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Links to bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube or whatever you use
Also give feedback


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this is me

>collaboratively made by anons on 4chan/mu/
>themed albums, this one is about dystopian future


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Genre: Shameless Pop




Drop some feedback in the comments, this is a part of an upcoming album, got some spicy content coming in December if you vibe with it.


Brutally honest feedback incoming.
I listened to Calculated Lies and Closure. It's not bad, you're a good singer but it's generic as fuck. Your music reminds me of something I'd hear on the speakers in a sports clothing store. Shameless pop describes it well, it's top-tier normie music and I think you could likely reach a degree of success in the mainstream market. However, I think you will never stand out or be remembered.
I liked your music video for Calculated Lies, you've got a good persona and you don't take yourself too seriously which is always a good thing. The album cover you posted is quite nice as well and had me hoping for something different than what I got. You have obvious artistic and musical talent which I feel is being wasted on generic, lazy pop music. Don't be afraid to delve into uncharted territory and be a little out there.



ew i didn't know Tasmanians were even allowed to use the internet, havnt you got a relative you could be having intercourse with (imagine not even living on the mainland lmao)


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