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This thread is to share and discuss non-conventional music. Music that most people wouldn't call music
Here's a few discussion points to start conversation:
>1. How about we start by discussing what is music in the first place?
Imo it's sound. Like, literally any sound is music. Even audiobooks
>2. Does "non"-music have any value?
Yes, because in my opinion it "expands our horizons" on what music can be. I think having preconceived notions of what music has to be is a very awful and limiting thing, and having these subjectively bizarre takes on it might help pushing away these walls that would otherwise weight on less "weird" musicians
>3. Do you listen to it? If so, how is it different from listening to more typical music?
I sometimes listen to noise, to drown out other sounds I don't like, otherwise I rarely listen to this type of music more than once. But sometimes I might feel like listening to something weird, to experience something new

Here's some stuff I'm aware of:
Noise, the obvious
The opposite
free jazz


I discovered that album in RYM a while ago, played on loop and got bored


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I always have a usb key in my car with my uncanny songs, because none of my friends or my wife can handle it. The faces of other drivers are priceless .

Passenger of shit
Otto von schirach
Grotesque through incoherence

I don't know if it fits but I can't resist:




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When I think of unconventional music, Swans are always the first band that comes to mind.

Daughters as well, very interesting band.

Death Grips, of course!
(This song makes me feel like I could strangle a bull.)

Charles Manson's music, along with The Manson Family Recordings, are very unique tunes. I showed the song "Ride Away" to a friend and he said it was the worst song he's ever heard lol.

Stalaggh/Gulaggh are a terrifying mammoth of uncomfortable noises. Not much is known about them; apparently they're a Dutch/Belgian collective of musicians(?) that have recorded a handful of albums. They incorporate the screams of mental patients and "damaged" women/children in their work, layering it over noise and instrumentation. It's hard to verify all of this but I think the music speaks for itself.


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Whitehouse is a good place to start for power electronics and noise. Another artist group is Consumer Electronics.

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