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What are your thoughts on DragonForce OP?
Don't listen to a lot of power metal but I really like this Gloryhammer song


I mean they have few pretty epic songs (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_u8fmS8eTM)

>Silent Tears

I don't listen to this genre, but this one is kinda good, it's somewhat calming, right

thanks for reply anon!


i dont hear them much, but their music is pretty fucking beyond awesome
first time i hear them was in eu4 btw, you might aswell play it too. though i dont play it much anymore


Sabaton is really good stuff my dude,but it sometimes feels like they stray away from the power metal genre into ordinary heavy metal.


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ill look it up, thx anon
thats pretty much true based anon

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