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Never forget what they took from us.
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I don't know, Trumpite civic nationalist. Perhaps the majority pure-white population in states like Louisiana (which is unimaginable today) and most of the west and north?
(I'd also argue the destruction of traditional Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic, Frankish etc. cultures that has been going on since long before 1940, concurrently with the worldwide negrification project was also heavily detrimental to the entire North American continent from coast to coast, and is often also underlooked; note how traditional European dances are considered "weird" in North America while negroid and Mestizo culture are normal)


>the guy was just appreciating the high res image
>1316 was probably uneducated on the matter and just wanted to make a joke out of it.
also, posting a trump pic don't make you a "Trumpite civic nationalist"


>>the guy was just appreciating the high res image
Are you referring to yourself? You're clearly the same person as the first two people who replied, but you're talking in third person.
>>1316 was probably uneducated on the matter and just wanted to make a joke out of it.
If so, why did you reply twice? Were you just trying to slide other, more well-constructed threads? I'm not since I'm clearly using sage, but someone else is. Two low-quality posts have been bumped up right after I posted a well-constructed one, which nobody's replying to, hm...
>also, posting a trump pic don't make you a "Trumpite civic nationalist"
It legitimises Trump, somebody actually against Trump's civic nationalist policies wouldn't do this. If you were to post an image of Bush, people would sure have the impression you're legitimising Bush.

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Does Donald Trump actually have dementia? Been seeing this "Dementia Don" meme increase, and I have to say that there is certainly a basis for it, not just that he's a malicious jew who gets off on selling out his supporters, low IQ as they may be, but that he may literally be suffering from mental afflictions that come with age and drug abuse.

Ronald Reagan (who looked like a jew) was known to have Alzheimer's by his second term, and George W. Bush goes without explanation. Bill Clinton has been seen in recent years with a reddish nose, possibly indicating cocaine usage (which was also a rumor during his presidency).

So two candidates in 2020, both alleged to have mental afflictions. I wonder if it's actually a covert sign that the jews are ready to dump America and let it 'dry up and blow away' as Netanyahu put it.
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More-so on the fact that the jews actively being in on its complete destruction as a superpower; many predictions of a soon-to-be US collapse would've alleged that nothing would be able to fill in the vacuum because of its 20 trillion-dollar GDP, but now China is clearly being propped up as the "next superpower", which the USA literally owes a trillion to. After this COVID-19 psy-op has reached its prime, there might be a faux-nationalist reaction against China planted in the USA after the USA is completely sterilised, just to cause further damage to it.


As for this "Dementia Don" meme in particular, Trump having dementia and puppeted around was already a rumour years ago, so I'm surprised this has only recently become so popular. Logically, Trump's entire life and profession, along with his dysgenic quadroon-jewish heritage really doesn't add up to being healthy, physically or mentally at the age of 73.


>Have you heard the rumor that they're literally castrated?
Yes. But I would think their voice would change in pitch.

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What are your guys opinion on CHAZ the new "country" in America.

I personally think that it is an area that will be a wake up call to regular people, or cause a civil war.
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this was a pretty fun thing to watch regarding this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7JFusz3FKE


Why did Seattle used to be a normal white middle and working-class town, only for it to now be known as the next San Francisco?
Seattle's jewish population grew 70% between 2001 and 2014, around the time the city really began to degenerate.
I'm sure similar statistics can be found for Portland, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis (currently the most jewish city by population percentage in the Midwest).


alot of diy sites are getting flooded with "how to garden" and shit articles im guessing that's (((helping))) those retards do basic stuff.

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Why is this territory part of (((Washington)))? Clearly it is the rightful territory of Oregon? The territory borders the Snake river to the North, the same river that Oregon borders to its east side!!! Clearly you are mistaken if you believe this territory to be part of Washington


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While we're talking about states that got screwed over territory-wise...

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...And it will be beautiful.
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Of course he's not, and he never was, considering his whole presidency was about servility to Israel. He gave Israel everything they wanted (for now) such as moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognising the Golan as a part of Israel, and now HIS proposal for the borders of the West Bank are being put into place by the Israeli government. It's likely that the kosher left is intentionally being made to be destructive to create more tensions in the USA and the kosher right is intentionally being destroyed so that faux-nationalist spooks/"right wing extremists" can take their place. All plans for a potential civil war/weakening for a potential war against Iran (or even China, though that'd probably take more time).


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Could the Constitution Party win Kentucky and West Virginia?


3rd parties are a meme and it’s best if you ignore them

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8values thread
>inb4 datamining
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Oh, sorry I'm not very familiar with that sort of stuff


Now you are.


I can't really agree with this one. "Progress" these days is used all over the place by leftists, pseudo-commies and jews who push towards that certain type of (((progress))). Authoritarianism is not a bad form of governing. Look at the results of the lack of a proper authority in Seattle.

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We hate them only as a joke right? haha

I wanted to discuss this actually.
1.Do you actually think black people are worse than white? Not just in one aspect or another (I think there are statistical differences, I mean black people do better at sports don't they, so why wouldn't there be other differences), but in *general*. Do you reckon it's a cultural issue, genetic, or both to some degree? How should society be in this regard?
2.Do you actually think jews are more inclined into tricking people? Do you believe people at the top (CEO's of big companies, banks and stuff) are mostly jewish? Is it gentic or cultural or both? How should society behave in this regard?
2 Bonus. What do you think of adolf hitler?
Actually I don't know if we can discuss this, 22 is hosted in germany where they are very strict about it. Maybe we shouldn't even have point two at all, mods feel free to edit this post and remove the second point if it's an issue
3. Lgbtqanlmnop, what are your thoughts? Would you really be upset with someone just because they're gay/transexual/whatever? Are transitions harmful?
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Aren't white people were inherently tribal by nature as well? Are they really so different from the shadowfolk in that regard? Is tribalism only bad when coons do it?


All races are tribal and that's usually a good thing; it's just that blacks and especially jews all have a specific type of tribalism that is gang-like in nature compared to whites. Jews are all united in their international community to screw over goyim using clandestine tactics, while blacks are united to leech off whites as much as possible. Whites are typically far less obnoxious when united, and typically work together, something long-term negrification is basically attempting to abolish. A similar tribal mentality applies to some Northeast Asians as well, but more specifically Chinamen, and some gentile Middle-Easterners/North Africans, though there's a lot of variation with their mentality compared to negroids and jews.


To answer your first 2 and a half questions, I'm not into generalizing anyone for the way they were born. Though, as communities, blacks tend to be a bit more hateful and violent and jews tend to be a bit more rich than the rest of us, though I'm sure that's just (((coincidence))).

On the subject of trannies, however. The entire movement is such a blatant fabrication of the plastic surgery industry to make money off of young and confused people with mental problems. If someone had multiple personality disorder as a result of schizophrenia, would you recommend expensive, irreversible plastic surgery as the solution to their problem?

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There is a large enigma over historical non-white slavery that is often overlooked among pro-white circles. Of course, the slavery of whites by non-whites (typically jews and whomever they sold them to, which occurred on all continents including sub-Saharan Africa) was bad, but what of the slavery of non-whites in the west, including but not limited to negroids?
For example, approximately 97,000 jews were enslaved by Roman soldiers in the 70 AD siege of Jerusalem, after being taken as prisoners of war; was there anything wrong with this? (especially considering that the jewish diaspora consisted of jews voluntarily leaving Judea to gain influence abroad long before 70 AD, not of jewish slaves being sent elsewhere, as Zionists typically claim)
On one hand (mostly applicable to blacks), slavery brought non-whites to white lands en masse, which leads directly to the negroid problem in north and south America (and to a lesser extent, Europe) and thereby to the negrification of the world, as it was launched out of the USA. Of course, jews were heavily over-represented in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, many West Africans even being owned by North African jews before being sold to other jews coming from Spain, Holland or elsewhere. It also technically brought Asiatic and Caucasus peoples to Eastern and Central Europe en masse, leading to Russia's problem with non-Slavic Mongoloids ravaging the entire country and being pushed as "Russians" by Putin and the jewish oligarchs.
However, slavery also represents an example of white domination over jews (in-case of the Roman sack of 70 AD) and of course, of negroids; at the time this happened, no-one saw it as morally wrong (in-fact, it was required in the past due to the lack of factories), thus discarding white enslavement of other races is essentially denying that whites ever dominated their main racial enemies in the past.
So what is your opinion on this enigma? The main conflict in my view is either slavery of non-whites as an example of historical white dominance, or jews being responsible for slavery and thus dispersing negroids and mongoloids throughout the western world; so at least "white apology" over slavery can be completely rejected, as it's wholly anti-white in nature, and is logically invalid anyways as it projects modern views of slavery onto pre-industrial societies.
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Also, I meant Malinese, not Milanese. Obviously.


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I've already talked about white slavery; jews were involved in that too. There was also a slave-trade in Eastern Europe carried out by the Crimean Khanate (Mongol descendants), that reached lands as far north as the Finnish province of Karelia:
The Wikipedia page alone even admits the jewish involvement in the Crimean slave trade:
>The Jewish population was concentrated in ufut Kale ('Jewish Fortress'), a separate town near Baheseray that was the Khan's original capital. As other minorities, they spoke a Turkic language. Crimean law granted them special financial and political rights as a reward, according to local folklore, for historic services rendered to an uluhane (first wife of a Khan). The capitation tax on Jews in Crimea was levied by the office of the uluhane in Baheseray.[42] Much like the Christian population of Crimea, the Jews were actively involved in the slave trade. Both Christians and Jews also often redeemed Christian and Jewish captives of Tatar raids in Eastern Europe.[37]
Notice how the jews had their own fortress; this was to protect them from any gentiles rightfully trying to strike back at them for their crimes, thus they were housed by the Khan for protection. The same thing occurred in Navarra, Spain before 1492 (which mostly just led to the jews dominating the new world as they were only "expelled" from Iberia, and that's not including conversos)
Anyways, you're kind of missing my point here: it's not about white slavery (as I have stated) or black victimhood for slavery. It's that black slavery can be viewed as both a period where whites were humiliating blacks (one of their main racial enemies) which dispels the modern judeo-negrified narrative that blacks are physically superior, or that since there was a disproportionate jewish involvement in it, also jews bringing blacks in and increasing their population in white lands, as a weapon against whites. Which one is it?


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And just to note, not only were a lot of slave traders and later owners jews, there was a large jewish influence in West Africa, where the original African slaves were sold to foreigners in the first place.

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Linux Foundation Support for the Black Community
>The Linux Foundation and its communities stand in solidarity voicing support for the Black community. The system under which we operate requires change to make justice and equality a reality. We support the individuals and organizations offering solutions for such changes, and we will be planning how we can support change as well.
>We are proud (and privileged) to work with communities and members that support our initiatives and reflect the same values. We have collected statements from across our communities that voice this collective support.
I hope Linus Torvalds is happy.


Ignoring the fact that Linux was published with the GPL, initially associated with the insecure leftist jew RMS, Torvalds had already signed a hyper-judeoleftist COC back in 2018. It's not surprising that by association, he has joined the judeo-homo-corporate conglomerate in supporting these BLM protests.


Who cares? Is this really worth a thread? Personally I don't think linux has much to do with the current situation, but at least they're not trying to sell you something under the pretense of supporting good causes like some companies do
It's good enough
Love him or hate him he has contributed a lot to open source in terms of ideas (and more)
>Torvalds had already signed a hyper-judeoleftist COC back in 2018
Look, if you have a project which <200 people use, you can jokingly name a variable "nigger" and it's all fun. If you have lots and lots of people, then it's more of a problem. I think linux has shifted in that direction, and linus tried to acknowledge that (considering that maybe in the past he acted less "professional") with that fucking gay COC(k). Probably he could've signed a better code of conduct, but ultimately you probably just won't ever like "official" atmospheres, and I get that, but personally I also understand the need of more formal settings sometimes

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Seriously, this Seibt character looks so freakish and artificial that I actually wonder if this is just some actress (or even actor) wearing a latex mask, purposely made to look ghoulish and creepy.

Hollywood is more than capable of these types of projects, so why wouldn't a blackops government project be?
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The question now is "why." Whoever is behind this is perfectly capable of getting a normal human to act as a puppet. I see no reason for a mask outside of happenings too comical to be true such as pic related. My money is on synthetic humanoids or cgi. More efficient puppets, you see.


If jewish spooks are sending their own babies to control the opposition, then they can't have them look too jewish. It's admitted Greta Thunberg's paternal bloodline is filled with actors, which naturally means that she's likely following their lead as well, and likely so is Naomi Seibt; of course, assuming that that's the case, and those are their real identities.
Nevertheless, this whole idea that CGI and artificial humanoids are used so much is really pushing it (and generally comes from astroturfed "truthers"); it's just as inefficient as the whole idea that everyone's an actor, or even that everyone actually is operating off their real identity. It's most probable that assets are used in short crisis acts; real people who are logged by some agency to eventually be used by an agent or actor, since it's easier to hide evidence of their real life than it is to just fabricate it as a whole. These types of fake figureheads predate video cameras and thus any use of CGI or the like.


And i'm not saying plastic surgery in a positive light either. mainly its the mothers forcing their daughters for many toxic reasons. america and north korea, is the hotspots for that type of thing while brazil, india and mexico cater surgery for transniggers.

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This "Ahmaud Arbery" case seems to be another race-war op, following other recent "white nationalist" terror hoaxes. First of all, it took place on the 23rd of February, despite the fact that nobody heard about this event until now. I've heard about a (fake) terror threat involving "neo-Nazis" spreading the coronavirus and bombing a hospital before I ever heard of this. Typically events like this are reported as soon as they happen. I assume as virus fearmongering was still at its peak, they didn't have time to easily fit in a hoax attack, so they made one up as it's coming to a close. 23/2 is another shady date: in the traditional 365 month year, there are 311 days left. Of course, it's another example of numbers that multiply together into 33, like the Winnenden school shooting (which was already foreshadowed on Krautchan hours before it happened, admittedly not by the supposed perpetrator itself) taking place on the 11th of March, also rendered 3/11 in the USA. See also other fake events taking place on the 23rd day, namely July, also see the so-called "923 prophecy" from 2017. The shooters, Travis and Greg have the last name "McMichael". Not a fraudulent surname, but do take the initials of it into account: MM, another marker for fake events/people.
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>News of the report comes as the GBI says it will be looking into possible prosecutorial misconduct by two district attorneys who recused themselves, citing links to the McMichaels, according to a news release. State Attorney General Chris Carr requested the investigation, the bureau said.
What links to the McMichaels exactly? That's just mentioned and conveniently never talked of in detail.
>After Carr appointed Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden as the third prosecutor in the case, Durden said he had "neither previous knowledge of the incident nor any relationship with any investigators or witnesses."
Probably because it never happened and wasn't even fully fabricated back when it supposedly did happen? There are supposed attorneys with ties to the McMichaels but others don't even know it happened? They're essentially admitting the whole case is a hoax.
>He has now asked to step down, and the case was reassigned to Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes, Carr said.
>The Arbery family is pleased with the appointment, attorneys S. Lee Merritt and L. Chris Stewart said.
Joyette Holmes, huh? Same initials and surname as the supposed Batman shooter James Holmes? Go figure.


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i found this


Whether it's legal or not (which is already giving blacks more victimhood anyways), that image ignores the fraudulent "death" of whoever Arbery is supposed to be in the video. The black man in that video clearly isn't actually hurt, he runs and falls down after two gunshots, no signs of whoever it is actually getting hurt. Plus, nobody actually tries to run after two armed men clearly chasing you in a trick, and take their shotgun, especially when they're in a truck and already have shot, showing that he likely knew it's fake.

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Hitler should have won.
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Well, sadly, it didn't happen, so sad, whatever.
Why not make the best of it now?


Hitler was dumb that's why he's dead today


i think being over 130 years old might be a problem by itself

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Hey /pol/, I have decided to come here to brief my political opinions.

I'm an Arab traditionalist, who believes that the current state of affairs in Arabia is caused by inorganic entities that wish to take over our clay. I believe that the state is inorganic in that it creates a divide between the leader and his people inherently if not when the state is established, then over time, and therefore a communal traditionalist government is the way to go. Now, you may ask "How could this apply to a giant entity like Arabia?", and my answer here is a confederation. Communities should be independent. I'm not an anarcho-capitalist per se, but I do believe in covenant communities.

Of course, to me, I don't want too many expatriates in my lands. These Western rootless cosmopolitans wish to turn Arabia into another Vegas, they want to turn our people into a bunch of materialistic and hedonistic pieces of filth. Western ideas are incompatible with our ideas, and so for an Arab to adopt Western ideas to me is traitorous.


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In my opinion anarchism is a huge step towards primitivism. As for Arabia, I don't think it's the problem of the state as an institution, but rather it's a problem that derives from other states meddling in the affairs of the region such as Israel,USA,Turkey even though ((((Saudi Arabia))) is almost as big of a jew as Israel (same goes for Jordan).
A government and a strong leader is what can keep a lasting peace in the Middle East. When speaking about ideologies people tend to dismiss all current and past political events, one thing is speaking about "theoretical" approaches and another is actually going with something that will work within the current geopolitical situation of the region or at least perfect the idea of changing the existing situation.
>Saddam gets removed
>country goes to shit
>Gaddafi gets removed
>country goes to shit
Are you seeing the pattern?

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Hey foreigners, here in Brazil, Bolsonaro liberated a NEETCare, like a public-fund/voucher to Informal Workers but thanks to the not hard fiscalization literally us NEET will received this money, is like a salary to be NEET. Based and Redpilled.


nice i'm jealous is it a monthly payment or just a one time payment?


For 3 months, is a voucher to "survive" the peryod of isolation of the COVID virus...


I haven't gotten a single dime here yet

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yeah no thanks. >>>/out/
>death of hitler



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