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The purpose of this thread is to share music. I will try to post daily and encourage you to do the same, but you don't have to, if you just want to post a song or two every once in a while that's fine too
Today's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrVjmIKWMmo
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Fun symphonic black metal to chill out to.


Wew, an amazing vocal performance from a 63-year-old.


Comfy Obscure Power Metal from the early 2000s

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What are yalls favorite grindcore bands? For me are these bands.



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All in the title. Post the most absurdly, hilariously bad album covers you've ever had the misfortune of encountering.
>inb4 virgin killer
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My best guess is that it is a pit bull.


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As outdated as the band name.


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Weird artwork

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This thread is to share and discuss non-conventional music. Music that most people wouldn't call music
Here's a few discussion points to start conversation:
>1. How about we start by discussing what is music in the first place?
Imo it's sound. Like, literally any sound is music. Even audiobooks
>2. Does "non"-music have any value?
Yes, because in my opinion it "expands our horizons" on what music can be. I think having preconceived notions of what music has to be is a very awful and limiting thing, and having these subjectively bizarre takes on it might help pushing away these walls that would otherwise weight on less "weird" musicians
>3. Do you listen to it? If so, how is it different from listening to more typical music?
I sometimes listen to noise, to drown out other sounds I don't like, otherwise I rarely listen to this type of music more than once. But sometimes I might feel like listening to something weird, to experience something new

Here's some stuff I'm aware of:
Noise, the obvious
The opposite
free jazz
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I always have a usb key in my car with my uncanny songs, because none of my friends or my wife can handle it. The faces of other drivers are priceless .

Passenger of shit
Otto von schirach
Grotesque through incoherence

I don't know if it fits but I can't resist:



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Post your Topsters. recommend other albums, guess personalities, whatever. Have fun.
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Thanks twoot, i've been listening to these non-stop now, and i should probably check out his other work. I cant really discribe what i like about about these, the only two words are "vibrant" and "relaxing" and the psychadelic music videos are a nice touch. Perhaps i'm reminded of old gameboy music? Keith seems to be the one i like more out of the bunch because of the somber vibes it gets off.

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I haven't seen a thread for this, so I figured out I could make one.
Post your favorite lyrics! Feel free to explain why they're meaningful to you.


Usually I tend to focus more on the music rather than the lyrics, however for the album "England made me" by black box recorder it was different. Some lines really hit me, here I'll mention a few that come to mind
In any case I really recommend to listen to the song to really feel the lyrics
>I trapped a spider underneath a glass
>I kept it for a week, to see how long it'd last
>He stared right back at me, he fought that he could win
>We play a waiting game, he fought that I'd give in
>England made me
Something about this really touches me. With the music this becomes a very memorable and strong image. I'm afraid I struggle to describe it further... The second verse and third verse are alright, but not as hard hitting to me personally
>Life is unfair
>Kill yourself, or get over it
Well! This is obviously pretty provocative, but I think the message behind it is positive: one should learn to accept life and how things are rather than keep dwelling on the negatives. Actually this idea (specifically, and more in general) is very meaningful to me, because often I get stuck and can't "get over it". Yet not taking the decision between living and leaving only brings misery. I think this line is very bold and effective, it's the one that caught my attention to this album and I'm happy it did because I really like it
>If I set fire to you now
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I like black box recorder a lot. The first song you linked it's beautiful, truly. And, alright, I'll link some songs.

>Haven't had a dream in a long time
>See, the life I've had
>Can make a good man bad
>So for once in my life
>Let me get what I want
>Lord knows, it would be the first time

>Well I've lost it all, I'm just a silhouette
>I'm a lifeless face that you'll soon forget
>And my eyes are damp from the words you left
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Merchandise is an important part of being a fan of music. Post-music-related merchandise: Vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, Appeal, Concert photos/Ticket, etc. So /mu/ talk about your thoughts and memories on whatever you are posting here. You can also talk about merchandise you want to purchase in the future. Be sure to post a photo of what you are talking about for quality purposes. I'll start.
Vain Glory Opera is Edguy's first of five classic albums. While it does not have the best products it has great songs. Tracks such the Until We Rise Again, Vain Glory Opera, and No More Foolin' are Power Metal to a T and Power Metal at its best. These tracks are fast, energetic, and catchy. Other tracks like How Many Miles and Out of Control are great mid-paced track that has an epic feel to them. Scarlet Rose is a very ballad that shows off singer Tobias Sammet's fantastic. I remember getting this around the time I graduated high school. It was pricey, but it was a great reward for finishing a tough four years. The variant I purchased is beautiful and satisfying for me to look at. I got the cd for this album for my birthday last year.

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As someone who holds no position of power I demand that you listen to Andrey Avkhimovich(could be spelt wrong I'm trying to type the name but whoever is driving my car is driving like a mad man and I can't read it) on Spotify
>Pic unrelated


no thanks
Reminds me of boards of canada a tiny bit. But it sounds more like a movie score
It's alright. I'm not really in this mood right now though
As someone who holds no position of power I'd kindly ask you to consider checking out Isam by Amon Tobin. It should be available on spotify


>it sounds more like a movie score
Yup, but the movie should be right in your head. It's soundtrack for your imagination.

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Recommend an album you like to fellow anons!
Write a short description, explain what you like about it and why you think it's worth a listen, maybe suggest one song to try it out
Let me start:
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion gum
This is a pretty lively, dreamy/psychedelic album. It has amazing synths (not really of the modern type) and while it sometimes gets kinda noisy or experimental it still always remains very musical. I'd say it feels pretty warm, even cozy, and it has a bittersweet element to it
It might sound a bit weird to some, but I really recommend giving it a try. It's pretty unique, with a great atmosphere. So it's not surprising I found it from a flash
A good starting song would be:


Alice Cooper-Brutal Planet
Brutal Planet is Alice Cooper's whopping 14th album and it is really underrated. Musically it is industrial rock/metal, so you can expect heavy riffs and the drums are hard-hitting. The music is appropriate to the lyrical themes. Alice decided to use real life as inspiration for his lyrics. "Brutal Planet" gives a bleak view of the current state of affairs and "Wicked Young Man" talks about how you can't blame a whole group for the actions of one bad person. The lyrics are quite brutal for example "Here's where we keep the armies Here's where we write their names Here's where the money god is Here's our famous hall of shame Here's where we starve the hungry Here's where we cheat the poor Here's where we beat the children Here is where we pay the whore." It is awesome lyrically because of how relevant it is to now.
Standout tracks include:
Brutal Planet
Wicked Young Man
Pick Up the Bones
The Little Things

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Post obscure music
If it has a vid on youtube it needs to be < 10.000 views
Bonus points if < 1000

Let me start:
Instrumental hip hop
prog rock?
"psycho-acoustic clarinet"
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Russian Death/Thrash
In case the autogenerated video does not work for you.



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Post your favourite touhou music.
I personally really enjoy all things akatsuki records have made, especially the songs who have Stack as their main singer.
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here's a bunch of links to all sorts of albums. wotamin's touhou was amazing. pic unrelated, it just looked neat.


Actually listening to that Signal album right now, not really what i'd expect of touhou. Some melodic features are familiar while most of the songs feel really foreign. They probably wanted to do something different since everyone has heard all of ZUN's regular touhou themes by now.


the lyrics of this song fit 22chan well

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Post songs you could consider "2000s-core". Shit like Linkin Park, Hoobstabank, The Fray, Evanesence, any edgy old things you can find.

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straight up from the year 2000, was listening to it because i can relate to the song far too often on certain days and this is another one of them


Man, I remember a lot of these songs really sucking back in the day when they came out, but compared to the absolute irredeemable dogshid that is today's mainstream pop, some of these are songs okay.

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Why do you refer to yourself in third person? Anyway, it would've been nice of you to use the shill thread
Anyway, here's my takes after a skim through the things you posted:
>spiritual warfare
The founder of christian singles ranting about how everybody is going to hell with some noise in the background. Personally I found it rather boring, I don't think anything too new or interesting is said. I only listened to the first few tracks. Maybe it could fit someone's vibe though
>hearing test 1
One second loop repeated for a minute, for ten tracks (with more and more distortion on every next track). It's an alright concept
Highly processed/distorted sampled stuff. Personally I don't really dig it. On the other hand I don't really listen to much stuff of this kind in general, so I'm not a great judge I suppose
>stalking axe
Like the above, but less chaotic/distorted (at least that's my impression). But IMO the tracks are kinda long for this type of music. I still like it more than the one above
first date is actually nice. I like how you use noise there too.
I understand the appeal of being "creative"/anti-musical to compensate for the fact that you're not good enough technically to stand out from the other millions of bedroom musicians (projecting a bit here), but I honestly think you should try to be a little less experimental at first. You'll learn more this way, and develop taste, actual music making taste, and with that you'll be able to make great experimental music combining guitars, samples and noise. However for now you should try to be a bit more "musical". But that's just my opinion

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Let's make an album!
- submit a track with a name and it ends up in the album (to submit use https://catbox.moe/ https://clyp.it/ or any site from which I can download an audio file. Preferibly submit a wav file)
- suggest artist name, album name and/or album art. We'll pick with a poll later
Feel free to submit music even if you're a beginner, our goal is to have fun, not make a masterpiece
In the end I'll make a bandcamp page and put the album there
[spoiler]ps I'd prefer you don't use vocaroo to submit tracks because it fucks up the audio quality iirc[/spoiler]
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my song my name is kikesune negru https://files.catbox.moe/noe5a7.mp3 the name of the song is A Loli Wiping My Ass With 6 Stacks Of Babywipes Because I Actually Don't Know How To


And we're done! The album is out:
>Soundtrack for the Internet by The terrorist named Anonymous
Thanks a lot to everybody for the tracks, the help and the patience. It's been ten months, but finally we did it!


do we even know like who is this tWenTy tow chAAn,
terrorist is more steps up than haxer, we win lel

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