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So Lonk has been chilling at his castle, but the Princess, Zolda, has been captured! Can some anons help him save Zolda? He has a map, but Genon ran pretty far away, into the unexplored area.


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What could he "borrows" in the castle before leaving?


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He sees his sword. He thinks that it would be a good idea to bring it.


"Aaw shit, here we go again " thinks Lonk, while he firmly grabs his sword. He lifts the sword above his head , when a sound start to play for no logical reason. "Who the hell Genon think I am?!" thinks Lonk with visible veins on his face , he screams "YAAAH!", the only thing he could says with his throat filled with rage.
What does he see when he goes outside his castle ?


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He sees some trees. There might be something behind them, but he'd have to look harder.


"Look at this mess, the lawn hasn't been mowed for years! How long did i stay asleep?" Thought Lonk, while he deforested his way to the town.


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I'm the narrator, not you. Here's a picture of the perfectly mowed lawn.


oh shit watch out for that hole lonk


"OH SHIT" shouted Lonk after accidentally stepping on a snake, which in return bit his ancle. "Fucking unmowed lawns, man!" he thought angrily, staring at the indecently long grass.
With the snake beheaded and removed, Lonk continued warily, but just as he caught a glimpse of the city in the distance he started feeling dizzy, laid on the excessively long grass and died.
Always remember to mow your lawn, kids

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