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Let's make an album!
- submit a track with a name and it ends up in the album (to submit use https://catbox.moe/ https://clyp.it/ or any site from which I can download an audio file. Preferibly submit a wav file)
- suggest artist name, album name and/or album art. We'll pick with a poll later
Feel free to submit music even if you're a beginner, our goal is to have fun, not make a masterpiece
In the end I'll make a bandcamp page and put the album there
[spoiler]ps I'd prefer you don't use vocaroo to submit tracks because it fucks up the audio quality iirc[/spoiler]


That's such a cool idea


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wait, is it supposed to be music by yourself?


Or is it a mixtape? If its music by yourself then just ignore the file i sent...


probably YES.


In that case ignore the track i sent.


Not mine though! Such threads existed on 4chan's /mu/ since 2013 (I think). So I wanted to try this here
Yep, sorry for not specifying. Only submit music you made
[spoiler]nice tune tho[/spoiler]


Waltz of Stones
by The Wanderer


Lets make the last song special
For the last song, lets team up and make a homemade song. For the lyrics we could do 1 sentence per anon,
Or 4 words per anon or somthing like that.
Or singing along to some song that we like


I like this idea. We should do this


im down, im at work rn but when i get home i could cook up something


/mu/ makes anal bum :3


I just remembered, you can use a track from my soundcloud



Nice music, twoot


File: Unbenannt.png (1 MB, 795x795, 1:1, 1573169124104.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Thanks :D


I've made a public email address to collab. You can self-send your clips there (this way you remain anonymous) and other anons can use these clips to make songs for the album. The clips can be anything, drums, vocals etc
Here's the email:
22collab @ protonmail.com
pw: Anon22. (with the dot)
Be aware that storage limit is 500mb so if you want to send large stuff (like wavs) use catbox or something similar


bumping with my song https://files.catbox.moe/dxvtm7.mp3
Since we aren't getting many submission I guess this will be an ep


also bumping with a submision

perhaps the name of the album could just be called something like anon or untitled, so its like you cant pin down who or what it comes from


Nice, thanks for the submission!
>perhaps the name of the album could just be called something like anon or untitled, so its like you cant pin down who or what it comes from
How about "anon - soundtrack for the internet"? (Just an idea)
Anyway having credits in the first place would make it somewhat traceable


Do you think we can finish this project since we've gotten alot of people posting recently?


I guess it is time to finish up. One more week for submissions! (for all the people who might see the thread only now). Then I'll put the thing on bandcamp

Time to choose artist name, album name and the cover.
There was this idea of making it "untraceable", which would mean no credits, Anonymous as the artist, untitled as the title. The cover would be a completely black pic I guess. If you have better ideas do share

Or we could make something else with more character.
What do you think?


Eminem's The Way I am
2Pac's My Ambitionz As A Ridah
The Notorious B.I.G's Hypnotize
Pink Floyd's Money
Queen's We Will Rock You
The Beetles' Here Comes The Sun
Nas' Ether.




I'm sorry but we're making an album of original music, not a mixtape


honestly i'd say fuck it and put a 22 on the cover, and maybe if there's an artfag around we all can come uo with something


I'm on it.


File: 22cover.png (200.29 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1597111217056.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>800x800 is good dimensions for an album cover right


Yes anon, but we all know 1024x1024 is the best.
>Very good Album cover.
Good job anon.


w e w l a d
getting a 60's vibe from this


thanks anon that looks ebic, ill start working on something based on that


Album title and artist name anyone?


Artist name:The terrorist named Anonymous, and Various artists


my song my name is kikesune negru https://files.catbox.moe/noe5a7.mp3 the name of the song is A Loli Wiping My Ass With 6 Stacks Of Babywipes Because I Actually Don't Know How To


And we're done! The album is out:
>Soundtrack for the Internet by The terrorist named Anonymous
Thanks a lot to everybody for the tracks, the help and the patience. It's been ten months, but finally we did it!


do we even know like who is this tWenTy tow chAAn,
terrorist is more steps up than haxer, we win lel

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