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Unfortunately Eddie Van Halen just died. What did you think about his music? Did he mean anything to you? Here is a few songs from him that meant a lot to me.
Here is a article talking about his death sadly.

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I'm actually starting to like it.
Recommend me songs
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uh no it actually doesnt say that, it says that if you want furries and trannys go to 4chan, that content isnt wanted here.


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pic related. what i was trying to say with >>646 is that anyone can enjoy something in a way that is inconsistant with the way the normalfags enjoy them
like how a normalfag might make overused memes of something and make it unbearable, vs enjoying it as it is.
before wojack/pepe was downright banned everyone was asking it for it at least to be used in a diffrent way, but it was abused so the rule was added. in order to get a grasp on how its handled i think its best to lurk moar.


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Click the question mark you faggots.

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what new /mu/ thinks about this album?
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Here's the full album on youtube :
Speaking of rock opera's
I found this remaster of the classic wall album, more or less structured more like the movie
Very high quality


I LOVE this album. It's been one of my favorites for a while - I love when an album works together to tell a story. I listened to it so much I essentially memorized it.
Anyway, I think its a very intersting story. The child-like obliviousness to how serious every situation was and the inner conflicts of the sisters were done very well. The mix of upbeat show-y songs and haunting laments was beautiful. Sandy Fishnets is still in my top 10 songs.


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why is swedis hprog the best?
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It is a wonderful tune that has become a part of super secret mod group.


steve is blessed


Here is another very good prog band from Sweden.

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Awesome soundtrack that a musician remastered!
Good for halloween too!


Recently found the grand turismo 4 soundtrack and I like it quite a bit, even if I haven't played the game
I found it because of a youtuber using this as background music:


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The lisa games have such incredible and unique osts
This one is a phase two of a final boss for a chapter
normally for games its intense and builds up tension
but this song doesn't it just is in your face and joking around
its excellent.
and notice how it says version this is how each individual enemy has a different speed or pitch of the same song.
compare the second phase battle music which is far harder to beat in gameplay wise to the first stage.
the first stage is far far slower and has a very different atmosphere, it sounds more controlled and level headed.

hope you guys enjoyed my paragraph about a games ost

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can u guys give me ur best really psychodelic rock songs good for tripping
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you should really get into Can anon


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Where do you guys listen to/download /mu/sic



bonus points if they are unblocked in peoples workplaces and schools
(pic unrelated)
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bandcamp, youtube and telegram (from certain channels/bots)
sometimes rutracker or piratebay but mostly soulseek
occasionally I might download form some forum or random website



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Years ago in high school I had a classmate named Audi, and my teacher would always reference this song. I seem to recall it being called Audelia or Audalia or Audilia or something. It may have had a different name but I know it said the name Audelia (or however its spelled) in it multiple times.

It was about someone having killed their girlfriend/spouse named audelia. I remember it specifically talked about having tied her to a chair, I remember that. It was stylistically similar to Johnny Cash. It may or may not have been by him.

Does anyone know what song this is? I've been going crazy trying to find it.

Pic unrelated


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ITT: Post music remixes



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Here you go OP this is a good one.


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Well, if you don't know what i'm talking about, let me explain.
Post fighting/combat music to make a playlist,
not just actual military or music used in movies, but actual songs, music from anime, heck even regular audio (like audio transcrips of the bible or whatever) that fit that type of feeling
music to fight people in halo or videogames, music to watch combat videos on youtube, music to conduct raids or autistic shitfests or even to start the beta uprising!
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>Run, Nigger Run! - Various Artists
literally just kek'd needs to be archived badily.


this should be a good addition to this playlist


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I remember a few years ago I would've laughed at any kind of "core" because my only reference was nightcore(eww). But nowadays I embrace plunderphonics.

In this alum I loved "The adventures of desu"
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Christ, is this what the hip meme kids are listening to nowadays


I like lolishit desu


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rare to find anyone talking about lolicore around, i like neko girl's litter box

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Pic is my Favorite Eminem Album.

What are your guys favorite/funniest Eminem Song lines you can think of?
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"Den den den den den den, go go gadget dick!
Whipped that shit out, and ain't no doubt about it
It hit the ground and caused an earthquake and power outage" -slim cock


Im sorry Puff but i dont give a fuck if this chick was my own mother
I still fuck her witn no rubber and have son and little brother at same time and claim it aint mine


"I'm sorry Puff, but I don't give a fuck if this chick was my own mother I still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her And have a son and a new brother at the same time And just say that it ain't mine"
I am not sorry for correcting that.

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What are your honest thoughts on 2Pac? As in his music rather than him as a person.
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I tried listening to it but didn't like it. I thin all rap ages terrible


I'm going through rap's history and I'm still in the 80s, so I haven't heard much of him yet
That's a shame. Maybe you're not used to the sounds/looping and the braggy attitude, but once you can get past that there's a lot of great music to find
Don't be so quick to judge. Rap is an extremely variegated, so if you looked long enough you'd probably end up finding something you like.
Since we're in comfychan, try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlfD3DuUPII


It's good, I remeber play gta san andreas and hearing tupac

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I discovered them a while ago and I'm liking them quite a bit
Their music is inspired by punk, rap, noise and more.
Here's a few of my favorite songs:
They are all from their last album, dog whistle, which I really rec

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Personally I play the trumpet, and inconsistently try to learn the guitar and piano. What about you, anon?
>https://vocaroo.com/ clips are highly encouraged
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I don't play any instrument because i have no talent and i'm not cool


the sex


i play the drums because i could really let out my anger on them, sometimes i play them for hours and hours. i also play the piano but im not really good at it

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