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Subject says it all. Songs that really just make you angry at life.
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My goodness, spooky and funny anime reaction images looks so GOOD in 22Chan!


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Calm your tits, I just picked a good angry face out of my folder because, y'know, you have to have a pic to make a thread. Pretend this is the op pic, if it really triggers you that much.


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Still a good op image


any pop song

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I remember a few years ago I would've laughed at any kind of "core" because my only reference was nightcore(eww). But nowadays I embrace plunderphonics.

In this alum I loved "The adventures of desu"


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Yotsuba Miku cute af!!!!



Audio file support on /mu/ would be pretty cool desu


lolicore is fun but nobody can ever know I listen to it.


Coward, I blast that shit whenever I'm on the road


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When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a person like you.

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ITT good websites for music and audio
bonus points if the're unblocked at work





if yall know any post em


Open each thread to find many albums, and hopefully the download link will still work


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Sometimes instead of falling asleep immediately I listen to a few songs in bed, usually more calm ones
Share songs you listen to before sleeping

Here's mine for tonight:
The whole album is pretty good for this purpose


I usually listen to classical music before sleeping
This interpretation of clair, and Air on the G string put me to sleep easily
oh and I listen to buckethead sometimes too


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I actually listen to most of my music in bed before i go to sleep no matter how relaxing it is lol, but if I really want to sleep I listen to this, one of my all time favorites. :)


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post Anti-Depression songs/albums
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>cant find any happy music that doesn't make me sick to my stomach
one i used to like was "Banana Pancakes" by jack johnson though.





you can literally dance your sadness away, and what is better than electro swing to dance to?
this guy is a genius in mixing, you can check his other mixes I promise you will not be disappointed

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WHAT are YOU listening to?? Urgent need to know.

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This is a pretty comfy 24/7 radio stream.



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can u guys give me ur best really psychodelic rock songs good for tripping


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Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and just general Pink Floyd stuff


Yes, definitely. WYWH, TPATGOD and A saucerful of secrets are great.




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you should really get into Can anon

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Artists that are actually good, but the only people who listen to them are stupid and glorify their shittier songs.



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Needs moar vaporgrind.


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I'm more of a future funk kinda guy.


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Personally I play the trumpet, and inconsistently try to learn the guitar and piano. What about you, anon?
>https://vocaroo.com/ clips are highly encouraged
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It seems like everyone plays some strings. I play guitar and euphonium but i like guitar more because it lets me play without getting physically exhausted. I play both electric and acoustic guitar but im way better at electric.


>I play bass guitar but Im pretty shit at it even after like 6 years of playing
I feel that. I don't practice the trumpet much, as a result I've been stuck at the same beginner level for ~3 years
Nice, well the euphonium at least makes you a little more unique I guess. Everyone plays the guitar. (It's still a cool instrument though)


i don't really play an instrument but i plan on getting piano lessons and i mess around in FL sometimes


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I’m playing the alto sax, but due to summer, I stopped until it’s September because it can help me through hard times in my life during that time.

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Tengaku is mine as well. I really loved playing Rin's songs on the Project Diva games.


normalfags pinocchiop is best vocaloid producer


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I haven't seen one of these threads here yet so shill your soundclouds, i need shit to listen to.



my old-school, a bit obsessive, both vintage and recent house mixes at https://mixcloud.com/do7ob - there is some pop/urban/commercial unmixed compilation too.


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I'm actually starting to like it.
Recommend me songs


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this is one of their best projects
my favorite on there is facemelter

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