually say- none of them.
Each of them has an issue and not all rules are listed on any of them.
And there might be more to come, I'd say we wait until we get to a certain number of rules, certainly we need more.


That sounds like a good idea


Rules will keep coming indefinitely. At one point you gotta take them and say that's the "core" rules, and the rules that come afterwards are extensions. That's how I see it
Also bach is fundamental part of world culture. And internet is a reflection of culture. So I see bach as belonging to the list


>reflection of culture
we were striving for a list that reflects OUR 22chan culture, no?
Bach has literally nothing to do with us unless you pull up some philosophical metaphysical bullshit about how everything's connected.
>rules will keep coming indefinitely
Yes, but seeing how there's fundamentally 100 rules then that's what we should be going for.
We are a much smaller imageboard than 4chan ofc, so we can settle down for 50 rules. We're not that far away.


>OUR 22chan culture
We should remove rule 10 then (fight club). We haven't ever really talked about that movie, or made joke references to it, have we?
I think our culture doesn't exist in a vacuum, it comes from somewhere, and bach is definitively one of the very distant origins of it. Bach simply is at the very core of western culture, which is pretty influential on our culture. See it as an acknowledgement of our far roots
>Bach has literally nothing to do with us unless you pull up some philosophical metaphysical bullshit about how everything's connected.
Basically this. It's like our culture is more than just what we directly reference


>no fight club
Desu could replace it since that actually does get referenced often here, just look at all the doll GETs.
>acknowledgement of our far roots
Why not any of the other hundreds of composers then? Why Bach?
If you want it as "acknowledgement of earlier culture" then the rule should be something like that, certainly not just fucken "listen 2 bach nigga".


In the end, everything is connected, thinking that in CURRENT YEAR you are disconnected from society becuz you lurk in chans is highly autistic, the fuck, even things like the OC shortage in 4chan happened because Reddit and 4chan became too homogenous, and Redoot is full of sheeps and collectors.


We need to find a replacement for the fight club rule that has similar meaning


File: desuwry.png (83.62 KB, 600x480, 5:4, 1580326858771.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


if "fight club" is meant as a reference.
But desu won't fit if it's meant as "do not talk about fight club"


the usage of Fight club wasnt ment as a reference
Its used as "do not talk about 22chan elsewhere dont shill 22chan"


Perhaps "keep it decenteralized" would be proper.


We could simply keep it as "do not talk about 22chan".
decentralization is something completely else.


but then 22chan would be shilled. kinda like how 4chan was shilled with the dont talk about fightclub in the first rules.


>Why not any of the other hundreds of composers then? Why Bach?
Bach is the most essential. And even if you want to argue others are on his same level then bach would still be a good pick, and we can only pick one
>not just fucken "listen 2 bach nigga"
The rules are a bit silly sometimes and that's ok imo. We're the internet, not a university
>do not talk about 22chan
That's the meaning, though maybe it could be worded in a more fun way (or maybe not)


Yeah, i think finding a fun name replacement is a good idea

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