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3D Printed Weapons Thread!

What does /k/ think about 3D printed weapons like guns knives or whatever else? Whats the best plastic or printer you should use? Is it legal? Know any good weapons? Lets talk about it!
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Plinking general

I am planning to build a plinking stand for pellets airguns with some friends, do you have any idea, tips, advice and fun things to build or destroy?
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Need help!

Can you recommend a good place to learn about weapons, nothing fancy just a general idea how they work, how they are cleaned and when to use the different types, you know stuff that might come in handy.
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The 22Chan Prepper/Survivalist Thread 2 : Eletric Boogallo

>Goes to find a image for this thread.
>finds the most dramatic image ever
>literally titled "why being a prepper can save the world"
Only thread rule is that to remember "Practical, not tacticool" (unless its absoluely nessary of course) also you can dump links, infograpics, and whatever, as long as its related. or funny, or just useful.
last thread got forgotten and archived the second it was posted in /b/, so /k/ is honestly the perfect home for this type of thing.
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War thread

Post pics,webms and other things concerning warfare
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thoughts on blowguns? i use them for getting rid of iguanas without people freaking out sometimes
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Ruger Precision

Is this rifle any good? I've heard many sources that say so, especially for its price, but I'd like to hear from a source that wasn't potentially bought before I make my decision.
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What guns are visually appealing to you, disregarding it’s performance and practicality to a degree?

I think the Beretta 93R looks cool. Maybe because of the front grip, but I don’t really know.
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Muzzleloading gun thread.

Putting the lel in muzzLELoader.
So I plan to get a muzzleloading gun, so far my options are rather limited due to their relative scarcity here [spoiler]and due to me being a poorfag.[/spoiler]
I generally don't know why exactly I want to get one, I guess it's the case of "just because I can." What I need help with is picking from the possible choices, by looking also through the whole pros and cons comparison deal.
I will also post my "revelations" on what I learn about each possible model, which could serve as an improvised handbook for anyone else who wishes to get into this hobby.
And to make it more than just a "yo guyse whiche gunne is cooooler?!?" thread -
Muzzleloading stuff general: post about anything from the dawn of gunpowder to modern day inlines.
Perhaps you've got chinese 14th century bombard making tutorials that you wish to share but never had a chance to, so you can also use this thread for that.
I will slowly start eventually, not necessarily today, with posting about the basics of muzzleloading and then starting with the individual models. I hope you'll find something of interest here, anons.
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Pimp My Gun

I want you guys to make the most fucking magical gun you guys can make from this website it allows you to make some true monstrosities here is what i made.
the description of the image is what it is
a side mag fed revolver with a desert eagle slide in a magnum body with a grenade launcher and stock attached
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Individual power in a technological age and sick society

Are you afraid that with time as technologies progresses it will become easier for anyone to have more and more powerful weapons posing a risk to society?
Compared to the past, now it's not that difficult for someone to produce bombs in their own home. It seems like in the future an individual's possibility to acquire powerful weapons will only increase, and perhaps in 50 or 100 years a random person will be able to 3D print a tank or deadly military AI-driven drones (or whatever. It's just an example)
Then that becomes reality, all it takes is a few madman to cause considerable chaos, and considering the current direction of a world there will be enough of them. Also you should take in consideration that destroying is becoming easier and easier than protecting, look at atom bombs.
So, what do you think? Will this be a serious concern, or will there be efficient enough regulations and restrictions? But if so, at what cost?
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/ak/ thread

post all things /ak/:
So, has anyone got any good recommendations to watch? I just finished GuP. Also, i'd be really interested in reading some old manga about guns, but most that i've found have terrible engrish translations.
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If you were an assassin, ignoring casing cleanup and having a "movie/video game rule", what would your general weapon load out be?

>pistol Ruger Mark IV Hunter

>sub MP5SD
>backup SA Vz 61 Skorpion
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The PUNT Gun

Everyone man, women and child deserves to own one of these.
Here's a link to a guy with a 2-gauge PUNT gun.
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Lever-delayed blowback

Is it just finicky with ammunition? Other rifles with LDB(B?)
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What do you guys think about the RK95?

Tell meh!
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Oh Camper Camper
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If you could have any SMG legally what would it be?

I have a weird obsession with the UMP45 so I’d go with that
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You are contacted by a mysterious party. You are commanded to kill or otherwise incapacitate everybody inside of the nearest government facility, while doing as little damage to the building itself as possible. You have one week to prepare and execute the deed, you'll be assassinated if you take too long.
You will be given one weapon of your choice, any weapon which has been invented by man. Keep in mind, you get only the weapon and it will be dropped off at your house. You are still in charge of acquiring any ammunition needed, as well as transportation.
What weapon do you choose? What strategy? Do you try to infiltrate the facility before opening fire, or just jump in guns a-blazing? How successful would you be? Will you get out alive?
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revenge for everyone that was vac banned

hey robots
keep an eye on the news for Bellevue, WA
in the next few hours real shit's about to go down
My goal is 20+ people plus myself

wish me luck in my vengeance

You rolled the number 107504612 (no dubs or higher)
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