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Just took this pic at my uni, sorry for the dogshit quality though.
Is a there a single place in the world without those fucking kikes?
They are one of the sponsors, so i guess they run this place aswell.


They are a sponsor of what anon?


Sponsor of the uni i study at


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Well, how else do you think they will make sure the masses are brainwashed.
They aren't sponsors of these companies anon, they are owners and share holders at least.>>284

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India will become a next big thing ,
People and westerner make our fun because they are afraude of us , and our glory , Britain was a shit hole before India and noe by 2027 we will have toilets for almost everyone


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God bless you son.


fuck off t-series

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I'm 99% percent sure this place is an FBI honeypot. 4chan, 8chan, and Kohlchan have all been blocked in New Zealand

Can you convince me otherwise?
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The FBI is busy eating bowl after bowl of dingleberries right now. I think you're safe.


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The FBI is busy eating bowl after bowl of dingleberries right now. I think you're safe.


No sir, FBI does not operate within this website.


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>"oh boy what is this? Somebody has different opinion than me?"
>Extension blocks content that is (subjectively) considered "toxic"
>Ads on news media everywhere

end is near guys, i knew it.
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>some threads got deleted on here aswell, because [insert opinion here]
I dont delete because i dont agree with someone


They are pretty much pushing the way for the big corporations who will make the internet into a few walled gardens. They are literally useful idiots for forces beyond their control.



You don't know what you had, until you have lost it.

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail


That's just like how these filthy handrubbing kikes describe anything redpilled as the Alt Kike when no one ever liked the obvious glownigger shills. There is no such thing as gendurr and never was. They are banning the truth about biological SEX by making shit up and being heebs. Absolutely disgusting.

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Get in here faggots, big happening:
>Bunch of suicide bombers blow up churches and hotels
>over 200 dead
>over 400 injured
>turns out to be mudslimes
>religion of peace strikes again.

I know, I know
>a bunch of shitskins killing each other, why should I care?
Because this is a glorious path to future happenings



Those are some big numbers. Has anything like this ever happened before?


I hate these liberal faggots who still think they're protecting anyone by telling islam is a religion of peace




Tell me anon, are you american?

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>no IDs
How do you even want to compete?
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wow good job on exposing my trip password

You rolled the number 570239022 (dubs)

Your fortune: Excellent Luck


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>cares about IDs
>doesn't care about flags


Flags, and especially memeflags eventually came to ruin /pol/. very easy to slide/shill/shitpost simple by using flags as a reason to do so.

Your fortune: Average Luck


In my opinion having flags ruin the anonymous experience. On 4chan it can be annoying to having to use meme flags so people will judge your post instead of your IP's flag.


Neinchan is where it’s at anyways.

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im fine with blacks, jews, and muslims.
long as they ain't alive.


>>2 But Trump wants them alive


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he betrayed all his people.

Your fortune: Average Luck

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UKIP was over when Farrage left


Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !


Hi reddit


UKIP is a good party, count dankula forever

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Why do some gay people speak like retards? i.e. tyler oakley


Because they are retards?


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Well I don't mind fags, I know some gay people and they act okay-ish.
These fags are often affected by LGBTQWERTZ++-* community and act like complete degenerates. Those aren't actual gays. Those are stupid faggots.


Because they can get away with it. That kind of thing is like "nigger," but for fags.


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only girls under 13 like tyler oakley

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Are you guys ready for the financial crash?



Your fortune: Average Luck


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I know it will happen in the near future, but how can I make myself ready for that?
Collect and store corn and rice in garage?


Food storage is always a good idea, desu.

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I think the fact James Mason is associated with satanism in anyway makes him wholly unlikeable.


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Of course. James Mason is more for people who are already into Third Positionist Politics. SIEGE was more than anything a handbook for people who were already radicals.

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Do you think James Mason had some good ideas? I dig his whole personality. Is there any must see content he's produced?

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Haven't seen anybody who made a threath about the victory of this gentleman although it was a very loud news in /pol/ and alt-right, so I'll start:
>He will put niggers on their right place
>He used to be a soldier
>He is not in that very corrupt partie that Lula de Silva used to be

Brazil took the right choice.



> Brazil took the right choice.

I agree, he is what Brazil needs.


bolsonaro is based

Your fortune: Excellent Luck

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FOX, original owner of TRAPCHAN back when he was 15.

MtF rapist who blackmailed a pedo for a USB and has kept it for 10 years.

I knew him in highschool and was surprised he transitioned. I’m not surprised about the accusations made about Fox. I saw a blog with a victim that posted their story. The mom was SCREAMING at the rape victim when she heard what her son did. There’s voice messages and screen caps.

Evidence ??:

Trapchan Archive:

Birthname: William George Fox
“Elizabeth Evelyn Fox”
23-24 years old.
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This is why I don't like Toronto, makes me feel ashamed of my country. Hipsters and traps.


>makes me feel ashamed of my country
Your country is Ok if you compare it with Russia.
Just google murder and violent crimes rate in Russia. This wil become more clear if you realise that 22% russians lives in poverty.

Canada is good even with all these hipsters and traps.

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Don't you niggers have an /int/?



Nah my dude, 22chan would be too slow i guess

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