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...And it will be beautiful.


It was pretty obvious Trump is going to win again anyways as elections are all fixed, and that republicans and democratic candidates have always gotten two consecutive terms after the cold war; the only thing of possible intrigue coming out of it is if Trump fakes his death in a white house-bombing or something along those lines.


>republicans and democratic candidates have always gotten two consecutive terms after the cold war
What about Bush senior?


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have you seen the polls? Trump is doing awful.
The right is really at it's lowest point since the 60s. Americans are moving further left, and the BLM protests have only contributed to that. You people just assume "muh riots will move people to the right", but it's clear that the exact opposite is happening.
Right now, this is how the election stands, unless something changes.
People say, "oh, Biden is senile and has no enthusiasm", but the truth is, this election isn't about "Trump vs Biden", it's "Trump: yes or no". The democrats could nominate a cow and it wouldn't make a difference. Normally Biden would lose against any other candidate, but Trump just keeps self destructing. He is destroying himself.


He was president at the end of the cold war. Bill Clinton was the first post-cold-war president, he was a democrat, served 2 terms, followed by Bush Jr., republican with 2 terms, then Obama, democrat with 2 terms. Trump's going to be a republican with 2 terms as usual.


I agree Trump will win a second term. You can see how the media is building towards it. But I always saw Reagan as the last cold war president and Bush as the guy who swept up the USSR's mess.


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If Democrats could elect a cow, Hillary would have become president four years ago.


Trump is doing awful atm because of all the propaganda especially after George Floyd aping out and the fallout of the lockdown. While Trump would lose if the elections took place today due to what I said but campaigning hasn't really started for the general election the Democrat convention is scheduled for August. Trump's rally in Tulsa is filling the 19000 person arena so his fans are still there.


Depends on where you're getting those poll results,anon. After this leftist riot shitshow I'm quite certain that Trump's gonna win this election quite surely.
lol, this.


>I agree Trump will win a second term. You can see how the media is building towards it. But I always saw Reagan as the last cold war president and Bush as the guy who swept up the USSR's mess.
That seems to be a common view in both the USA and Europe, especially as he "tore down" the Berlin Wall, but Bush was president since 1989, a year before the USSR fell and most communist states fell under his presidency, like South Yemen, Ethiopia, and most notably Yugoslavia (socialist state at the time).
"Trump is actually just being conspired against by the deep state" is the quintessential kosher right narrative. Come on, he's not going anywhere, they're keeping him in charge and I suspect they'll fake his death to turn him into a hero, just like with JFK and Lincoln.


Where did you get that from? When did I say it is the deep state?


The wording you used:
>because of all the propaganda
The media charade "against" Trump is just a ruse, so you highlighting "propaganda" made me suspect that you're viewing Trump as legitimately being conspired against by the media, this view of a "deep state" often goes alongside it like bread and butter. Maybe I'm overreacting, do you really think the media is conspiring against Trump to stop him from "winning" the obviously pre-determined election?


The first year of any president's term is spent benefiting from or suffering for the consequences of the previous president's work. I'd say the USSR's economy was spent and the cessation of those nations was inevitable with or without US intervention.


Also, Russia didn't adopt democracy until Clinton, if you want to get very technical. I think eventually one president will need to be a one-termer if they don't want Americans to start to notice a pattern.


I really don't think Trump would have gotten this far if (((they))) were against Trump. Based on Trump's recent actions he really isn't that much of threat against (((them))). When I mentioned the propaganda I was referring to all the BLM shilling and the shilling over the current economy being "Trump's economy". Information about the news is already known and most people have already made up their minds.


Of course he's not, and he never was, considering his whole presidency was about servility to Israel. He gave Israel everything they wanted (for now) such as moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognising the Golan as a part of Israel, and now HIS proposal for the borders of the West Bank are being put into place by the Israeli government. It's likely that the kosher left is intentionally being made to be destructive to create more tensions in the USA and the kosher right is intentionally being destroyed so that faux-nationalist spooks/"right wing extremists" can take their place. All plans for a potential civil war/weakening for a potential war against Iran (or even China, though that'd probably take more time).


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Could the Constitution Party win Kentucky and West Virginia?


3rd parties are a meme and it’s best if you ignore them

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