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Get in here faggots, big happening:
>Bunch of suicide bombers blow up churches and hotels
>over 200 dead
>over 400 injured
>turns out to be mudslimes
>religion of peace strikes again.

I know, I know
>a bunch of shitskins killing each other, why should I care?
Because this is a glorious path to future happenings

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Does anyone else just feel a strong urge to punch this retard?
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Daily global news

Report on what's new in your country and discuss news on other people's countries! And make sure to post sauce aswell!
And let's begin with news from Latvia:
In the past year there have been registered 400'000 attempts to access cheese pizza related content in Latvia.
Gambling sites are now banned in the capital, excluding casinos in 4 and 5 star hotels. (Pretty much just like uncle Adolf did in the 30s)
Wagecuck teachers are threatening to go on a strike because of low wages (these fuckers do this like twice a year).

>inb4 what kind of nigger language are these news in?

For all foreign news: Post sauce, and be sure to write a tl;dr in english.
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I'm 99% percent sure this place is an FBI honeypot. 4chan, 8chan, and Kohlchan have all been blocked in New Zealand

Can you convince me otherwise?
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Ask Kek anything
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Christchurch attack thread

>nobody is posting about it

>aussie "Brenton Tarrant"

>announces what shit he's going to do on 8chan
>phone on the head livestreaming on facebook
>eurobeat playing in the car
>"Subscribe to Pewdiepie".mp3
>fucking shooting range in the car
>drives in front of mosque
>opens fire at muslims
>drives and shoots through the window at people

50 people are dead. I am not muslim, but this act is fucking autistic.
He was shooting innocent civilians. Seriously, enough of this crap.
(You can find that video uploaded on 4chin or plebbit, but it's getting deleted fast.)
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>no IDs
How do you even want to compete?
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What happened to the new world?

People once known for braving the cold and pushing the frontier are now known for their liberal ways and their extreme pacifism.

What happened to the "True North Strong and Free"?
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im fine with blacks, jews, and muslims.
long as they ain't alive.
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PC Culture

ITT: Tell us how much PC culture has worsened your country
For me, I am from a muslim country so I don't get to experience western PC culture other than seeing it
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BAN (different) OPINIONS

>"oh boy what is this? Somebody has different opinion than me?"
>Extension blocks content that is (subjectively) considered "toxic"
>Ads on news media everywhere

end is near guys, i knew it.
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Don't judge me, but Hitler looks like a nice dude for me.
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Why do some gay people speak like retards? i.e. tyler oakley
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2019 Stock Market Crash Official Thread

Are you guys ready for the financial crash?
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In the system of the national monarchy, finance serves the economy and the economy for the nation. From this it follows that the Ruler emits national money - his own currency, respectively to the increase or decrease of the number of population and the needs of the national economy, i.e. the economic parity. This is due to the fact that the privilege of issuing national currency belongs to the basic determinants of an independent nation and state, and as such it can never be surrendered by the king to anyone.
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I think the fact James Mason is associated with satanism in anyway makes him wholly unlikeable.
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Do you think James Mason had some good ideas? I dig his whole personality. Is there any must see content he's produced?
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Glory to Israel
Niggers are people too
It's ok to be gay
Violence is inherently wrong
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Jair Bolsonaro

Haven't seen anybody who made a threath about the victory of this gentleman although it was a very loud news in /pol/ and alt-right, so I'll start:
>He will put niggers on their right place
>He used to be a soldier
>He is not in that very corrupt partie that Lula de Silva used to be

Brazil took the right choice.
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FOX, original owner of TRAPCHAN back when he was 15.

MtF rapist who blackmailed a pedo for a USB and has kept it for 10 years.

I knew him in highschool and was surprised he transitioned. I’m not surprised about the accusations made about Fox. I saw a blog with a victim that posted their story. The mom was SCREAMING at the rape victim when she heard what her son did. There’s voice messages and screen caps.

Evidence ??:

Trapchan Archive:

Birthname: William George Fox
“Elizabeth Evelyn Fox”
23-24 years old.
Mobile: 416 616 6625
Home: 416 722 6597
Address: 38 Vermont Ave, Toronto, ON M6G 1X9
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Don't you niggers have an /int/?
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Suspicious packages sent to presidents of USA

What the hell is this shit?
Do you think it's an actual threat or just made-up mutt bullshit?
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India will become a next big thing ,
People and westerner make our fun because they are afraude of us , and our glory , Britain was a shit hole before India and noe by 2027 we will have toilets for almost everyone