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>Goes to find a image for this thread.
>finds the most dramatic image ever
>literally titled "why being a prepper can save the world"
Only thread rule is that to remember "Practical, not tacticool" (unless its absoluely nessary of course) also you can dump links, infograpics, and whatever, as long as its related. or funny, or just useful.
last thread got forgotten and archived the second it was posted in /b/, so /k/ is honestly the perfect home for this type of thing.


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Also, make sure if your going to post a tool or something, make sure it actually works, pic related. this thing will last you a couple mounths, good for /innawoods/ or regular usage, generates power from trash, or wood, and also doubles as a cooking stove. bought it for 20 bucks from dillards after a christmas clearance lol usually goes for 60$


Remember, lads: a survivalist runs into the woods and lives off the land all alone, a prepper gathers the materials to create a homestead and start to rebuild civilization in which he is mayor or something. Here's my epic prepper strat:
>pull a literal motherfucking ton of paper, cardboard, sawdust, chunks of wood, coffee grounds, tampons, who gives a fuck WHATEVER, literally anything out of dumpsters and gutters and shit
>pasteurize that bitch and add a dash of baking soda to raise the PH, holy motherfuck you moron you can't use acidic ass bullshit for this stuff it's science you derpy negro
>use as substrate to grow you some sweet-ass oyster mushrooms
>eat the delishus mushroom for epic win
>take spent substrate
>introduce red wigglers
>hell yes vermicomposting ftw
>get the best damn soil you ever seen your whole damn life
>grow some motherfucking potatoes in that bitch
>start an agricultural powerhouse out of your literal basement, it's like a meth lab but for badasses instead of pussy ass meth heads
>expand infinitely


>round up a few survivors you like and can trust
>feed them mushroom-potato shish kebabs to win their adoration
>command your loyal bitches to build you a wall to keep out the starving neo-primitivist nerds and gather more cardboard and newspapers and shit and maybe start growing some trees too
>teach all their ugly-ass kids how to grow awesome mushrooms and potatoes
>be revered as a prophet for time and all eternity by the strongest nation on earth


does anyone know a good-sized travel backpack, for like innawoods type of stuff?


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Dead board, will attempt to revive with a post
Some advice i have about MREs is to make sure it's healthy, and you like the taste. Some really do taste like dogfood, and for the most part calorie dence (which is good) but HIGH in sodium (which is bad) Remember, try before you buy.
If you want to get those freezer dryed food or food that requires water to re-hydrate, dont get it. It's a waste on water which is honestly quite an important resorse. If you really need it, get the exact amount of water required (lets say, one bucket of that type of food = 7 gallons) in jugs, waterbottles or whatever and mark it so you know that water is for food only so you dont waste your water supply on shit like that. The same goes with food like beans or rice which takes fuel to boil, and a bit of water, better to avoid those foods due to the amount of time and resourses it requires to make.

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