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Why do some gay people speak like retards? i.e. tyler oakley


Because they are retards?


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Well I don't mind fags, I know some gay people and they act okay-ish.
These fags are often affected by LGBTQWERTZ++-* community and act like complete degenerates. Those aren't actual gays. Those are stupid faggots.


Because they can get away with it. That kind of thing is like "nigger," but for fags.


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only girls under 13 like tyler oakley

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Are you guys ready for the financial crash?



Your fortune: Average Luck


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I know it will happen in the near future, but how can I make myself ready for that?
Collect and store corn and rice in garage?


Food storage is always a good idea, desu.

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I think the fact James Mason is associated with satanism in anyway makes him wholly unlikeable.


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Of course. James Mason is more for people who are already into Third Positionist Politics. SIEGE was more than anything a handbook for people who were already radicals.

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Do you think James Mason had some good ideas? I dig his whole personality. Is there any must see content he's produced?

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FOX, original owner of TRAPCHAN back when he was 15.

MtF rapist who blackmailed a pedo for a USB and has kept it for 10 years.

I knew him in highschool and was surprised he transitioned. I’m not surprised about the accusations made about Fox. I saw a blog with a victim that posted their story. The mom was SCREAMING at the rape victim when she heard what her son did. There’s voice messages and screen caps.

Evidence ??:

Trapchan Archive:

Birthname: William George Fox
“Elizabeth Evelyn Fox”
23-24 years old.
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This is why I don't like Toronto, makes me feel ashamed of my country. Hipsters and traps.


>makes me feel ashamed of my country
Your country is Ok if you compare it with Russia.
Just google murder and violent crimes rate in Russia. This wil become more clear if you realise that 22% russians lives in poverty.

Canada is good even with all these hipsters and traps.

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What the hell is this shit?
Do you think it's an actual threat or just made-up mutt bullshit?
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explain pls


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It's likely a false flag op. The bombs were sent by someone who's hired by (((Soros))) then they try to get Trump supporters/muh alt-right blamed for it.


gotta be fake, there's no way an obviously suspicious package is gonna make it to such high profile targets. anyone actually looking to assassinate them wouldn't use such a method, but someone setting up a false flag to get the right blamed for the increasing political violence would



Take a jab at me as you like, when you all owe me your life.



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We're still in the frying pan and its only going to get more chaotic from here on out for the next couple of weeks. Expect to see more bout's of hysteria and false flags, on top of dissenters on the right. Be weary of trojan horse shills that have poised themselves within our ranks. I anticipate a few planted endorsements on our side to dissent in order to kill off the momentum and traction our Red Tsunami has, and if they can't stop it, they're going to try to compromise us from within and try to normalize everything we stand opposed within our ranks.

In this image Ye uploaded he's trying to poise himself as me by using the color green to allude to Kek, and my +++ sigil and script for manifestation to continue riding my clout. Notice the purple cap? Its purple to indicate his intention of bleeding both political spectrum's together in order to bring us to a stale-mate at worst, and our downfall at best. Its even more sickening when you put things in perspective that he's trying to use "meme magic" or rather, magic, to bring about white genocide.

We have to make sure the Republicans don't get devastated the way they did when Taylor dissented, in the likely chance that Kanye does dissent. If that happens, the left can weaponize the hysteria against us try to amass into a mid-term win for the democrats. If Kanye does dissent, we all have to be on the same page that we saw this coming in advance, that way the MSM can't use that nigger against us in any way to demoralize us.

That PDF i uploaded is the narrative from my POV up until Oct. 5th… I have Kojima giving me his support at this point in time.

Dont Dead Inside: Open

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