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What does /k/ think about 3D printed weapons like guns knives or whatever else? Whats the best plastic or printer you should use? Is it legal? Know any good weapons? Lets talk about it!


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Remember hearing how one anon is planning on waiting till Amazon started selling this kind of metal used in 3D printing before he considered trying it.

Don’t remember what it’s called, but I think they have the right idea considering how easy it is for a plastic AK to blow up in your face


Yeah. A guy tested his 3d printed liberator pistol with a watermelon he got two shots into the fruit before the gun (sort of) blew up. More like fell apart voilently. I think he used PPS plastic. The collage i work at has a 3d printer/interlayer. it weaves carbon fiber AND Plastic together and i think that can maybe work better. They have a sest strip of ABS plastic/carbon fiber and its damn near invincible.


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>3d printed knives
but why
>best plastic
probably ABS, vid related, gonna drop the second one in another post
>is it legal
they still are centerfire guns, so yeah-ATF is gonna shoot your dog.
>any good weapons
there's a pretty large archive here https://fosscad.org/fc/cad/
get some .stl viewer or something (grabcad maybe since that shit's good and free)
>printer you should use
boils down to how accurate it is, most cheap ones have a printing accuracy of 0.2mm, you're probably gonna have to get something better than that, but expect to part with a lot of money.
>any good weapons
Good weapons have metal in their construction. They may use the plastic as a base, but all pressure-bearing parts, (bolt, barrel etc) should be from metal in my opinion.
Like this one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTW7OF4k55Q


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visijet one here


Will 3D printing weaponry become a reliable and cost effective form of mass production?


I love that image


in the end most "3d printed" guns have some metal parts, mostly the barrel and the bolt aka the pressure bearing parts.
the concept of 3d guns is fucken popular in USA because of the current jurisdiction.
Amerifags can't have receivers, which can be (more or less) easily made from a wide assortment of materials. On the other hand, eurofags can't have barrels and bolts, which can be pretty much made only of good metal (if you want to make the gun fire more than once).


no it won't. as time has proven, 3d printing is good for prototyping and one-off builds. actual mass production will always resort to molding the plastic/polymer parts.


>Is it legal?
Depends on where you live. If it's a 3D printed muzzleloader then you should be just fine under any jurisdiction. I haven't seen any actually made, but here's a cool shotgun instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcNhas3See4



don't forget about ABS+


3d printing molds and using super hard resins sounds like a good idea

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