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With a recent attack on internet free speech following the coronavirus pandemic and massive corporate sponsored BLM protests, many people are speculating that 4chan will be shutdown in the coming weeks to months. Where will everybody go? How well known is this site? I would like this site to be at least semi active, at least half way of 8chan levels, but it would be a shame if redditors are to override this site.


it's literally in the rules
>no redditors


we've been pretty active recently. welcome to comfychan fren


thanks fren, I was one of the first posters on this site, I just occassionally check it out


I hope 4chan would be banned, that would be a net positive for the greater good, but that seems like a pipe dream, it seems too useful to spread anti-white propaganda and to keep up all kinds of homosexuals, transvestites, and other degenerates. Their moderation was known to have been feds since before 2008, and today their "janitors" keep up anti-white propaganda and behind-the-scenes actually help them while deleting anti-Putin/ethnonationalist threads.
If 4chan were to be banned, the bots that comprise a large portion of its userbase would die, and at least some legitimate posters could come to other boards (though not particularly 22?), but I have a feeling that a lot more shills could follow thtem.


Yes, it is a dream to have 4chan banned, but the effects of 4chan being banned will be massive, all of the users will just flood over to other chans, after that I assume another chan will become the next 4chan and the cycle shall continue...


It's still not a bad thing to happen though, all the bots will be taken out as their platform is down, and while some shills from the older boards could come, some legitimate posters could come in as well (considering that most posts on 4chan are likely coming from bots or shills, especially on its /pol/, /his/, and /int/ boards, and to a lesser extent its /lit/ board).


It's also worth noting that shills from 4chan are already posting on other imageboards (especially those run by shills like 8, End, 16, julay-world, etc.), including 22 as evidenced by this thread: >>1373
He has outed himself as a poster from 4chan on the same ID, posting "whitoid hate threads" (typical anti-white/demoralisation threads), though that thread's now deleted.


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/comfy/posting on /b/ and /sewers/ during the winter is the best part of this chan.
julay-world was nice. i couldn't say there were too many 4chan shills before it shut down but it certainly had its sorts.


It wasn't. It was full of degenerate boards with a few boards that could be considered political such as /fascist/ (which came off as an Israeli spook outlet with its Tarrant legitimisation and all), and instead of cracking down on pornography/homosexuality altogether, not only did they actively promote it as a type of "free speech", they allowed raiders to actively shove it down peoples' throats. There were raiders deadset on forcing the Christchurch hoax on peoples' throats as well, even across other boards. Despite this, for some reason they're never getting on /cow/ for-example (essentially the foundation of the site) because they're anonymous, and neither is the pedo-allowing administration.
Its owner "robi" is most likely a spook of sorts (perhaps tied to jewgle/"alphabet"), and it's likely that he allowed and perhaps even actively supported these shills. It was impossible to even question any meme without people spamming buzzwords like "schizo" and literal cuck porn, and the administration didn't care to help delete this (since even a BO doesn't have infinite time on its hand) because it was a "free speech" board. Through all these examples I've been convinced that free speech is a copout explicitly used to reinforce and pardon jewish pedo-spam, anti-white threads (even if it's subtle or is put out as a "joke"), and to legitimise psychological operations like Christchurch, Oslo, etc., nearly every other casual board was a complete degenerate hell-hole that also relished in forcing pedophiliac spam. The whole site was a cancer. I came here because it was the only active board I found that banned homosexuality as well as all pornography.


The /cow/ board also functions as a forcefield for the owner, robi. You're supposed to believe that this "dolphinspammer" literally spent hundreds of dollars on creating fake imageboards just to discredit julay-world.


you have a point. i stayed away from the drama shit and visited whenever i got bored of everything else, so i never went there often.


It was pretty much impossible to avoid it on political boards. In two separate instances, there was a raiding team of pedophiliac jews from /b/ constantly spamming cuck porn for an entire night on /n/ because /n/ DIDN'T want pedophilia on their board. They even made posts on 4chan's /pol/ about the thread because it bothered them so much:
I've found that these shills all have an unhealthy obsession with anyone calling them out (trait 5 of the disinformationist, per The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies) and they typically post on 4chan, 8chan etc. as well, it's just that the administration on other boards are even more lax and approving of their degeneracy. I've suspected that some of them are even on 22, but the thing is that 22chan's rules doesn't approve of their mindset, so raiding it actually has somewhat of a consequence.


most will probably go to endchan, the normies will go back to reddit, this site is not well known (Thank Christ), regardless the rules will keep the faggotry at bay (99% of fagchanners will be banned on site if they come here, thinking it's 4chan)


4chan's never going to die, it's a force of nature at this point.


4chan is a former husk of itself. It's like someone dug up the decaying corpse, stuck a tube up its ass and blasted the corpse with electric current to keep it dancing.
It would still be sad to see it die. I think we will be one step closer to annihilation of free speech the day 4chan dies. I really fucking hope those faggots don't come here afterwards, though.

Why haven't the mods deleted that thread?

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