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Can you recommend a good place to learn about weapons, nothing fancy just a general idea how they work, how they are cleaned and when to use the different types, you know stuff that might come in handy.


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Gun Jesus, Ian McCullom has the best youtube channel for researching all sorts of historical arms. https://www.youtube.com/user/ForgottenWeapons
He started to make a series of videos called "How does it work" not too long ago, they are a great start.
That's simple, just disassemble and oil your gun, that's about it.
US field manuals and regular gun manuals might have more on this sort of thing. Gonna link the murdercube archive, CIA niggers took it down some time ago.
And i guess just general gun-related channels like Iraqveteran8888, Hickock45 etc.
Vickers Tactical yt channel shows short, compact videos about specific firearms, so that could be helpful.
gif related is from https://candrsenal.com/ , they make daytime TV style of short 40 minute documentaries about guns from ww1 on youtube, but they also have these diagrams/animations which are really great if you are just getting into learning about guns.
I hope that at least something of this is useful to you!


Holy shit anon, that's some high quality reply
Thanks for the help I will be sure to make the most of it.


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Will we ever be able to recreate the murdercube and restore /k/ to its former glory?


i hope so


Of cource i'm going to have to do my research and study some bullshit but, Is it wise to train with an airsoft before i even consider buying a real gun? (like a similar model or whatever)


A friend of mine owns a tarus 9MM. It's heavy and it doesnt fit my hand well (only slightly) but it probably handles recoil well. There's a gun i'm looking at with a decent price tag that has a shorter barrel, (good for concealed carry) light weight, and fits in my hand perfectly, yet probably will be a bitch to deal with because of recoil. Am i stupid for thinking this way? Am i better on focusing on something that fits me well or something that doesnt, yet i can adapt to using?


You're gonna be using this thing for at least the next couple years of your life—think that way. How will shooting this ill-fitted gun affect your hands over time, compared to the higher-recoil but more comfy one? Could you pull it out in an emergency? Are you mentally prepared for such a thing?


Actually what makes matters worse for me is both guns are right handed weapons, and i'm a leftie, so now i'll have to see if i can find a left handed model or something

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