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ITT: Post comics / fancomics / fanarts of her
Creator of Niniba here. Just drew a new comic, enjoy
>Big sis used to be cool in 2006... i miss the times before it all went to shit


This is nice, i like it


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hi fellow tomoko poster


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This comic makes me sad :(


why does it makes you sad anon?


File: 1546950731206.gif (711.95 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 1548068917417.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Damn this pic is almost feels tier if not for the somewhat wholesome art style and design.
why does it not make you sad. It basically portrays a time when 4chan was a community and not a cesspool. The biggest influx of normies and plebbitors that ruined the board in semi-recent history was 2014, fappening. after that every year it got exponentially worse. The publicity of the site ruined it, and the same thing ruined 8chan, when 8chan was a budding new site it was much like 22chan here, wholesome community, then through publicity it got ruined.

Basically, don't let 22chan go public.

Your fortune: Outlook good


File: 1539079436075.jpg (92.58 KB, 1024x407, 1024:407, 1548071079016.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I agree with you. Hell, even everywhere (except social media websites) before 2012 was better. Normalfags rule the internet now with e-celebs and e-whores. When things go mainstream, it will lose it soul. I prefer the era where flash games and animations rule on the internet, now a whore can earn over 15k dollars a month just acting "cute and silly" through camera. One of the reasons why I made niniba and comics of her it's because although it isn't the most good looking. It has soul. And I hope 22chan will remain soulful.


That's pretty true, the time when internet was for "nerdy" types was truly a more interesting time, once upon a time if you used the internet for anything other than work/bebo/facebook/myspace, or used it for any significant period of time over 30-60 minutes you were seen as an outcast in a way. The internet has the same story almost as the american frontier, in which people who stick to chans and similar culture are the outlaws of the wild west, trying to live for the old ways, while the normies are the sheriffs and literal normies of society who try and ruin everything. btw anon, anywhere your comics can be accessed? deviantart or tumblr or anywhere?

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no, not really i haven't made deviantart or tumblr.
however my comics was in here https://22chan.org/b/res/451 ill make deviantart / tumblr / anything later

anyway, i think the most accurate describing is that you made a fun game for small group of people of your friends, then people started to join yours and the amount of people joining, and because of the size and limited communication they start to make their own rules and change the game.


oh yeah, almost forgot to point out that it should've been "habbo hotel" than just "pool". i look like a foo for making it pool like i dont get the meme lol


thanks for the link anon, I like your work. Niniba is best girl, Niniba is /ourgirl/. maybe even drop the external idea, I was asking for deviantart cause I though you being a good artist would have one, but of Niniba remained exclusive to 22chan then less chance of normies adopting her. Like how pepe and wojak became normie throw externalization of them.
lmao tbh "pool" and the afro makes it far more exclusive of a meme, enough so that oldfags and not-so oldfags would recognize the reference, but newfags and normies would be completely oblivious.


Thank you for your appreciation of Niniba. I'll find a way to organize my comics however in a less popular platform so the normalfags cannot find it

About the pool part yeah I guess so, but oldfags would assume I don't actually know the meme and just think I'm faking it. I'm more of the not-so oldfags group


Yeah I guess I'm a sucker for this whole onee-chan relationship lmao, its pretty wholesome tbh. I'm also not-so oldfag myself, only been active on chans since 2012, only ever seen the decline of 4chan, not the real glory days.


Well, Niniba and Yotsuba was close and always hangout with eatchother, but now both of them are distant because yotsuba changed drastically. Niniba's current friends are only Green Anon himself, but if you saw the entire thread that I shared you would know he also had changed and not much of a hangout party guy anymore
If only I visited 4chan in 2007 instead of newgrounds...


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voting for wikia page


wikia page of niniba?


22ch, Niniba and so on


idk, wikia pages makes us more standing out and be more seen by the normalfags, and normalfags wouldn't connect to our culture because they can just fucking read shit without understanding our background in wikia pages




File: Niniba_hates_you.jpg (246.07 KB, 3834x1800, 213:100, 1548141657726.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I made this for you op. with love




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I've been into classical rap lately, anyone else a fan of it?
Gimme some rap songs, bonus if it's about mental illness


tf wrong thread soz


File: 22chan.png (145.49 KB, 531x641, 531:641, 1548235082130.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I did a thing.


File: ninibadoodles.png (36.53 KB, 701x612, 701:612, 1548238559937.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: new project.png (1.38 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 1548309873971.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

welp it was a good try


very cute btw


File: vtuber contest.png (1 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1549215929075.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



very nice read desu


File: Niniba Sketch.jpg (236.16 KB, 860x1121, 860:1121, 1551407642136.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

First time drawing an anime, how'd I do?


aaand cleaned up. How do you all like Niniba's new summer look [spoiler]that she's wearing because I forgot that she likes hoodies[/spoiler]?
I know it sucks, but the point is that Niniba doesn't like to be called tiny/small.


File: Niniba Colored.jpg (117.25 KB, 860x1121, 860:1121, 1551410957636.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



>>6 Dumb question but what would Niniba’s personality be like? For example, is she shy, mellow, or energetic


She can be considered a robot (Although moefied appearance says otherwise) Not well known around the chans. She is mostly relaxed, likes to browse the internets and is warmhearted around her few but close friends.


File: A8DF6FD2-3BAD-4650-95A7-1….jpeg (687.66 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1551941305276.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here’s my hand-drawing of Niniba


File: 7c37f23f346e6ad3766d11b4ba….jpg (13.88 KB, 236x204, 59:51, 1560567224024.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


this comic made me sad ,_,


Wow, I really like that art style. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.


File: expert opinion from an exp….png (Spoiler Image, 1.86 KB, 174x110, 87:55, 1568139810987.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Hey Niniba, guess what?


File: Ninibatraditional.JPG (48.87 KB, 464x664, 58:83, 1594897814893.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Traditional artist reporting in. Just a quick colored thing I did, so not the best. In my own style modified to be more "aneemay." Sorry for off color I don't have the right green.


File: nanibatraditional2.JPG (55.39 KB, 541x721, 541:721, 1594900256816.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Another quick drawing


there was an anime that had this exact style and i can't remember what it was
this is amazing, it's the first time in a long while that someone actually drew something


Really nice stuff, anon!
It reminded me somwhat of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j49BSv95tdQ


Thanks so much anons!
I've been lurking for a bit but I'm still pretty new here (well the sites only 2 years old so I don't know how new I am). Been checking out all the boards, the timelines, the blog, Niniba, etc. I think I fell in love haha.
I like the smaller community. I surf a lot of image boards and this one is pretty active though its still small. I have hope for it.
Also Niniba is adorable. I can draw her more if you'd like once I'm off work.


ahh the only artist that comes to mind is Eiichiro Oda


That sounds quite cool and I hope you'll enjoy being here!


you bastard


File: tegaki.png (43.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1598856179193.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

this is what zwoot thinks about your ninba ahahahahha!!!1!




File: 1546489745415.png (290.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1608332618902.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Repostin' old art that the artfag made.
[spoiler]did we ever figure out who robot anon is? perhaps he was meant to be a representation of 22chan's anon.[/spoiler]


Robot - probably as in r9k type of neet person.


nice, I hadn't seen that one before, thanks


File: ninibadrone.png (14.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1616365037408.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The niniba attack drone.
its got arms for whacking stuff or holding a gun.


File: Niniba.jpg (3.87 MB, 2177x4000, 2177:4000, 1616525101727.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Not the best, but I did what I could


The arms sort of look funky, but it really looks pretty damn good though, dont sell yourself short.


File: niniba doodle.png (89.68 KB, 1038x746, 519:373, 1618508103779.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Niniba feels really tired


i wonder why


This thread is making me realize how much hoodies have gone out of style. All I see these days is fake ones, with a zipper in the front. Those are just jackets basically, imo what makes a hoodie is the connected pocket in the front. It's harder to take off that way, but soooo comfy. Proper hoodies are good 2000s vibes. I haven't owned one since 2013 I think. Niniba bringing it back


yeah, those types of hoodies are like blankets


Having someone you love dearly pull your hoodie over your face bunched-up and tap your skinny ass ribs is peak intimacy in my opinion. I've always been a skin and bones motherfucker apart from some ass I got from running, so maybe it doesn't apply to others.


this is cool thread


File: a81e5159f79d0a03ca01d1bc7a….jpg (53.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1636166635679.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

An anon on livechan drew this

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