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Aaaahhh yes


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Stop making these threads with a 2-3 word input with absolutely no elaboration, make a /pol/ webm thread instead or something.
Maybe you're used to doing this faggot shit on 4cuck but quality matters here.

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Time is now
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>how do you convince people
Learn from the best https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/pre1933.htm


>>425 was meant for >>424 ofc


Adolf-sensei was very talented at propagandajitsu. I think a lot of his success came from the way he was able to place himself as a strong figurehead. When people followed Hitler, they were following ideas, not a man. He was an incredibly skilled and passionate public speaker, and the common German man could relate well to what he was saying. This is all helped by the fact that Hitler was more of a catalyst than a cause. A shit ton of anti-semitic sentiment was going around before his election do to the suspiciously little-known German Revolution of 1918 that was literally caused by jews (historical fact, not just paranoia) and led to the destruction of about 20,000 people and was just an all-around bad time.


to be honest i much more enjoy uncle Goebbels' speeches and texts


o shit I'm posting in 420 thread

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Ask Kek anything
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You are the man now, dog!


Why are you lying on the Internet?


Kill yourselves

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>get in argument with white-apologist cuck
>starts sperging out becuz "muh slavery"
>says I should "pay for what my fathers did"
>crack open family records
>trace the life stories of all my ancestors as far back as I can, in some cases as far back as the 15th century
>not a single one owned slaves
Friendly reminder that slaves were owned only by the richest of the rich, who then tried to pass the blame onto the poor and uneducated. Also slavery started with the Jews, but you don't see them catching blame.


That cuck probably thinks that all whites somehow are to blame.
And of course that the jews are getting off the hook again, they just have to yell "anti-semitism!" at whoever calls them out and all of the bluepilled retards run in to save the poor jew from harassment.


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>That cuck probably thinks that all whites somehow are to blame.
They are masters of diverting blame to white people no matter the situation. Even if your family never owned a single nigger they'll still pull out some other bullshit out of their ass like
>Your ancestors still benefited from white supremacy
>Even if they didn't own slaves they still benefited from an economy built off of slave labor.


hol up, is that faggot trying to imply that black crime statistics are being bloated by white dudes wearing those shitty masks? ayy lmao

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ITT: Tell us how much PC culture has worsened your country
For me, I am from a muslim country so I don't get to experience western PC culture other than seeing it
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Pc culture absolutely killed media. >Newer books? >Trash. >90% of new tv shows? >Trash. >don't even talk to me about the supergirl tv show. >New batwoman tv show? >Watch the commercial, its garbage. >Can't even listen to most modern music. >90% of modern movies are left wing propaganda. >avengers end game. >cant even read modern comic books anymore for both marvel and dc. > >kill off everyone's favorite superhero's and replace them with gay black jewish female muslim transgendered crippled copys of the former heros. For more info for whats going on in the world of comic books, look up "Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack" "professor geek" and "comicbook pro secrets" on youtube. For more info on what the hell is going on with the world look up "Mr metokur" and "mr obvious" on youtube. Have fun, i guess. Its the best, non biased way to learn about this stuff so far.


Black female James bond
such stronk wymin don't need to invent new characters when they can ruin their men's favorites


This is some really fucken weird type of formatting anon


>>210 OP here, Why, you ask? Because a u t i s m


>>148 we have to find a way to combat pc culture.

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>massive protests currently going on in Hong Kong
>People waving American flags and using fucking Pepe as a symbol of the revolution
That damn frog sure gets around.
>People asking for 2nd Amendment, wanting to be treated like humans, all that
>Last I heard the Chinese government was mobilizing to take care of protestors
Do you think the protestors will get what they want? Is civil war a possibility? Independence for Hong Kong? Or will this just be yet another "thing that never happened"? I'm excited to see how this turns out.


I’m banking on a full-on slaughter of the HK bugmen by the mainland bugmen

I see no reason why the Chinese government wouldn’t have disguised police officers start a riot among the HK protestors to justify the Chinese mowing down everyone.


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The protestors ain't gonna get shit apart from hot lead lol
I'll be happy as long as i get some sort of armed conflict, though if winnie pooh mobilizes the army, that conflict will be a short one.


This is just the chaos of "kek" that was foretold back in 2015/2016. That's all.

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In the system of the national monarchy, finance serves the economy and the economy for the nation. From this it follows that the Ruler emits national money - his own currency, respectively to the increase or decrease of the number of population and the needs of the national economy, i.e. the economic parity. This is due to the fact that the privilege of issuing national currency belongs to the basic determinants of an independent nation and state, and as such it can never be surrendered by the king to anyone.



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Why don't we just ditch facebook and twitter and move back to myspace? At least Tom never censored anyone for having the wrong political opinion. Bring myspace back into popularity and also create a "right-wing" controversy! It'd be a hilarious sight to see. Who's with me?


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What if I told you that I never stopped getting on MySpace and still actively use my account that I made back in 2006.


All content before 2016 was purged by a mistake. He's that incompetent.


Then why are all of my pictures from 2006 to current day still there?

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What happened to the new world?

People once known for braving the cold and pushing the frontier are now known for their liberal ways and their extreme pacifism.

What happened to the "True North Strong and Free"?
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the chosen people happened


Women were elected into office


Life became too easy. People had to struggle to live this made them strong, the ease of modern life has made them soft. Also they no longer have to think for themselves being told by msn exactly what to think so most dont develop critical thinking skills. Ultimately its a number of things but remember the majority of people wont choose strength given the option, strength is hard and painful.>>160


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Whites and Christians didn't learn from their ancestors mistake of letting jews in their country and their countries going to shit soon after letting jews in their country Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, UK comes to mind, then the "freeworld" fought for the evil genocidal jews in WW2.

Which allowed the jews to move their marxist reign of terror from Russia to the Western countries.


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Someone send me a link so i don't have to keep digging through jewgle for a decent "translation"

Pic untelated.


For clarification: i need a link to "mein kampf."



Thanks! I wanted to get one but never got around to it.

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Just took this pic at my uni, sorry for the dogshit quality though.
Is a there a single place in the world without those fucking kikes?
They are one of the sponsors, so i guess they run this place aswell.


They are a sponsor of what anon?


Sponsor of the uni i study at


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Well, how else do you think they will make sure the masses are brainwashed.
They aren't sponsors of these companies anon, they are owners and share holders at least.>>284

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India will become a next big thing ,
People and westerner make our fun because they are afraude of us , and our glory , Britain was a shit hole before India and noe by 2027 we will have toilets for almost everyone


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God bless you son.


fuck off t-series

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I'm 99% percent sure this place is an FBI honeypot. 4chan, 8chan, and Kohlchan have all been blocked in New Zealand

Can you convince me otherwise?
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The FBI is busy eating bowl after bowl of dingleberries right now. I think you're safe.


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The FBI is busy eating bowl after bowl of dingleberries right now. I think you're safe.


No sir, FBI does not operate within this website.


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>"oh boy what is this? Somebody has different opinion than me?"
>Extension blocks content that is (subjectively) considered "toxic"
>Ads on news media everywhere

end is near guys, i knew it.
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>some threads got deleted on here aswell, because [insert opinion here]
I dont delete because i dont agree with someone


They are pretty much pushing the way for the big corporations who will make the internet into a few walled gardens. They are literally useful idiots for forces beyond their control.



You don't know what you had, until you have lost it.

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail


That's just like how these filthy handrubbing kikes describe anything redpilled as the Alt Kike when no one ever liked the obvious glownigger shills. There is no such thing as gendurr and never was. They are banning the truth about biological SEX by making shit up and being heebs. Absolutely disgusting.

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Get in here faggots, big happening:
>Bunch of suicide bombers blow up churches and hotels
>over 200 dead
>over 400 injured
>turns out to be mudslimes
>religion of peace strikes again.

I know, I know
>a bunch of shitskins killing each other, why should I care?
Because this is a glorious path to future happenings



Those are some big numbers. Has anything like this ever happened before?


I hate these liberal faggots who still think they're protecting anyone by telling islam is a religion of peace




Tell me anon, are you american?

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