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Yo, /mu/.
I was listening to some music by some dude called Sewerslvt, I'm really digging his shit.
Here's some of his music:
I've been looking for more music like this. Would this be considered something like lolicore or breakcore? Maybe dark dnb?
Feel free to post more stuff like this in the thread.


Well i don't really know about music genres or even what you are talking about but this album i like sounds similar so i hope you like it anon.


I think I remember seeing it categorized as "atmospheric dnb"
Pretty big fan of sewerslvt myself but I don't really know of any other artist like this, if you want to you could go to rateyourmusic and do some snooping around.


clicked ASCII accidentally sry


Nice stuff
>Would this be considered something like lolicore or breakcore?
Honestly I have no idea
This reminds me of vdc which is ethereal and has busy drums too:
It's also pretty different, but you might like it



This reminds me heavily of MTV AMP from way back in the day. Good shit


try goreshit if you haven’t already


Sewerslut is reddit music for faggots that aren't cool enough to know Goreshit, CDR or DJ Sharpnel.


^Wow so edgy dude.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8SyrdN22Mc Depressive Breakcore appears to be the best term for it.




Very energetic


People call it breakcore but it's not. It's atmospheric dnb. Breakcore is less repetitive, more noisy and often in odd time signatures.
You might like this



This is a great song but I think you have the wrong thread.

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