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I'm actually starting to like it.
Recommend me songs


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this is one of their best projects
my favorite on there is facemelter


full moon is freaky man
hunger games is probably my no. 1
most of exmilitary is tied for no. 2


shut down these threads immediately. i thought it was a rule that we cannot have this norman shit on our board. "I'm actually starting to like it" Its not a challenging listen bro...


..Have you seen some of the posts here? Death grips isn't the biggest offender


posts like what?


by views on youtube:
>>459 500mil+
>>565 150mil+
>>571 40mil+
>>278 Half of this thread
>>376 third link (360mil+)
>>380 36mil+
The most viewed grips video I found has almost 11mil views. They are only famous on 4chan/mu/ or to anthony faggot fans, but you can't complain over this stuff when we have people enjoying modern day em or asking why is green day bad

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