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If you were an assassin, ignoring casing cleanup and having a "movie/video game rule", what would your general weapon load out be?

>pistol Ruger Mark IV Hunter

>sub MP5SD
>backup SA Vz 61 Skorpion


a little bag of marbles that I strategically place on the floor so my target trips on them and bashes his brains out on the bathroom tiles


What if they survive?


I carefully pick up all my marbles and then I go to their hospital room and I throw the marbles on the floor so that when the nurse comes in she trips on the marbles and falls on his comatose body in a compromising position then I take a picture and leak it to Tumblr.com so he gets lynched the next time he's in public


Fucking kek, better hope hes in a hospital in California, also what happened to number 69?


T H A T ' S
By god
22chans perfect assasin
Now, as your doing this, what are you wearing?
Like your standard suit and tie, or something outlandish like a plague doctor outfit?


>medieval crossbow
>10 pebbles


all you need to do in this situation lets say i have 7 arrows

shoot a couple of niggers with my crossbow stab some more important niggers with my stick and snipe the leader body guards (just cause) with my pebbles and give the lead nigger a piece of my crossbow


You probably think it's cool how after every shot you have to put your weapon on the ground and stomp on it.


>my left hand called Des
>my right hand called Troy
>a cigarette

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