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Are you afraid that with time as technologies progresses it will become easier for anyone to have more and more powerful weapons posing a risk to society?
Compared to the past, now it's not that difficult for someone to produce bombs in their own home. It seems like in the future an individual's possibility to acquire powerful weapons will only increase, and perhaps in 50 or 100 years a random person will be able to 3D print a tank or deadly military AI-driven drones (or whatever. It's just an example)
Then that becomes reality, all it takes is a few madman to cause considerable chaos, and considering the current direction of a world there will be enough of them. Also you should take in consideration that destroying is becoming easier and easier than protecting, look at atom bombs.
So, what do you think? Will this be a serious concern, or will there be efficient enough regulations and restrictions? But if so, at what cost?


There's already large amount of restrictions, I'd imagine that this list will only become bigger and people will be controlled even more.
Regarding 3d printing maybe the govt. will monitor whats being printed by limiting 3d printers themselves. Does that also mean restrictions on regular CNC stuff? At this point, I don't know. Many governments do everything they can to push people back into the stone age regarding armament. Unitary cartridges are being banned, same goes for crossbows and swords (especially in the Unoited Kangdom).
Although there will always be someone who will make something that goes "boom" without any schmancy fancy equipment, despite any laws that say "pls dont do that".

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