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I'm actually starting to like it.
Recommend me songs


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this is one of their best projects
my favorite on there is facemelter


full moon is freaky man
hunger games is probably my no. 1
most of exmilitary is tied for no. 2


shut down these threads immediately. i thought it was a rule that we cannot have this norman shit on our board. "I'm actually starting to like it" Its not a challenging listen bro...


..Have you seen some of the posts here? Death grips isn't the biggest offender


posts like what?


by views on youtube:
>>459 500mil+
>>565 150mil+
>>571 40mil+
>>278 Half of this thread
>>376 third link (360mil+)
>>380 36mil+
The most viewed grips video I found has almost 11mil views. They are only famous on 4chan/mu/ or to anthony faggot fans, but you can't complain over this stuff when we have people enjoying modern day em or asking why is green day bad


Normalfaggotry is all contexual, really. it's yes, like you said how there's tons of people liking X thing, and how thats thing's consumed or used.
Another issue is how on 22chan, normalfaggotry is diffrent then what normalfaggots and whoever else thinks it might be. A very wide topic.
Mainly, i doubt death grips is a normalfag band, even though its over exposed, but if there's something about the way people talk about it or listen to the music then its good to elaborate how it breaks the rules or is damaging to site or board culture.
Like for context how DBZ or naruto isnt exactly bad, it's just how the fans react, and the jokes that come from it, but surely a person can enjoy it in a way that doesn't make them a normalfag, but wojack, or say pepe, that's unrecoverable.


Normalfaggotry is just a meme at this point. A normalfag is anyone who holds an opinion or does something you find objectionable and at least one other person agrees with. 22chan's ruleset says that furries and trannies are normalfags, even though they're the least normal people on earth


uh no it actually doesnt say that, it says that if you want furries and trannys go to 4chan, that content isnt wanted here.


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pic related. what i was trying to say with >>646 is that anyone can enjoy something in a way that is inconsistant with the way the normalfags enjoy them
like how a normalfag might make overused memes of something and make it unbearable, vs enjoying it as it is.
before wojack/pepe was downright banned everyone was asking it for it at least to be used in a diffrent way, but it was abused so the rule was added. in order to get a grasp on how its handled i think its best to lurk moar.


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Click the question mark you faggots.


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I think Niggas on the Moon, the first disc of their double album The Powers That B, is their best work. Rides rawly-produced vocals and Björks vocal samples alongside Zach's schizo drumming is an amazing and chaotic mix.

They haven't released an album in quite some time. I'm afraid they might've split up for real this time.


fashion week is a nice instrumental album, check it out

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