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Post obscure music
If it has a vid on youtube it needs to be < 10.000 views
Bonus points if < 1000

Let me start:
Instrumental hip hop
prog rock?
"psycho-acoustic clarinet"


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This is called dungeon synth, it's meant to emulate retro fantasy ambience, like old dungeons and dragons or Rogue.
The channel is full of album like these btw


12 hours of weird LSD music (and it's just part 1 lmao)


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Masterpiece, this proves that god exists.



Emmm...this is classified as vaporwave, though I have my doubts respecting that, seems like a very uniqe song to me.
The title of that song is misspelled, should be "Atrás"




every song on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/gumdropbeep


Interesting stuff, thanks




I know, i know!

"Honktallica" meme music, basically Metallica made with honking

"Chenter Sandman", for example!


This is not obscure but since you named metallica parodies...


Russian Death/Thrash
In case the autogenerated video does not work for you.




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I've never seen anyone else mention this band, online or IRL. Their Dyatlov Pass Incident EP is hands down one of the best black metal releases I've ever heard.



Thats from a game and u know what, the game is even weirder than the music.


The production on this song is great. The guitar sounds really strange, I like it. The drums are thunderous. The guy really stumbled upon the CD at a Goodwill? That's so cool.


more like amazing, the japs can truily make a good game. eventually i'm going to get myself a copy and play it.


Fukkin saved. Who knew home made music is badass?



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The Baseball Project is a peculiar rock band. I stumbled upon them completely by chance a few months ago. All their songs are about baseball or baseball-related things and most of them have a weirdly melancholic vibe.



I was wondering why it sounds like some band i've heard before, but i figured it was an obscure collage band. Turns out their actually related to REM, being a splinter band with some REM members>>957

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