/pol/ - Does anyone else just feel a strong urge to punch this retard?

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Does anyone else just feel a strong urge to punch this retard?


no but makes me feel cringe and abomination


Not really


I recoil at the sight of this abomination. It makes me despair for those who feel entranced by this evil.


feel bad for him more then anything else tbh


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It just makes me feel sad. All of it. Whole LGBTQWERTY++-! community.


being a tranny at this point would be less cringy


People like this simply haven't been brought up properly chuck him in the army and he won't last a day


Xhe is hot


xyzshen'txup isnt hot


redpilled and orangepilled.
Post made by discord gang


why because he is famous?


coping with wanting to fvuk him


I would fuck anything
((* O ω O)


because he's gay and puts makeup for attention. or maybe because he sings so bad it hurts


why does everyone hate James Charles so much? all he does is makeup videos and shit and yet all I hear is people hating him, I haven't heard of him actually doing anything bad to anyone


who even the fuck is this gender autistic retard?


why is narcissism so prevalent among fags


because they are like girls


actually yes i do


hes a pedo that made 14 year olds "clap their cheeks" and send him pictures of their asshole so they can prove that they are his number 1 fan


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this sin hurts me


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nice ass
i'd clap his cheeks if you know what i mean


get out faggot


Thats a pretty feminine looking ass though


I'll give you that much


damn, he just lost like 3 mil subscribers following some faggot drama.


t. /pol/ waifu


That’s a cute bitch. I’d fuck his ass.

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