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>no IDs
How do you even want to compete?



You can use fucking tripcode my dude… read the faq


It's not the same
Not even fucking close


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I'm liking this chan. How slow is it? IMO the only thing stopping me ditching 4chan cancer is because all the other chans are either slow as fuck and/or post questionable material. I don't care if you like that stuff, but I prefer not to see it.



What kind of questionable material do you mean?


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not a good solution and is optionable.


I like the thinking behind the creation of this chan. It will obviously need a bit more fleshing out. No porn and no lgbt stuff is enough to attract me here for now. I'll definitely keep checking up with this site

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Thats nice to hear, what would you flesh out more?


I meant that generally, I don't expect a finished product but OP's example of poster id is one thing


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I don't know. What do YOU mean???



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wow good job on exposing my trip password

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>cares about IDs
>doesn't care about flags


Flags, and especially memeflags eventually came to ruin /pol/. very easy to slide/shill/shitpost simple by using flags as a reason to do so.

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In my opinion having flags ruin the anonymous experience. On 4chan it can be annoying to having to use meme flags so people will judge your post instead of your IP's flag.


Neinchan is where it’s at anyways.

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